Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7: Why Does This Meat Taste Numb? 7.1

The apocalypse will happen around 9:20 a.m. on Thursday, with an error margin of no more than three minutes.

Chen Luo won’t forget the time of such a significant event, even if he wanted to.

9:20 am is not a weekend; it’s a workday.

In his past life, Chen Jian’an was in the Chen Group building with over a thousand employees when the apocalypse broke out.

Only less than a hundred people survived, which, while not many, is not few either.

Chen Jian’an had a considerable reputation in the Chen Group and, with the help of Chen Fei’s impressive abilities, he took control of the survivors and used that as a foundation to grow and develop.

Chen Luo couldn’t kill Chen Jian’an and his son in the Chen Group building because it was a busy area.

After the apocalypse broke out, the zombies flooded the streets. Although Chen Luo was confident in returning to his home, there was still a possibility of a car accident along the way.

This risk could be taken, but it wasn’t necessary. It was much safer to kill Chen Jian’an and his son peacefully in their home.

Despite their average strength, they eventually fell at the hands of Chen Luo.

Chen Jianan lived in a wealthy area with a small population, so once Chen Luo succeeded in killing him, he could leave safely.

Chen Luo had to wait until after the apocalypse broke out to make his move. If he acted before the outbreak, he could potentially be charged with murder if the apocalypse never happened. However, after the outbreak, with the collapse of law and order, no one would care if he had committed murder.

Therefore, Chen Luo made this phone call. Chen Jian’an, who was greedy for money, would definitely agree if he saw an opportunity, and Chen Fei lived with Chen Jian’an.

Both of them had to die.

Chen Luo left with the Thunderbolt King. After the apocalypse broke out, the king was very likely to awaken his thunder and lightning abilities.

When Chen Luo arrived at the guard post, it was Su Dazhu who was on duty. As he drove past, Chen Luo rolled down the car window and spoke sternly.

“Dazhu, I’m feeling uneasy and have a bad feeling that something might happen. Please be careful around 9 o’clock,” said Chen Luo.

Su Dazhu was taken aback for a moment but nodded his head and said, “Okay, Brother Chen.”

Although Su Dazhu appeared to be simple-minded, he was actually a normal person with average intelligence. No one would think that a high-end residential area like Chen Luo’s would hire a foolish security guard, right?

Moreover, Su Dazhu was a retired soldier. Even if he did not have any awakened abilities in the apocalypse, five Chen Luos wouldn’t be able to match him in a fight.

Chen Luo nodded. There were not many owners or people in this area, and Su Dazhu kept a distance from others while on guard duty. It took more than ten seconds for someone to turn into a zombie, so Su Dazhu would definitely have enough time to react.

In his past life, Su Dazhu had survived just fine, but Chen Luo wasn’t taking any chances and wanted to remind him to be careful.

Chen Luo began to make his way to Chen Jian’an’s house.

As Chen Luo made his way to Chen Jian’an’s house, he dragged his feet, intending to arrive at 9 o’clock.

He sent a message to Chen Jian’an, claiming that his car had broken down and that he would be half an hour late. Chen Jian’an replied that it was not a problem.

Meanwhile, in Chen Jian’an’s home, he took a sip of tea and said to Chen Fei, “That kid Chen Luo is trying to invest in virtual currency. He’s not afraid of death.”

Surprisingly, Chen Fei was on Chen Luo’s side and exclaimed, “Back when virtual currency was only worth a few cents, who would have thought it would rise to over 60,000 yuan per coin? It increased by a hundred thousand times!”

“If it weren’t for you, Dad, stopping me, I would have definitely tried my hand at trading virtual currency. It’s not surprising that Chen Luo wants to take a gamble,” said Chen Fei.

Chen Jian’an sneered, “That thing has no real value, it’s just a tool for fleecing people.”

“You can still make money from that trade, but we have to investigate whether Chen Luo’s stash is really worth a billion yuan,” Chen Fei replied.

“Opportunities like this don’t come often. Why wouldn’t we take advantage of it?” he added with a smile.

Chen Jian’an pondered, “Could there be a scam involved? Chen Luo knows I tricked him, so why would he give me a chance to make money?”

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