Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 95

Chapter 95: The Creditor Comes Knocking

Shu Yun  watched as the girl in the green dress stormed off, thinking that it might be better not to have her around, as she didn’t seem too bright. Suddenly, her face changed, and she heard the sound of breaking porcelain.

The girl in the green dress returned to her room, angrily smashing the bowl containing her rice.

“Staying in the same place, eating the same rice as before? Hey, do newcomers deserve to be bullied? Then why did we come here?”

“Are they going to make us the front line during battles too, as cannon fodder?”

The other two girls looked at the girl in the green dress with surprise, speaking softly, “Regardless, you shouldn’t have smashed the bowl. Now none of us have anything to eat.”

“At times like this, food is precious.”

“You’re thinking too much. Unless they don’t want fresh blood, they wouldn’t send newcomers to their deaths.”

The girl in the green dress exclaimed in frustration, “I don’t want to stay here. It’s only been half a month since the newcomer period started, and I’m already thinking about leaving. Why bother playing with zombies when there’s food?!”

At this moment, Shu Yun appeared, coldly stating, “Well, you can leave now. You’re not welcome here.”

The girl in the green dress huffed, “Sisters, let’s go.”

However, the other two girls sat there awkwardly, not moving.

“Do you have a problem? Who’s going to coddle you at a time like this? It doesn’t matter what we eat; having a safe place to stay is more important. Do you think someone owes you something? Or maybe there’s just too much meat?”

They didn’t know each other well to begin with.

The girl in the green dress hesitated for a moment and then burst into tears. “You’re all bullying me!”

Shu Yun was in no mood for her drama and dragged her away. Shu Yun understood that keeping her around would be a disaster. However, she hesitated to harm another woman. But when she saw the spiteful look in the girl’s eyes as she left, Shu Yun had no more doubts. She didn’t want to regret her inaction when her own people were hurt in the future.

“Damn it, we eat rice every day, every single meal. When will this end? We don’t even have a pack of pickled vegetables.”

In a nearby residential area near Chen Luo’s villa, a group of people was gathered downstairs, setting up stoves and cooking rice over an open fire using wood as there was no electricity. Fire-based ability users were temporarily unable to control the flames properly, and their powers couldn’t sustain cooking rice, so they had to use dried trees that had withered for some unknown reason as firewood.

One man sighed in frustration. “We arrived late; I’m afraid all the supplies have been collected by the people from the villa area.”

Another person added, “Eating only rice, I feel weak all over, and my limbs are sore. I don’t see any hope in this situation.”

If it weren’t for the large number of people and the announcement board mentioning the presence of third-level ability users, they might have had ulterior motives.

Someone’s eyes brightened. “Should we try to trade some of our rice for meat? We have plenty of rice anyway.”

Everyone agreed; they couldn’t keep eating only rice, and it was time for a change.

Leng Chen, in charge of guarding the gate, heard their request and immediately refused.

“Are you kidding? We collected so much rice from various places, and now you want to trade it for a bit of meat? Don’t even think about it.”

He didn’t need to consult Chen Luo; he knew Chen Luo wouldn’t agree. Besides, their idea of exchanging ten pounds of rice for a pound of meat was laughable.

In their terms, rice cost two dollars per pound, and pork was over ten dollars per pound. They’d be at a loss. Cold Dawn tactfully declined, “If you use advanced crystals, I can give you some meat.”

The group left feeling frustrated and not daring to act recklessly. If they had the guts to fight zombies, why would they only eat rice?

They cursed their luck that all the supplies were taken.

Upon returning to their resting place in the residential area, they were shocked to find a convoy of dozens of cars about to enter the area. The convoy also spotted them, and several cars approached quickly.

A man in a black shirt with a ruddy complexion rolled down his car window and politely asked, “Hey, friend, can I ask you something? We haven’t seen many zombies around here. Do you know what’s going on?”

This man was Zhao Hai. Before the apocalypse, he was a troublemaker, always on the edge, but his strength was considerable. He had quite a few underlings following him. After the apocalypse, he gathered some survivors around him, formed a group with his eight core brothers, and joined forces with another faction to come here and collect supplies.

They didn’t live nearby; they came through a sparsely populated area on the outskirts, taking a detour to gather supplies in this area. However, it was strange that although they were prepared for a zombie fight, there were very few zombies, even scarcer than survivors.

The person being questioned naturally knew what was going on. They had all been killed by Chen Luo’s group.

Facing a larger group, he didn’t dare to lie and truthfully explained.

Zhao Hai and his group were astonished. Their strength must be exceptional.

Then, one of Zhao Hai’s men had a sinister thought and said, “They eat meat every day and seem to be living quite well. They’ve also collected all the nearby supplies.”

“Eating meat?”

Zhao Hai and his group’s eyes clearly lit up. After some contemplation, Zhao Hai turned to the leader of the other faction, Jin Tao, and said, “Shall we go and meet them? They must have considerable strength, making friends with them could open up new opportunities.”

Jin Tao chuckled, “Since we’ve come all this way, not going to meet them would be a waste. Who knows, they might even treat us to some meat. It’s been days since I’ve had any.”

They didn’t bother checking if there were supplies left in the residential area. Indeed, they hadn’t found any useful items along the way.

Zhao Hai and Jin Tao, along with their group, headed towards Chen Luo’s location.

One of Zhao Hai’s underlings suddenly spoke up, “Boss Hai, I remember something. Before the apocalypse, there was a wealthy heir named Chen Luo, the major shareholder of the Chen Group. He asked us for three billion and used his villa as collateral.”

Zhao Hai chuckled, “Forget about that. In the post-apocalyptic world, money is worthless, and there are plenty of villas around. They’re worthless. Even if he wanted the entire building, I’d let him have it.”

The underling felt awkward, realizing that in this new world, money had no value. Chen Luo might as well be dead by now. Pursuing him for money made no sense.

Zhao Hai and Jin Tao, leading a convoy of over two hundred people, quickly arrived at the villa area.

Upon seeing this group from afar, Leng Chen immediately contacted everyone through the walkie-talkie.

“Attention, everyone. Requesting backup, a large convoy has arrived.”

If there were any malicious intentions, their small group at the entrance wouldn’t stand a chance.

Chen Luo rushed to the scene as well. In his absence, there might be conflicts, and he didn’t want any casualties among his members.

It wasn’t surprising to Chen Luo. In the post-apocalyptic world, those with power would systematically search areas with fewer zombies.

In one residential area, there might have been over a dozen groups conducting searches at different times.

As Zhao Hai and Jin Tao got off their vehicles, they wore smug smiles, ready to assess the situation here.

Suddenly, Zhao Hai’s pupils contracted. Three billion was a substantial amount, and he had personally loaned that money. Who borrowed it? He had seen quite a few big borrowers in his time.

This guy was here.

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