Premarital Cohabitation
Premarital Cohabitation: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: You Troublesome Little Elf


I was just about to call my dad to let him know, and coincidentally, he called me.

“Xiao Qi, are you on your way back?” My dad’s voice was loud, and I had to lower the volume and move the phone away from my ear.

“No, I’m still at Dr. Wei’s house. The rain outside is too heavy, so he’s letting me stay over for the night. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“Oh, okay,” my dad’s tone didn’t seem surprised, “Then you guys carry on.”

“We’re not busy.”

Dad: “You can get busy now.”

What kind of conversation was that?

I exchanged a glance with Wei Nanlin and hung up the phone.

“That’s how my dad is, a bit quirky. I don’t really know what he’s trying to convey.”

Wei Nanlin said, “I find your parents adorable.”

“Really?” I couldn’t help but laugh, “Maybe it’s because their mindset is relatively young.”

“You’re adorable too.”

Was it time for mutual compliments again?

I picked at my nails and praised back, “You have a certain enchanting charm as well.”

“Hmm?” He raised an eyebrow.

“It’s like a contrastingly cute vibe. For example, you seem aloof, but you’re actually quite a enthusiastic clown. Your thought process is just different.”

“Then which kind do you prefer?”

I casually said, “I like the overbearing CEO.”

“Overbearing CEO…” Wei Nanlin nodded thoughtfully.

The topic shifted, and Wei Nanlin took me to his room to get some clean clothes.

His wardrobe was quite spacious, with a dressing mirror in the center of sliding doors and cabinets on both sides. Even the corners that weren’t often seen were neat and tidy.

Seasonal clothes were categorized and hung, mostly in three colors: black, white, and gray.

It looks a bit plain and dull, but those neatly ironed shirts carry a sense of restrained sensuality.

Ah, what am I thinking!

“Why not buy clothes in different colors? It could lighten up your mood when you look at them.”

Wei Nanlin explained, “I don’t want to spend time on coordinating outfits. These three colors are easy to match, I can just pick one without much thought.”

Then, he casually picked up a set of gray silk pajamas, “How about this?”

Wei Nanlin is 187cm tall, I’m 178cm, so the sizes of the clothes and pants were a bit big for us. But since we were just going to wear them at home and not go out, it didn’t matter.

Wei Nanlin opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of underwear with SpongeBob SquarePants pattern, “This one is new, just make do with it.”

I teasingly held up the underwear, “Why would underwear be colorful? You’re quite surprising!”

“This belongs to my younger cousin. He’s on summer break and occasionally stays at my place for a few days.” Wei Nanlin said.

I was skeptical, “Really? How old is your cousin?”

“20, he’s in college, and he’s part of a boxing club near my place.” Wei Nanlin thought for a moment, then added, “Or do you prefer wearing mine?”

He smiled like a jewelry store clerk, gesturing toward the drawer, “Feel free to pick the style you like.”

I picked one up, took a glance, and put it back.

I didn’t mind it being a bit big.

I liked the exuberant SpongeBob SquarePants.



In the bathroom, as hot water flowed and steam filled the air, creating an ambiguous atmosphere, I sneaked a sideways glance at Wei Nanlin. I wondered if he would suddenly become passionate and passionately kiss me while pressing me against the sink. Should I maintain my composure or be more unrestrained?

A grand slam wasn’t out of the question either.

After all, wasn’t this the day for it?

However, wouldn’t my butt feel cold resting on the sink? And if it was the first time in the tub, wouldn’t that be a bit stimulating?

Don’t laugh, most novels tend to develop some not-so-suitable scenes when they’re set in a bathroom, right?

When passion is overwhelming, nobody can hold back, and then we would move from the bathroom to the room, and back to the bathroom.

What was once an ordinary love story would finally undergo an elevation, deepening our understanding of each other.

We would be completely absorbed in each other, unable to distinguish between you and me.

My mind had already flashed a “G-rated” image within an instant. However, Wei Nanlin, after teaching me how to use the water heater, turned around and left for the room, not even sparing a single glance at my bare self. His demeanor was carefree, entirely like a person devoid of desires.

