Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8: Crystals 8.1

Chen Jian’an had been watching the situation all along, but had not stood up. Upon seeing such a shocking change, he immediately stood up.

Normally, he should have been somewhat stunned, but his beloved son’s miserable condition instinctively caused him to rush towards Chen Luo.

Chen Jian’an shouted hoarsely, “Chen Luo, what are you doing?”

Chen Jian’an grabbed the purple clay pot used for drinking water and rushed towards Chen Luo.

Chen Luo sneered and extended the electric baton towards Chen Jian’an.

Chen Jian’an instinctively tried to block it.

Ha, what’s the matter? Your insulating material isn’t conducting electricity, huh?

Chen Jian’an fell to the ground and couldn’t get up, his head heavily hitting the coffee table.

There is a kind of pain that hurts just by looking at it.

Seeing the large amount of blood flowing from the back of Chen Jian’an’s head, Chen Luo hissed.

“It really hurts.”

Chen Jian’an also fell unconscious.

“Aaaah!” A heart-wrenching scream echoed in the air.

Chen Fei, whose face was being gnawed on, woke up from the pain. However, at this moment, he had already been pinned to the ground by the zombie maid.

In this situation, if Chen Fei hadn’t been shocked by Chen Luo’s electric shock, with his strong physical condition, he might have had a chance to resist.

But he had been shocked by Chen Luo, causing his body to go numb and leaving him with no strength. The zombie maid was much stronger than him, even though she had been a woman in her previous life.

Ignoring Chen Luo’s pleas for help, the zombie maid continued to feast on Chen Fei. He struggled and cried out, “Chen Luo, Dad, help me!”

Chen Luo was surprised and said, “I don’t have a bastard son like you. Your dad is lying on the ground over there.”

As Chen Fei recalled his memories before passing out, he was about to curse: “Chen Luo, you…” but he couldn’t finish as the zombie maid covered his mouth with hers.

She then tore off his upper lip, leaving a bloody mess.

Chen Luo clicked his tongue in admiration, thinking that such a thrilling and exciting scene couldn’t be enjoyed alone.

He then turned and went to the kitchen, fetched a basin of water and splashed it on Chen Jian’an’s face, then vigorously slapped his face.

As Chen Jian’an regained consciousness, he witnessed a scene that made his eyes red with anger.

 His son, Chen Fei, had no intact piece of skin left on his face. Even if he was saved, his face was utterly destroyed.

Chen Jian’an struggled to try to save Chen Fei, but Chen Luo lowered the voltage on the electric baton, causing Chen Jian’an to feel numb but not unconscious.

Due to the water on Chen Jian’an’s body, the electric shock was incredibly painful.

Chen Jian’an struggled several times, but was restrained by Chen Luo.

Unexpectedly, Chen Jian’an begged for mercy, saying, “Chen Luo, Chen Fei is your cousin.

Please save him. I admit that I secretly cheated you out of your shares, but Chen Fei knows nothing about it. He is innocent.”

Chen Luo snorted coldly, “What else have you done to me?”

 If it was only for money, Chen Luo wouldn’t be so merciless.

 The enmity for killing his parents is irreconcilable, and any revenge is too light.

Chen Jian’an’s heart sank. Could it be that Chen Luo found out about that thing?

Chen Luo lifted Chen Jian’an by the neck, forcing him to raise his head and have a clearer view of how Chen Fei was being eaten.

As he watched Chen Fei’s breath becoming weaker and weaker, and his groans growing fainter, Chen Jianan roared, “Chen Luo, save Chen Fei now, and I may choose not to call the police. Otherwise, you will have no way out.”

Chen Jianan still had no idea that the end of the world had arrived. He only thought that the maid had contracted a terrible disease or that Chen Luo had drugged her.

Chen Luo ignored him and occasionally ran the electric baton lightly over Chen Jian’an’s face. At this point, Chen Jian’an was in despair. Chen Luo had made up his mind to kill him and his son.

“You heartless beast, you actually want to kill your uncle and cousin with your own hands, worse than a pig or a dog!” Chen Jian’an yelled in anger.

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