Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Ultra-thin


Chen Luo had a simple and modest breakfast, as it wasn’t an extravagant feast.

Shu Yun and the others had cooked rice porridge. Why not just eat the rice?

Rice porridge not only satisfied hunger but also tasted good and was gentle on the stomach.

It was more than enough. You could have as many bowls as you wanted.

After finishing their meal, Chen Luo gathered everyone together.

“Yesterday, you all practiced all day. Today, we will have a practical combat exercise.”

“Today’s objective is the Yulin neighborhood to the south, to gather some supplies.”

Practice is still practice, and it differs greatly from actual combat.

In practice, the targets are stationary. Do zombies just stand still? Moreover, the tension that comes with zombies rushing at you can affect performance.

No matter how accurate one is during practice, it’s useless if they become flustered in real combat.

A girl who is familiar with the situation there hesitantly says, “There are quite a lot of people there.”

More people means more zombies.

Chen Luo waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it.”

Upon hearing this, everyone felt more at ease.

The scene where Chen Luo slayed a Level 5 zombie with a single sword strike was truly awe-inspiring.

Otherwise, even if Mu Tiange hadn’t died, would they really have listened to a young man in his twenties?

They are all white-collar workers, and who among them isn’t older than Chen Luo?

Earning genuine respect from others is not an easy task.

For guarding the home, two people were assigned: Fang Yu and Xu Lan.

This time, they used the heavy truck and the bus, which was enough to transport everyone. Chen Luo sat on the bus.

Yulin neighborhood was approximately two kilometers away and required passing through a busy street.

Initially, when encountering zombies, they would simply run them over with the vehicles.

But when they reached the busy street, the vehicles couldn’t move forward. The heavy truck couldn’t push through, and several cars were blocking the road in succession.

Chen Luo contacted the others through the intercom and said, “First, use the vehicles to deal with the zombies trailing behind us, then get off the vehicles and move them aside.”

“Those with elemental abilities, focus on attacking. Others, protect those in front.”

“Jiang Feng, try to control the number of zombies.”

Due to the slow speed of the vehicles, at least forty to fifty zombies had caught up with them, in addition to the ones already nearby, totaling nearly a hundred.

Jiang Feng got off the vehicle and immediately ran towards the group of zombies, drawing their attention and leading them away.

The girls opened the windows of the bus and attacked the zombies outside.

With the protection of the vehicles, the zombies couldn’t reach them.

The zombies didn’t arrive all at once, and Jiang Feng had led away a portion of them, so there were more people on Chen Luo’s side than there were zombies.

If there were only a few people, facing dozens of zombies would be terrifying for the average person. But when the number of survivors increased, it became a matter of overwhelming the zombies.

Chen Luo quietly watched as the others took action. Moving targets were not easy to hit, but the accuracy of their spells had indeed improved compared to the first day.

After clearing the trailing zombies, everyone got off the vehicles and dealt with the approaching zombies while moving the vehicles aside.

Chen Luo spoke up, “Let’s all move the smaller vehicles together and throw them onto the opposite road.”

Even first-level ability users, including women, had strength surpassing that of the average adult male, not to mention second-level ability users.

On the 18th day of the apocalypse, any survivors who were aware of the secret of crystals and could absorb them without restrictions had already advanced to the second level.

Becoming a second-level survivor was relatively simple, requiring only the absorption of twenty crystals.

Reaching the third level, however, was much more challenging, requiring around 150 crystals.

Even Mi Li and Mi Ling, who had absorbed crystals since the first day they met Chen Luo and Su Dazhu, had not reached the third level yet.

They still needed another two or three days. It was clear that they were not progressing as quickly as the Thunderbolt King, who had advanced in the early days.

Among the second-level survivors, there were varying degrees of strength.

 Su Dazhu was at the peak of the second level, while most others were at the lower level of the second level.

Currently, there were only four girls in the team who had reached the second level, and Yang Xuan and a few others who learned about the crystal secret late had not yet advanced to the second level.

Chen Luo contemplated the situation and decided to let a few core members absorb the residual power from the crystal of the Rat King tonight.

If there wasn’t enough, they could also absorb the crystal from the fifth-level fire-type zombie. With ten people, they easily tossed a car to the other side of the road.

They made slow progress along the way, encountering areas where cars could pass but the heavy truck and bus couldn’t.

Each vehicle had its advantages. Chen Luo, on the other hand, sat in the car like a lord, doing nothing. He observed the surroundings while absentmindedly patting Rice’s belly.

Rice said something that caught Chen Luo off guard.

Rice: “Don’t be too eager, it still hurts.”

Chen Luo: !!!

Rice: Even though you don’t let me see, I can still eavesdrop. Last night, I jumped onto the balcony and almost fell off. It scared me to death!

Chen Luo’s expression changed. This cat knows too much. I need to silence the cat to keep it from revealing more.

It’s necessary to find something for Rice to do at night; otherwise, it becomes too idle and meddlesome.

Let’s get Rice addicted to the internet and teach it how to play with a phone.

Oh, come on, sister-in -law, can’t you spare some time to accompany Rice and let it sleep well? It’s feeling lonely.

Before reaching the halfway point of the journey, the girls are running low on stamina. They have already killed over two hundred zombies.

Fortunately, they have passed the congested road section, and the heavy truck can continue to move forward.

Upon reaching the vicinity of Yulin Residential Area, Chen Luo ordered, “Get off the car, everyone grab a weapon, and fight against the zombies.”

The weapons are mostly various types of sticks or axes. Chen Luo also handed out some stun batons to Shu Yun and others. Even without power, the stun batons can still be used as weapons.

It can be said that as long as there aren’t hundreds of zombies rushing in simultaneously, facing the lowest-level zombies at this moment doesn’t pose much pressure.

The difficulty is much smaller than what the girls originally imagined. Indeed, there is strength in numbers.

On the road at the entrance of the residential area, there are a dozen or so restaurants of various sizes.

Chen Luo said, “Let’s enter the restaurants first and see if there are any supplies we can gather. Split into four teams and don’t act alone. Move the collected supplies onto the heavy truck.”

There is quite a lot of zombie here, unlike Chen Luo’s side where there are fewer people, so most of the supplies are still intact.

Before long, rice, flour, cooking oil, and other items were loaded onto the heavy truck.

A cheer erupted as the girls discovered a supermarket that seemed untouched and not yet looted by others.

The supermarket had a size of approximately 100 square meters, which was not small.

Mi Ling’s eyes lit up, thinking that a supermarket of this size might have the item she was looking for.

Entering the supermarket brought even more joy as they found a business selling bottled purified water, with over twenty barrels of purified water lined up against the wall.

While everyone else focused on water and food, Mi Ling was searching near the cashier’s counter for something specific.

She remembered that items like that were usually placed next to the counter, as she had unconsciously seen before.

Mi Ling’s face brightened as she found it and grabbed a plastic bag, filling it with the item. Shu Yun looked at Mi Ling with confusion, wondering what she was searching for.

Shu Yun didn’t see exactly what Mi Ling was putting in the bag, but she noticed three words: “Ultra Thin.” Miling felt someone watching her and noticed Shu Yun’s gaze, causing her face to Immediately blush.

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