Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8: Crystals 8.2

Chen Lou’s face twisted with anger as he slapped Chen Jian’an hard. “Who’s the one with a heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog? It’s you! My father saw that you had achieved nothing in life and kindly brought you into the Chen Group, but you betrayed him. How dare you say such things!”

The maid-turned-zombie had already bitten off Chen Fei’s neck, leaving Chen Jian’an with no hope.

He had lived his whole life for his son, hoping that his wealth and strict upbringing would bring him success.

Now everything is in vain. Chen Jian’an has completely gone mad: “I’m his elder brother, his own elder brother! I’ve helped him achieve a lot, and what did he give me in return? Only 10% of the shares! Does he think I’m a beggar? He deserves to die!”

“And you, with today’s technology, you won’t be able to escape,” Chen Luo said, his gaze turning cold.

He(Chen Lou’s father) had led a wolf into his own house. At that time, the 10% of the shares were worth 1.5 billion.

What employee could get a share worth 1.5 billion?

One percent is just a dream.

People are never satisfied.

Even one zombie cannot eat two people in a short period of time, and Chen Luo cannot control the zombie maid to eat Chen Jian’an.

Killing him with electricity is too easy.

Chen Luo took out a dagger prepared in his space ability and stabbed Chen Jian’an twice until he was lifeless.

During the process, Chen Fei had already been bitten to death.

 Hearing the commotion, the maid zombie, who had eaten a bit, growled and headed towards Chen Luo.

Chen Luo had encounter too many zombies of this type – the lowest level of zombies.

He remained calm and adjusted the voltage of the stun gun to its maximum.

The sound of electric current “zzz” echoed.

A burnt smell filled the air as Chen Luo electrocuted the zombie for several seconds.

The zombie maid let out a few miserable screams before losing consciousness.

Zombies could feel pain, but unlike normal humans, they didn’t feel fear due to it. Besides the desire to eat people, they didn’t have any other emotions.

Zombies may not know fear, but they do feel pain.

Killing them is not very difficult. Methods that can kill humans can also kill them.

The only tricky part is that even if their intestines spill out or their face is half gone, they won’t stop fighting.

Paralysis and stunning are also effective against them.

Chen Luo couldn’t be sure if the zombie maid in front of him was completely dead, but it didn’t matter. He crouched down, took out a dagger, and inserted it into the zombie maid’s forehead.

Now it was truly dead. Zombies also have weaknesses, such as their forehead. Once a sharp object is deeply inserted into it, they will die instantly.

Chen Luo didn’t stop there. Instead, he continued to stir the zombie maid’s brain with the dagger.

Red and white fluids spurted out, which was quite disgusting.

However, Chen Luo remained calm. In his past life, he had vomited many times, and he had eventually gotten used to it.

Chen Luo was not being perverse or insulting the zombie maid’s body, but rather trying to extract the crystal from its forehead.

After the outbreak of the apocalypse, both supernaturals and zombies would grow a crystal on their head, regardless of their abilities.

The size and color of the crystal varied depending on the type and strength of the target’s abilities. For example, fire-based supernaturals or zombies had red crystals, while wind-based ones had blue crystals.

If a Thunderbolt King awakens an ability, his crystal will be purple. The crystal that was taken out of the Thunderbolt King’s brain was a deep purple crystal about the size of an egg.

The female zombie maid in front of Chen Luo did not have any abilities yet, as it was still in the lowest level of evolution, and its crystal was a pale white color.

 Those with abilities, such as Chen Luo’s spatial ability, would have a transparent crystal.

However, don’t get the wrong idea, Chen Luo has never seen his own crystal before, but he has seen them from other spatial ability users’ brains.

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