Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 89

Chapter 89: The Vegetable Market

During the afternoon, there were several groups of people passing by the entrance of the residential area.

The first group consisted of individuals who were unaware of the crystal’s secret and lacked special abilities but wanted to join. Chen Guang told them to reach Level 2 first before considering joining. Although they were reluctant, no one dared to act presumptuously.

The second group was much larger, consisting of over twenty people. Among them were three Level 2 Ability Users, two men and one woman.

Even though they came together, they subtly divided into two factions, each led by one of the male Ability Users. They were reluctant to join because they didn’t want to become ordinary citizens, and Chen Guang wouldn’t accept Level 1 individuals.

The only female Level 2 Ability User was accompanied by her sister and approached to request admission.

The two male Ability Users wanted to stop them but didn’t dare to be too aggressive. After all, the bulletin board mentioned several Level 3 Ability Users here, and they didn’t want to provoke anyone.

Seeing the two sisters, Chen Guang’s eyes lit up; they were both quite attractive. This time, he didn’t require them to have a blood relationship.

Having many women in a gathering place was essential. Strong males would be attracted to it, while females wouldn’t feel safe in a gathering place dominated by males and would also be drawn to it.

In his past life, this was precisely how Mi Ling’s influence rapidly grew. If it weren’t for the few girls at the entrance, these two sisters wouldn’t have been so resolute. Staying among a group of smelly men with lecherous glances aimed at them all day was unbearable.

 Besides, women wouldn’t receive any special treatment in the gathering place. Although they weren’t family members, Chen Guang didn’t make a big deal out of it.

In the afternoon, they recruited seven people. If they had opened the doors to all, they could have recruited over thirty.

In the evening, Chen Luo continued to absorb the energy of the Level 6 crystal. After reaching Level 5, he could plan a small operation. He knew the location of a Level 4 mutant that they could take down to obtain its crystal. Although it wouldn’t be a significant help to him, it could benefit Mi Ling, Mi Li, or even the Thunderbolt King.

Technically, Chen Luo was confident enough to take down the Level 4 mutant with almost no danger. But to him, the risk was still too great, considering his cautious nature. If it weren’t for the scarcity of mutants and the ample resources there, he wouldn’t even consider it.

Chen Luo could feel that he would likely reach Level 5 the following night. At Level 5, he could use Void Walk consecutively or for long distances, making him significantly safer.

The next day, nine more people from Chen Guang’s group reached Level 2, and the rest were expected to reach Level 2 the following day.

Except for those who had just joined, the first day didn’t require them to collect crystals. Otherwise, even for girls, there would be no preferential treatment; everyone was treated equally. Chen Luo instructed Shu Yun, “Today, you’ll go to Happiness Road. I’m planning to go to the market there tomorrow for a collective operation. You should clear the zombies on the way first.”

“Be careful and don’t get too close to the market. Maintain at least a 500-meter distance.”

Shu Yun, although puzzled, didn’t ask further questions and simply nodded. First-level zombies, despite having some intelligence, wouldn’t pose a threat as long as you understood their attack patterns. Shu Yun had learned from yesterday’s lesson and had everyone stay within each other’s line of sight, resulting in no casualties during their joint scavenging efforts.

The newcomers who had joined yesterday were quietly impressed. This group indeed had considerable strength and great teamwork. They managed to kill several hundred zombies without a single injury.

Chen Luo remained at home.

Today, only three people were recruited, but all of them were at the second level, comprising  two men and one woman.

In the evening, Chen Luo was feeling somewhat excited. Tonight, he would reach level five. After reaching level five, unless he intentionally engaged in suicide actions within a large horde of zombies, it would be impossible for first-level zombies to harm him in any significant way.

As expected, after absorbing the level six crystal and subsequently absorbing the power of the level five crystal, Chen Luo successfully reached level five.

The good news was that he had reached level five in less than a month into the apocalypse. The bad news, however, was that it would be challenging to rapidly improve his strength without any serendipitous opportunities for quite some time.

The level one zombie crystals were now useless for Chen Luo. Various attributes had seen significant enhancements, but most fundamentally, the quality of his ability had improved.

With the same level of power, he could use his abilities more efficiently. Previously, he could only teleport a distance of one hundred meters at a time, but now he could teleport approximately five hundred meters at once.

Can 100 meters and 500 meters be compared?

Five hundred meters without any obstructions, you wouldn’t even be able to see where I’ve teleported to. This is especially true since zombies have poor eyesight.

Chen Luo had a smile on his face and celebrated happily with Mi Li, however Rice was not pleased since he would be losing someone to sleep with.

The next day, Chen Luo gathered everyone together. The team had grown from 65 people to 74 people over the past two days. It wasn’t a significant increase, but Chen Luo wasn’t in a hurry. There was still a long way to go.

Out of the 74 people, only 5 were still at level one. Everyone else had reached level 2 or 3.

Chen Luo said, “Today, we’re going on a collective operation, and I will also participate. Our target is the Happy Road vegetable market. It might be dangerous, so everyone be careful.”

The apocalypse occurred around 9 in the morning. At this time, the streets might not have many people, but the vegetable market would undoubtedly be bustling. In the vegetable market, there wouldn’t be too many zombies, but their density would be higher, making it difficult to encounter isolated zombies.

Having a dozen or so zombies acting together was considered few. Especially the fourth-level mutant zombies, if they saw Chen Luo and so many people, they would definitely gather other zombies and act as a group.

Fighting against a group of zombies of this scale, Chen Luo could handle it on his own, but it wouldn’t be as effective as training his team members.

Although there were many zombies at the vegetable market, there were also supplies. Various grains, oils, and dried goods were available.

When they heard that they were going to the vegetable market, many people showed signs of nervousness. However, no one dared to back out once Chen Luo had spoken.

Some personnel still needed to stay behind to guard the base. Chen Luo planned to have Chen Guang lead a group of people to stay. While Chen Guang’s strength was relatively weak, he had a keen eye.

Depending on just a dozen people to guard the base was certainly not safe. Chen Luo also decided to leave the Thunderbolt King behind. While it couldn’t be said that nothing would go wrong, Thunderbolt King alone could handle dozens of people.

Chen Luo and his team loaded up the vehicles with their supplies, forming a long convoy heading to the vegetable market.

This kind of convoy was difficult to go unnoticed. Chen Luo squinted his eyes; whoever dared to steal from his place would have to see if they had the ability to do so safely.

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