Premarital Cohabitation
Premarital Cohabitation: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Invitation to Cohabitate.

This program seemed to be from the late 20th century, with unusual camera angles and a picture quality comparable to GV. Many explicit scenes weren’t pixelated, showing fragmented human tissues, grotesque giants of decay, and audacious corpse insects. Each scene challenged my limits.

Horror is horror, but this was different from what I imagined. Surprisingly, Dr. Wei seemed to be enjoying it, even taking out a notebook to jot down notes at critical moments.

Upon inquiry, I learned that besides researching medical cases, he also wrote two medical novels and was planning a new venture related to forensic medicine. He was recording specialized terms in the forensic field.

I randomly flipped through the thick notebook, filled with key points of forensic and criminology knowledge, and even discreetly mentioned methods of murder.

How do you all usually approach breaking up with a boyfriend?

Waiting online, quite urgent.


I couldn’t resist my curiosity and asked him on which website he writes his books.

Wei Nanlin blushed and waved his hand hesitantly, “Just writing casually, you probably won’t like it.”

Hey, I’m someone who loves reading about other people’s dark pasts the most! Not only do I want to read them, but I also want to read them out loud!

I directly went online and searched his name—all the articles he published were under the pseudonym “Nanlin,” so I inferred that this was his pen name.

Sure enough, there were entries about him.

The first thing that came up was his Weibo.

Over seven hundred thousand followers.

An SSS-level contracted author for Star River Century, with two physical books already published.

One of them even sold its film and television rights.

My eyes almost popped out.

“Could this… be you?”

He nodded, “It’s me.”

Only then did I realize that I had stumbled upon a low-key wealthy person.

This impact was too intense, causing me to gaze at him affectionately for a while without being able to retract my gaze.

The more I looked, the more pleasing he became, especially the scholarly air between his eyebrows.

Heaven really isn’t fair. Why is it that other people’s minds are so sharp, while mine only thinks about arranging my body to sleep?

Life truly is full of surprises everywhere.

Tsk tsk tsk…


I had just praised him for being low-key and not showing off his wealth when, the next moment, Wei Nanlin hit me with an even more powerful shock—donating all website earnings and copyright fees to the Clinical Medical Research Center for Neurological Diseases.

He hadn’t even calculated how much money he had earned over these years.


Indeed, life has its ups and downs.

But my ups and downs seem a bit too rapid.

Creating an electrocardiogram here!

I know there are many kind-hearted people; my cousin’s family even donates money to the temple every year for blessings. But giving away all the fruits of one’s labor without keeping anything for oneself was something I had never encountered before.

It felt like all my efforts had been in vain.

Wei Nanlin explained it like this: “My teacher, Professor Wang Qi, once sold a medical achievement patent for 8 million. He donated all of it to the Elderly Medical Rehabilitation Center. He said that sudden wealth would only erode his patience and perseverance, making him restless. I deeply resonate with that. With too much money comes too many desires, and I can’t focus on what I love. So, I’d rather start from scratch, valuing the process of learning more than the outcome.”

Some people really live in an extraordinary way.

Apart from pure and virtuous, I can’t find any other elegant adjectives to praise him.

Oh, by the way, he said he used that money to buy a set of limited-edition medical compendiums—six in total. Each book is as thick as the Xinhua Dictionary, covering a wide range of subjects, including various clinical fields, acupuncture, dietary therapy, medications, prevention, and health care. It’s a phenomenal work in the history of Chinese medicine.

Doctor Wei said, “After I finished reading it, I gained a lot. Now I’m giving it to you. If there are parts you don’t understand, you can ask me.”


Why did this perfectly normal date turn into this?

What did I originally come here for?


I carried that set of limited-edition medical compendiums, which were even heavier than a barbell, to the entrance and found that it was pouring rain outside.

A strong wind blew, even the flower pots were blown down to the ground.

The sky had turned dark. Wei Nanlin stood beside me, looking at a scene that resembled the end of the world. He said with concern, “It’s dangerous for you to go back alone.”

I replied helplessly, “Well, I can’t exactly turn into two people to go back.”

Wei Nanlin finally spoke in a human manner, “How about you let your family know and stay at my place tonight?”

I responded with insincere politeness, “But that wouldn’t be right.”

Wei Nanlin said, “How about I charge you 300?”

I handed him that precious limited edition set, “Even though it’s now a third-hand item, it should be enough for one night.”

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