Oh, before leaving, he casually dropped a remark, “You’re naturally weak, don’t soak for too long, it might make you feel chest tightness and dizziness.”

I lay in the bathtub blowing bubbles.

Feeling so stifled.

How could this be?

Honestly, every time I saw him undress at the gym, I had certain indecent thoughts…

Could it be that my physique isn’t appealing?

I’ve been working out recently and have started to develop a hint of abdominal muscles. It shouldn’t be to the point where I can’t eat, right?

An even scarier thought flickered through my mind—could he be sexually incapable?


As this thought took root, I couldn’t sit still anymore.

The more I thought about it, the more possible it seemed. Otherwise, how could a decent young man like him still be single at this point?

If that were the case, why didn’t he tell me earlier? I’m not someone who considers sex to be a big deal.

Perhaps I don’t have the courage for this.

If it were me in this situation, I wouldn’t know how to approach it either; it’s just too embarrassing.

During the time I was getting ready in the morning, I had already prepared for the worst. From now on, I’ll take matters into my own hands to provide for myself and peacefully enter into a life of mutual respect with him.

Though I say that, it’s such a waste to see Dr. Wei with such a robust physique.

How could things turn out like this?

As the saying goes, even doctors don’t heal themselves. Even the all-capable Dr. Wei encounters moments of stagnation.

Truly, nobody is perfect.

“Xiao Chu, are you feeling better?” Wei Nanlin knocked on the door from the outside.

I jumped in surprise, toothbrush in my mouth as I stammered, “Almost there, almost. Do you need to use the bathroom?”

“No, I’m just worried about you lacking oxygen. As long as you’re okay.” Wei Nanlin’s footsteps faded away as he returned to his room.

After finishing getting ready, changing into clothes, I cracked the door open. Wei Nanlin was sitting on the small sofa, watching TV.

“Which room am I sleeping in tonight?” I gestured towards his parents’ room, “Here?”

“No, you’ll sleep in my room.”

“Huh?” My thoughts began to drift in an unhealthy direction again, but I maintained composure, saying, “I think it might not be appropriate. I’ll sleep in the guest room.”

Wei Nanlin said, “I don’t care about your opinion; only mine.”


“Come here.” Wei Nanlin patted his thigh, suddenly authoritative, “Sit.”

I walked over skeptically, “Why though?”

“Just listen to me. Why so many questions?”

I rolled my eyes and couldn’t help but laugh.

“This isn’t something we need to discuss. You’ll sleep in my room tonight.” Although Wei Nanlin wore a cold expression, I knew he was enduring quite a lot; his lips were trembling.

Embarrassed, I couldn’t hold back my laughter, collapsing onto his bed.

Laughter is contagious; for the first time, I saw Wei Nanlin laugh uncontrollably, his body shaking.

And, it turns out even someone as revered as a male god could produce such an infectious laughter like “hehehehehehe.”

I was already close to hitting the brakes, but hearing his laughter, I burst into laughter too.

“I didn’t mean that kind of domineering CEO.”

Wei Nanlin suppressed his exaggerated laughter, giving a mischievous smile, “You’re an annoying little hussy.”

“Neither was I talking about that kind!” I helplessly covered my head, laughing until it hurt.

Wei Nanlin got up and slowly swayed over to my side. He said, “Do you know that you’re playing with fire? Don’t forget your own identity. You’re just my little lover.”

As I turned my head, he suddenly leaned down, his arms propped on either side of me, his body blocking the light from the chandelier, relieving the harsh glare.

Wei Nanlin knelt on one knee on the sofa. I looked at him bewilderedly, involuntarily swallowing, and some unsightly images flashed through my mind.

“Don’t move. If you move again, I can’t guarantee what might happen.”

I blinked, “I didn’t move.”

Wei Nanlin’s ears turned red, struggling to recite a provocative line, “I want you to be stained with my scent, unable to escape for the rest of your life, forever… my man.”

“Huh? Aren’t I your little lover?”

As I spoke, something happened so quickly that I closed my eyes reflexively. Someone’s lips pecked my forehead, then swiftly retreated, leaving me looking confused as I touched my forehead.

Wait… Was he serious about asking me to sleep in his room?

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