Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 7.2

Chapter 7: Why Does This Meat Taste Numb? 7.2

Chen Fei coldly snorted, “I understand the mentality of those who trade virtual currency. It’s like gambling. He’s in a hurry for money, and he doesn’t have many acquaintances. It’s unlikely that anyone can come up with five hundred million in a short time that’s why he came to us for help.”

“If he dares to try to cheat us, I will kill him.”

At 9:30, Chen Luo arrived. The maid who took care of Chen Jianan’s home opened the door.

Chen Fei greeted Chen Luo warmly and hugged him tightly, making Chen Luo feel suffocated.

 “Chen Luo, it’s only your cousin who’s timid. Otherwise, I would have joined you in this venture. If you make money from cryptocurrency trading, don’t forget your cousin here,” Chen Fei said.

Chen Luo smiled and replied, “Of course not. If I make ten billion, I’ll definitely buy you a supercar, cousin.”

Chen Jian’an stood up and asked, “Have you eaten yet, Xiaoluo? Let the maid make something for you.”

Chen Luo didn’t refuse at all: “That’s very kind of you. I came in a hurry and haven’t eaten anything yet.”

Chen Luo boasted incessantly about how much money he could make by trading virtual currencies.

When the maid brought breakfast, it was already 9:15.

Chen Luo wolfed it down. Suddenly, a painful scream came from the maid’s room.

Chen Jian’an frowned, “What’s wrong with Xiao Li? Is she sick? Xiao Fei, go check it out.”

Chen Fei also felt curious and replied with an “okay.”

Chen Luo’s eyes lit up. Has the end of the world come? It seems that you two really have to die today.

Chen Luo stood up and said with a puzzled expression, “Let me go and check it out. If we need to send her to the hospital, I can also help my cousin.”

Chen Fei walked to the door of the maid’s room, opened it, and was immediately scared and screamed.

Inside the room, the middle-aged maid in her forties had disheveled hair, bleeding from all seven orifices.

Blood was flowing over her face, neck, and her eyes were deep red, looking terrifying.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei, a strong adult man, felt his scalp tingling, his legs weakening, and he could hardly believe what he saw.

 He stood dumbfounded at the door. The maid, on the other hand, rushed towards Chen Fei like a fly seeing excrement.

After becoming a zombie, one’s strength would explosively increase, but their speed would decrease significantly. Chen Fei finally reacted and quickly closed the door, trapping the maid-turned-zombie inside the room.

But a hand stopped him from doing so.

At the same time, an evil smile appeared on Chen Luo’s face as he took out a stun gun from his space ability , turned it on, and it emitted a buzzing sound.

Chen Luo heartlessly pressed the stun gun against Chen Fei’s back.

Chen Fei screamed in agony.

The high voltage electric shock was no joke.

At first, Chen Fei’s body trembled violently for a few moments, then he was knocked out by the shock.

If Chen Luo had continued to hold the electric baton against Chen Fei for a long time, Chen Fei would have been electrocuted to death.

But Chen Luo released his grip on Chen Fei when he saw him pass out, choosing not to electrocute him to death.


Because there was a zombie in front of them. Living flesh is fatally attractive to low-level zombies, and as long as they have something to eat, they often ignore other living humans.

Should he let Chen Fei be electrocuted or be eaten alive and enjoy it?

Of course, the latter!

After Chen Fei was electrocuted and passed out, he didn’t fall down because Chen Luo was supporting him from behind.

The zombie maid easily pounced on Chen Fei and bit his face.


A chunk of flesh was bitten off of Chen Fei’s face, causing him to cry out in pain.

After turning into a zombie, the biting force of the female zombie increased dramatically.

The zombie maid swallowed the flesh and blood directly into her mouth.

But why does this meat taste a bit numb? How much chili was added to it?

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