Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Really Good at Pretending

Based on Mi Ling’s expression, Shu Yun suddenly realized what Mi Ling was looking for.

If it were her former colleagues, Shu Yun would have teased them, but this person was Mi Ling, and she didn’t dare.

No one knew the exact relationship between Mi Ling and Chen Luo.

Shu Yun speculated in her mind that what Mi Ling was looking for should be for Chen Luo’s use. Otherwise, she couldn’t think of anyone else, and it was Mi Ling who personally searched for it.

“Why do you need this thing? What are you looking for it for?” Shu Yun couldn’t help but ask.

Mi ling felt aggrieved in her heart. If it weren’t for Mi Li, would I bother looking for it?

That annoying Chen Luo.

Shu Yun glanced at them and then casually walked away, pretending not to notice.

One by one, the supplies were loaded onto the vehicle.

Next to the fruit store, most of the fruits were rotten, but there were still some apples, pears, and watermelons that looked edible. They couldn’t miss the opportunity, so they were also loaded onto the vehicle.

These stores were all ground-floor storefronts in the Yulin community and another nearby community. The upper floors were occupied by residents from both communities.

Chen Luo sensed something and looked up in a certain direction, noticing several windows where different people were observing them. Chen Luo didn’t pay much attention and thought, “Let them look if they want.”

A woman in her forties couldn’t help but speak up, “Young man, just by looking at you, I can tell you’re a kind-hearted young man. Auntie hasn’t had watermelon for many days, and it’s so hot. Can you bring one for Auntie?”

As soon as she spoke, similar requests emerged from other rooms in the building.

“Please, handsome guy, bring some water up here, please.”

“Do you have any meat? How about bringing some braised duck legs from the supermarket?”

“Bring me a few cigarettes, I’m dying for a smoke.”

The people with Chen Luo were speechless. You really have some nerve.

Chen Luo chuckled, “I have difficulty walking, so I won’t be able to go up there.”

This statement didn’t sit well with the elderly. “How can you not understand basic respect for the elderly and the young?”

Chen Luo sneered. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were all in their seventies or eighties. Most of them were around forty to fifty years old, and survivors over sixty were extremely rare. Similarly, those below thirteen or fourteen years old were also scarce. Having a few out of ten thousand people was considered good. The survivors were mostly adults in their prime.

Chen Luo couldn’t be bothered with them and signaled for the others to continue. The residents of the community were not happy about it.

An elderly woman came out of her room and rushed to inform others, “Come out quickly, don’t sleep! Someone is trying to take away all our supplies.”

If they don’t defend their own belongings, then whose belongings are they defending?

Over the past few days, most of the survivors in the community had gathered together, with the majority congregating in this building by the street. On one hand, it was to gain courage from each other, and on the other hand, in case there was a rescue team, they could be informed immediately.

“Old Zhang, Old Li, everyone come downstairs with your weapons and gather together.”

It was still early in the morning, before 9 o’clock. The biological clocks of most survivors were already disrupted. Without entertainment, the best way to pass the time was to sleep, which also reduced energy consumption.

They quickly spread the message to each other and soon gathered on the ground floor. Surprisingly, there were no zombies on the ground floor, as if someone had cleared them out.

“What’s going on? Why did you gather everyone together?”

“Some people from outside the community came and took away all the supplies from the supermarket and restaurants downstairs. If we let them take everything, what will we do when our food runs out?”

Someone hesitated and asked, “Aren’t there many zombies outside? Did they kill all the zombies?”

“What if they turn against us?”

An elderly woman sneered, “I saw it. They used a big truck to crash into the place. Most of them are young girls, and there are far fewer of them than us.”

“A big truck?”

An elderly man couldn’t help but exclaim, “If there’s such a big truck, we can crush the zombies too!”

“We must seize that truck. Our supplies must not be taken away by them.”

“Let’s go, hurry up, don’t let them escape.”

“Should we also call Chen Guang and his group?”

“Forget it. Those brats have long turned against us. They have no respect for their elders.”

About seventy to eighty people, armed with sticks, chicken feather blankets, rolling pins, small stools, and other weapons that leave people speechless, ran towards the entrance of the community.

Most of the people in this group are older, with only about twenty of them being younger individuals.

The exit of the community is blocked by a black hollow iron gate, preventing the entry of zombies.

Originally, these elderly men and women were afraid to leave the community. What if they were bitten by zombies?

However, with the zombies mostly cleared out by Chen Luo, they had the courage to venture outside.

As soon as they stepped out, this group of people approached with an aggressive demeanor.

“Quickly put down everything you’ve taken. This is theft, this is robbery, do you understand?”

“Youngsters these days, not learning well. How were you taught by your elders?”

The crowd looked at the group of elderly men and women holding weapons and coming out, feeling a bit confused, and immediately became cautious.

Chen Luo quickly understood what was going on and sneered. What a shameless bunch of old bastards. They were too afraid to confront the zombies, but when it came to dealing with people, they were acting all tough.

Approaching them, Chen Luo sneered and asked, “Is this your place?”

A middle-aged man in his forties snorted, “Yeah, it’s indeed ours. This supermarket was run by my younger brother. He’s dead now, so it’s mine.”

The elderly men and women started berating Chen Luo and his group, displaying their lack of decency.

Among the few young people present, most of them were males who couldn’t take their eyes off the girls in the scene. They had been surrounded by old ladies all day, and now they were finally seeing some attractive girls.

Some couldn’t help whispering and pointing.

“We’ll confiscate this truck, and you can find your own way back.”

“Old Zhang, aren’t you a driver? Drive this heavy truck into the community,” someone suggested. They were already preparing to climb onto the truck’s cargo compartment to claim the goods for themselves, grabbing whatever they could without sharing with others.

Chen Luo coldly retorted, “Get lost, don’t push your luck.”

But there were indeed people who were fearless or simply didn’t believe that Chen Luo would dare to take action. They had been hiding within the relatively enclosed community and hadn’t witnessed survivors turning against each other.

A man in his fifties approached, seemingly unimpressed. He sneered, “What? You want to fight?”

“Come on, then! I dare you to hit me. I’ll lie on the ground and won’t get up. I’m telling you, if you dare to hit me, I won’t let you off easily.”

Without hundreds of thousands of people behind you, don’t even think about leaving here alive.

With that, the old man even brought his face close to Chen Luo’s and taunted, “Hit me if you dare! Scared?”

Having lived this long, Chen Luo had never encountered such a demand before.

The old man’s face was practically in front of Chen Luo’s palm.

Did Chen Luo indulge him?

“Well, you asked for it.”

Chen Luo delivered a slap, and the old man flew four or five meters away, landing on the ground lifeless.

A woman stepped forward to check on his condition, saying, “Old Li, are you okay? Wake up!”

Chen Luo overheard someone whispering, “Old Li used to pull this kind of scam often. He’s really good at acting.”

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