Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 68

Chapter 68: I have a dog with me too

Chen Luo: “…”

Chen Luo was speechless.

Were their old age and poor eyesight to blame?

Didn’t they see that the old man’s face was twisted?

If he didn’t show them some strength, they wouldn’t back down.

Only about a dozen people seemed to be actively causing trouble, while the others followed along, eager to watch the spectacle.

Chen Luo shouted, “What are you all standing there for? Can’t you see that they’re stealing our supplies? How about showing some respect for the elderly and protecting the young?”

The crowd responded with a shout. While they had no qualms about dealing with zombies, this was their first time confronting fellow survivors.

They raised their weapons and moved forward.

A woman screamed, “What are you all doing? Let me tell you, I, as a woman, know magic.”

A wisp of flame actually appeared in her palm.

“I also know magic, and I’ve learned Tai Chi.”

“Lightning Whip, Five Strikes!”

Chen Luo sneered, not killing the chicken to deter the monkeys, this group of people won’t disperse.

An explosion from a spatial sphere struck his face, spraying blood mist.

He turned around and aimed at another young man who was about to enter the cargo compartment.

“Old Ma, how are you?”

“Some people resort to sneak attacks and disregard martial ethics.”

Two people died, which was a great shock to this group.

Two malicious young men had hidden in the dark, using spells in an attempt to ambush Chen Luo.

But they failed to even touch Chen Luo.

Chen Luo also began to take action, causing the group of people to scatter, crying and running away.

The Thunderbolt King pounced on several individuals who had just tried to attack Chen Luo, leaving none alive.

Chen Luo annihilated everyone except for the leader.

Shaking his head, Chen Luo thought, “What a waste. In the apocalypse, what can these people do besides wasting resources? They bully the weak and fear the strong. With so many people, if only they dared to fight the zombies, they wouldn’t need to steal the resources here.”

The mood of the crowd became somewhat complex as they continued to collect supplies, considering they had just killed people.

What Chen Luo didn’t expect was another group of people emerging from the residential area.

This group of people was noticeably different from the previous ragtag bunch. You could sometimes sense whether they had killed zombies or experienced bloody battles.

There were over twenty people in this group, mostly young, with two or three of them being older individuals.

They were the opposite of the previous group.

The young people were courageous and willing to fight, with a strong capacity to adapt.

Chen Luo observed the newcomers, and the person leading them seemed somewhat familiar.

Chen Luo remembered. In his previous life, when he was still weak, he used to hang out with this person. After all, their homes weren’t far apart.

This person seemed to be named Chen Guang. They didn’t have much of a relationship, as survivors tended to be guarded towards each other.

Chen Luo recalled that Chen Guang was indeed courageous and willing to fight, and he didn’t leave a bad impression.

Chen Guang and his group walked straight towards them, first showing surprise at the corpses on the ground.

As Chen Guang approached, he took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and smiled, saying, “Brother, want a smoke?”

Chen Luo shook his head indifferently and said, “Sorry, I don’t smoke.”

Chen Guang lit a cigarette for himself and pointed at the people on the ground, saying, “These old folks really pissed us off. They would constantly catch us and scold us, saying we don’t respect our elders.”

“They just wanted to enjoy the benefits without taking any risks. They expected us to support them.”

“We couldn’t stand it anymore, so we separated ourselves from them and gathered those who were willing to fight and take action.”

“We didn’t want to have conflicts with our neighbors, but I didn’t expect them to end up dead at your hands.”

Among the survivors, there are those who are willing to fight and kill, as well as those who are timid and afraid. Smart people would separate themselves from the fearful ones to avoid being dragged down by them.

The timid ones either need to change or can only wait for their slow demise.

Although Chen Guang’s group is not as large in numbers as the previous one, their combat capabilities are on a completely different level.

Chen Luo’s face turned cold as he asked, “So, are you here to seek revenge for them?”

Chen Guang immediately waved his hand and smiled awkwardly, “No, no, please don’t misunderstand. We came here this time for two reasons. First, we want to make friends with everyone so that we can look out for each other. Second, we need some assistance.”

Chen Guang reached out his hand and introduced himself, saying, “I’m Chen Guang.”

Although Chen Luo could easily overpower Chen Guang and his group, their strengths were clearly not on the same level.

However, there was no need to act aloof or arrogant towards them without any grudges or conflicts. It was important to give face where it was due.

Refusing to even shake hands? Wasn’t that looking down on people?

Chen Luo was not one to shy away from confrontation, but he also didn’t actively seek trouble.

Besides, Chen Luo was currently looking to recruit more people, and if this group proved to be good, why not accept them?

Chen Luo also extended his hand and said, “Chen Luo.”

Chen Guang smiled and remarked, “Oh, we’re actually from the same family.”

Chen Luo asked, “How can we help?”

Chen Guang replied, “Our residential community has a considerable population, with nearly a thousand households and a good amount of supplies.However, we’ve encountered a problem in the past couple of days. There’s a zombie dog that used to be a Husky in the community. It can generate lightning, runs very fast, and most importantly, it has gained some intelligence.”

“When we have a shortage of manpower, it becomes aggressive and attacks. But when there are more people around, it doesn’t show itself, making it quite troublesome. One of our comrades was killed by it, and nobody can feel safe until it’s taken care of.”

“We have identified its location in recent days, but we don’t have enough manpower to corner it. Since you have a good number of people, we would like to ask for your help in killing it.”

Chen Luo asked in response, “What about the reward?”

Chen Guang was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and said, “As for the reward, how about 300 kilograms of rice and five barrels of water?”

Chen Luo chuckled lightly, picked up the bag of rice, and agreed to the offer. He certainly didn’t value such a small amount of supplies.

However, he needed to enter this residential community to collect resources, and without dealing with this zombie dog, his subordinates wouldn’t be safe.

Moreover, if this zombie dog had gained some intelligence, Chen Guang and his group wouldn’t be able to handle it. It would at least be a Level 2 or Level 3 creature.

A Level 4 was impossible; if it were a Level 4, Chen Guang’s group would have already been wiped out.

Zombies or other zombie creatures could enhance their speed and evolve by devouring humans.

Chen Luo estimated that it was probably a Level 2 creature. If a Level 2 zombie dog with lightning abilities wanted to escape, Chen Guang and his group wouldn’t have much means to deal with it.

A Level 2 crystal was not bad at all. Chen Luo had obtained Level 4 and Level 5 crystals before, but he hadn’t come across a Level 2 yet.

It would be a nice boost for Chen Luo, Mi Li, and the others to advance their abilities faster.

Having confirmed that this group of people had no malicious intent, Chen Luo didn’t need to worry about them playing tricks. However, it was still important to remain cautious.

If they dared to play any tricks, well, sorry, but he would claim their crystals.

Chen Guang looked astonished at Rice in Chen Luo’s hand.

Not because he knew about the Rice’s abilities, but because the cat was very beautiful. Having it as company would make the dull days a bit better.

However, it seemed that Chen Luo didn’t lack supplies, and their supplies were not his alone.

Chen Luo instructed, “You guys continue with the transportation. I’ll go inside and take a look. King will come with me.”

Chen Guang was surprised again and said, “Just you alone? Are you sure that’s enough?”

Chen Luo smiled and said, “Haven’t you noticed that I have a dog with me too?”

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