Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Isn’t This Bullying the Honest?

Eat to your heart’s content, and work as much as you want. Ice-cold beer with barbecue on a scorching summer day, isn’t it a perfect match? Chen Luo might be ruthless towards enemies, but he treated his own people well. While others were grilling in the open space of the neighborhood, Chen Luo was on the rooftop of his villa, barbecuing.

Chen Luo said, “Let’s grill a fish for Rice first.” Rice was the darling of the group; who else should get grilled first?

The Thunderbolt King retorted, “You’re mistaken. I don’t like it at all. Ever since it showed up, you haven’t petted me.”

Rice said, “No chili, absolutely no spicy.”

After grilling it, Rice found it inconvenient to hold the fish with its paws. Chen Luo took the skewered grilled fish and let Rice nibble it bit by bit in his hands. Watching a cute little cat happily eating grilled fish in his arms, Chen Luo’s mood improved involuntarily.

A cool breeze, beautiful women, cats and dogs, barbecue. Chen Luo couldn’t help but wish for these days to last forever.

Chen Luo said, “Sister Yu, let’s figure out how to make that beef into beef jerky tomorrow, so it can be preserved for a longer time.” A mission was issued, worth a hundred points. Members needed to find vacuum-sealing equipment for food, and just reporting its discovery would earn them a hundred points.

The members indulged themselves, even if the grilled meat wasn’t particularly professional, everyone stuffed themselves as much as they could.

In the evening, as Chen Luo considered who should use the level-four crystal from the old farmer zombie, he felt a bit regretful about it being just a level-four crystal. The base couldn’t rely solely on his strength. If he wasn’t there, they needed someone to hold things together.

Should it be Mi Ling? Shu Yun? Da Zhu? Or Rice?

Then something unusual crossed his mind. Chen Luo shifted his gaze to the Thunderbolt King.

Without mincing words, among the entire base, aside from Chen Luo, the most powerful was the Thunderbolt King.

The Thunderbolt King was the first to start absorbing crystals on the very first day. His innate talent was also the highest, surpassing even Mi Li and Mi Ling. He had also learned a bit of Chen Luo’s true legacy: the nickname, truly a dog.

Let’s promote the Thunderbolt King to level four first.

The Thunderbolt King was overjoyed, thinking, “It seems my master loves me the most. This way, I’ll become the Elder Dog earlier.”

The next day, Chen Luo formally announced that all combat personnel in the base were promoted to level two, as the cleanup of level-one combat scrubs had been completed. Except for the sole logistics expert, Yang Lan, brought back from the market, there were no level-one personnel left in the base.

Chen Luo ordered that, apart from ten people left to guard the base, everyone else should go out to work.

Mi Ling, Mi Li, and Da Zhu also went out, with Chen Luo assigning the Thunderbolt King as their bodyguard.

There was no other option; these people were Chen Luo’s concern. It was better to have something to worry about. Otherwise, it would be like the last lifetime, being all alone and eventually burying oneself.

This time, the collective outing was different from the usual. If someone wanted to go solo, no one would stop them.

Searching for high-level crystals, looking for supplies or valuable items, and recruiting rare talents, all would earn them points.

Points were equivalent to money and status. If you were not content to be idle and had the guts, you could go for it.

The silent and introverted Xia Haoran said to Fang Yu, “Captain, I’d like to go alone.”

Coming to Chen Luo’s side, eating and drinking with him, Xia Haoran needed to prove himself.

Fang Yu advised, “Brother, going alone can be dangerous. You just arrived; cooperate with everyone for a few days first.”

Xia Haoran shook his head. “No need, I know my limits.”

Fang Yu could only watch as Xia Haoran rode away on his motorcycle.

For some people, solo missions were more efficient.

Chen Luo remained at the base to guard it.

In the morning, three people joined, surprisingly, they were all girls. They said they had heard about the good treatment and the abundance of girls here, so they formed a group with others and came to join.

The others returned by a little after ten, their abilities depleted. It would be dangerous to continue fighting the zombies in this state.

Each group submitted the crystals they had obtained. On average, each person had six or seven crystals. If they had seven crystals, two of them would be credited as two points.

One point could be exchanged for a bottle of drink or two extra pieces of meat. If you were willing to risk your life, you could have a good life here.

Chen Luo contemplated raising the daily submission quota, but then thought better of it. In a few days, the zombies would evolve to the second level, and it wouldn’t be so easy anymore. He decided to let them enjoy some advantages.

For example, Mi Ling, Mi Li, and Su Da Zhu absorbed the lowest-level crystals. They could evolve from level one to level two in just three days, whereas it took the zombies ten days to evolve from level one to level two.

This was equivalent to an ability user absorbing two crystals every day.

If an ability user absorbed level one crystals, even those with slightly lower aptitude could evolve to level two in three days.

Mi Ling, Mi Li, and Su Da Zhu’s group had obtained a total of 178 crystals, causing a wave of astonishment. Killing 178 zombies with just three people was incredibly terrifying.

Latecomer Xia Haoran silently submitted 59 crystals.

Fang Yu knew that Mi Ling and her group were all at level three, which was acceptable. But Xia Haoran was also at level three? Fang Yu couldn’t help but open his mouth wide in astonishment.

“Brother, you’re seriously something else.”

The way everyone looked at Xia Haoran was different. One person, killing 59 zombies, was simply a maniac.

Even Mi Ling and her group, all of whom were at level three, couldn’t help but be amazed. They were three people working together, and on average, they had fewer kills than Xia Haoran. Moreover, they were all at level three.

No one was as confident as Mi Ling that they could match Xia Haoran’s feat on their own.

In the early stages, the physical system had an advantage over the elemental system. The Supernaturals’ abilities took a long time to recover, while physical stamina recovered quickly and consumed less energy.

Chen Luo had a smile on his face. As expected, exceptional individuals could shine anywhere. At this rate, Xia Haoran would be promoted to an elite member in three days.

Elite members required three hundred points, which was quite a lot. As time passed, it would become increasingly difficult to earn points.

“Let’s eat.”

Today, the ordinary members were served rice with half a liang of beef and a bottle of Lao Gan Ma chili sauce every week. If they finished it, they could only exchange it with points or wait until the next week.

Elite members currently only included Shu Yun and Wang Ling, and their rations were potato beef, with two liangs of beef paired with one potato.

In the future, rations would no longer be distributed equally; only capable individuals would enjoy better meals. If you didn’t agree, you were free to leave. And indeed, there were some who disagreed.

Today, three new female members were considered newbies. Their ration was a pack of pickled vegetables with rice. While it wasn’t gourmet, they had to consider the current circumstances.

New members had to contribute an extra ten crystals to prove their abilities to earn early promotion or display exceptional performance.

One of the newbies in a green dress noticed others eating meat and instantly felt extremely unfair.

“This is so unfair!” She confronted Shu Yun indignantly. “Why do you all get meat while we don’t?”

Shu Yun found it strange that no one had explained the level system to them yet. She patiently explained, “Because you’re newcomers.”

The girl in the green dress was infuriated, thinking back to her pre-apocalypse days when, as a newbie, she was given all the cleaning duties in the office.

“Isn’t this just bullying the honest folks?”

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