Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Luring and Tugging

A group of 60 people was traveling in 22 vehicles, ranging from different types of cars. Those who knew how to drive led the way, while others cleared the path of zombies.

Their progress was slow, as they carefully made their way through the obstacles on the road, which were often abandoned vehicles. After half an hour, they finally arrived at the vegetable market.

To be precise, it was a farmers’ market, not a small-scale vegetable market. There were small cold storage units, wholesale markets, grocery stores, condiment shops, and stalls selling agricultural products, live chickens, ducks, and fish.

Correspondingly, there were probably thousands of zombies here. Moreover, the zombies were relatively concentrated, often gathered in groups of a dozen or more.

The four-person squad’s usual tactics wouldn’t work here because facing a dozen or more zombies, even with pre-emptive predictions and precise positioning, it was challenging to avoid them entirely. Direct confrontation would lead to casualties.

Chen Luo smiled and said, “In situations like this, we need to learn how to use luring and constant tugging.”

“Jiang Feng, go attract the zombies, lead them out in batches.”

Jiang Feng wore a reluctant expression. “I’m a Jifeng Sword Master, and now I’m supposed to do the job of baiting zombies?”

Concerned for Jiang Feng’s safety, Mi Li increased his abilities. Jiang Feng entered the market, and a group of seven or eight zombies at the periphery noticed him and started chasing him. As long as he maintained a distance of more than 20 meters from the zombies, they couldn’t harm him, as lower-level zombies didn’t have such long-range capabilities.

The level 1 zombies couldn’t even catch up with level 1 survivors, let alone Jiang Feng, a level 2 wind user. As long as Jiang Feng maintained a good distance, he was safe.

Zombies had varying speeds, and as they ran, the gaps between them became more apparent. Ten members were ready, and as the first batch of zombies approached, two members concentrated their fire and quickly took one down.

Normally, level 1 zombies had a bit of intelligence and would retreat when they saw a large group of survivors. However, their limited intelligence made them believe their companions were close behind.

But in reality, they just led themselves into a trap. This method had its difficulties. Firstly, it required a spacious area to work effectively; too many obstacles would slow the survivors down. Secondly, there should be no other zombies around, or else they could easily get surrounded. Lastly, luck was a factor; if they encountered faster zombies, this tactic might not work.

Chen Luo advised, “In the future, you can use this method when facing a slightly larger group of zombies, but don’t try it with a significantly larger number. If there are too many, it’s better to avoid them. Don’t blame me if things go south.”

The group nodded eagerly. In reality, this method wasn’t particularly clever, but survivors who had frequent encounters with zombies tended to think of it naturally.

Several level 2 members with good speed split up to attract the zombies. Quickly, they cleared out over a hundred zombies from the market’s outskirts. Only the zombies at the center and three other sides of the market remained.

Chen Luo said, “I’ll personally lead the zombies in the center.”

He didn’t dare to let Jiang Feng do it, as encountering a mutant zombie could be fatal. As a level 5 survivor, Chen Luo’s maximum speed was nearly forty meters per second, despite not being from the lightning or wind categories.

In his previous life, Chen Luo had heard that at this time, there was a mutant earth-type zombie in the market, likely at level 4 and possibly creeping towards level 5. However, it couldn’t have reached level 6.

Chen Luo first arrived at the area selling pork, beef, and mutton. This space covered about five to six hundred square meters and had around eighty to ninety zombies. As soon as a few zombies spotted him, they immediately chased after him.

Unlike the outskirts, where only a few zombies would follow, when the zombies here saw movement, the zombies crowded in this area started to move as well.

It was like a catfish entering a pond.

All the zombies chased after Chen Luo as if they had seen a glimpse of fresh meat. When the zombies in the neighboring agricultural products area saw this commotion, although they couldn’t see Chen Luo, they rushed over to join the excitement.

Chen Luo sprinted away.

To him, this number of zombies was trivial, but eliminating them all wouldn’t serve the purpose of training the members.

In the agricultural products area, there was a zombie that appeared to be an old farmer. Wearing a straw hat and sitting on a stool, it seemed to be selling vegetables. When it heard the commotion, it also rushed out.

It was surprisingly fast, even faster than Jiang Feng.

Chen Luo intentionally slowed down, or else the zombies wouldn’t want to play anymore.

There were over two hundred zombies following him, and Chen Luo hadn’t noticed the old farmer zombie hiding in the midst of the horde.

Suddenly, Chen Luo sensed movement behind him. Turning around, he saw a zombie with extraordinary speed rapidly closing in on him, almost catching up.

The old farmer zombie launched three spikes of earth magic in a row, blocking most of Chen Luo’s escape routes.

Chen Luo, instead of panicking, was pleased that he had encountered it so quickly.

He crouched down, avoiding the spikes. Simultaneously, he began to concentrate the Void Blades.

Another three spikes came at him. Chen Luo used Void Walk to instantly teleport behind the old farmer zombie.

Otherwise, the old farmer zombie would hide among the other zombies, making it almost inevitable for Chen Luo to use Void Walk.

Void Walk not only allowed him to evade the old farmer zombie’s attacks but also brought him directly behind it, catching it off guard.

The old farmer zombie didn’t even have time to use its earth shield; it had its head sliced off by Chen Luo’s sword. Chen Luo carried the still-twitching head and continued running.

A fourth-level zombie was completely defenseless in front of Chen Luo. Out of the two hundred zombies chasing him, around forty of them had similar speeds.

If Jiang Feng dared to attract such a horde of zombies, it would put his teammates in great danger.

Seeing Chen Luo had attracted this many zombies, everyone was stunned.

Chen Luo shouted, “Everyone, start running and use your speed advantage to distance yourselves. Prepare your spells, aim roughly behind you, throw, and then keep running without stopping.”

Chen Luo glanced at the members, and the zombies behind them naturally started chasing others.

Everyone began running, maintaining a slight distance between each other. At the moment, the zombies couldn’t catch up to them. Spells were prepared, and some members threw them behind without looking, knowing that there were so many zombies that they would hit something eventually.

Nobody dared to linger for more than 0.3 seconds.

The zombies couldn’t react in time to retaliate. By the time they considered fighting back, the members had started running again. The zombies struggled to throw their spells forcefully, unable to reach the members due to the insufficient distance.

As long as they maintained this rhythm and didn’t encounter any zombie blockades ahead, there wouldn’t be any danger. The surrounding zombies had been cleared earlier. Over two hundred zombies were effortlessly eliminated.

Everyone wore happy smiles, and some were even excited. As long as they trained this method diligently, they could kill even more zombies.

Chen Luo shook his head; the premise was that they had to keep up with the pace of zombie evolution. Most survivors couldn’t keep up with the speed of zombie evolution.

Moreover, without Chen Luo killing the old farmer zombie, no matter what method they used, they could only escape, and the number of people they could save would ultimately depend on luck.

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