Why is the Holy Son So Delicate?
Why is the Holy Son So Delicate? Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Pure 0[1]Bottom/uke/shou should love strong men

Pei Xia insisted on bringing a bedding, Lucifer insisted not to let him sleep at the door.

Pei Xia reluctantly decides to sleep on the floor beside Lucifer’s bed. Thinking about the demons hiding in Count Hobson’s manor, sleeping outside was really scary.

However, after the negotiation, there was still a little problem between the two.

The servant sent hot water for the bath. There is no doubt that when Lucifer takes a bath, Pei Xia will go guard him outside the door. But when it is Pei Xia’s turn, it is not good to ask the Holy One to guard the door for a little knight.

Pei Xia thought for a while: “Your Holiness, I’d better go downstairs to wash.”

Lucifer slowly raised his hands to his chest with a weak expression, “What if Count Hobson suddenly comes over…”

“Huh?” Pei Xia was stunned, “I think the Count is not interested in me.”

Lucifer, “…suddenly comes over to find me.”

Pei Xia, “…”

He gripped the edge of the tub, not knowing what to do for a while. Why, why does the protagonist become so delicate? Causing him to always worry about the protagonist’s chastity.

Pei Xia silently hammered the bathtub, “In that case, there is no way.”

Lucifer said understandingly, “You can rest assured, I won’t peek.”

How can he let the leader give way for himself? Pei Xia patted his chest and said with great righteousness, “This is Your Holiness’ room. Your Holiness shouldn’t worry about me!”

Saying that, he took off his jacket and shoes, and jumped into the water with his shirt and pants.

Splash…Water splashes everywhere.

Lucifer silently looked at Pei Xia, his hands still raised weakly on his chest. He saw the young man’s not particularly strong body wrapped in a translucent white shirt after being drenched with water, and it became more and more attractive.

It’s just that the dark-haired young man in the water didn’t realize this. On the contrary, he thought he had made a very witty choice.

Pei Xia smiled at Lucifer with relief: In this way, Lord Lucifer would not feel shy and uncomfortable, right?

Lucifer smiled and looked at Pei Xia: Does this mean that Pei Xia trusts him more?

Although it is strange to take a bath with clothes on, it’s better to be strange compared to being seen as a hungry wolf by the protagonist and then purified by a holy light.

Pei Xia, turned his back to Lucifer and took a bath. He made this choice for the comfort of Lucifer, not that he likes to wash like this. Moreover, he is a gay man, and he feels a little embarrassed to shower in front of the same sex.

En… Turning his back to him, so that Lucifer won’t find him embarrassed → he won’t feel that he has bad thoughts about him → life safety is guaranteed again.


Pei Xia quickly took a battle bath. After coming out, he wrings the water on the wet clothes, then wipes his hair with a towel, prepared to dry the clothes with Light Sword.

At this time, Lucifer was sitting on the edge of the bed. His white nightgown covering his arms and legs, revealing only his beautiful white hands and feet and his slender neck. He suddenly beckoned to Pei Xia:

“Pei Xia, come here.”

“Yes, Your Holiness.” Pei Xia was still holding a wet towel in his hand. He came over with some doubts, and the moist water vapor rushed towards his face.

Lucifer, with his blond hair scattered on his shoulders, raised his hand and touched his face.

At this time, Pei Xia’s heart was beating violently, and he looked at Lucifer in shock, “Your Holiness, what are you doing?”


The warm and gentle light dissipating fatigue escaped from Lucifer’s palm, and then covered Pei Xia’s head, the wet black hair slowly dried out.

Pei Xia stood stiffly in front of him, leaning down slightly so that Lucifer could dry his hair.

Obviously, he looked very tired before. Should he say that he really deserves to be the protagonist? The recovery is very fast. Pei Xia didn’t dare to look around, staring at the ribbon in front of Lucifer’s nightgown and thinking wildly.

When the black hair became dry again, Lucifer’s hand followed his face down to his shoulders, and he gently released the warmth to expel the cold and dampness for Pei Xia.

Pei Xia felt a little uncomfortable, but he held back and did not show it. ‘Don’t think about it, Pei Xia. He is the protagonist, he will only be polite to girls, and merciless to male nympho…… Think about your little life.’

However, even though Pei Xia could convince himself that Lucifer just helped him in a simple and kind manner, he still inevitably had some strange reactions.

Anyone who was gently caressed by those hands from the shoulders down little by little, not light nor heavy, with some itchy and comfortable warmth, will inevitably have some reaction, right? This has nothing to do with whether Pei Xia likes him, it is purely physiological.

Pei Xia subconsciously clamped his legs, and tensed his face to prevent himself from being exposed.

“Sorry, I’m a little tired, so I’ll be slower.” While saying this, Lucifer was looking at Pei Xia with a frank and unselfish look.

At this time, his hand was about to break through the dangerous position and had already reached Pei Xia’s waist.

Pei Xia quivered, and hurriedly shook his hand back. He unconsciously pulled it away with a little force, but quickly reacted and let go of his hand.

Pei Xia took a step back and bowed awkwardly, “Thank you very much for your help, Your Holiness. But it’s enough.”

“Why?” Lucifer smiled and said, “Pei Xia, God wants us to help each other. You don’t have to be polite.”

Pei Xia’s forehead was sweating, he held back for a long time, and said, “Your Holiness, you are already very tired. If there is a sudden demon attack, it will be very dangerous. Please save your energy!”

Lucifer chuckled, his gaze slid over Pei Xia’s slightly red and stubborn face. He did not continue to push, and spared the poor knight, “Well then, I accept your suggestion.”

Pei Xia breathed a sigh of relief. He hurriedly stood in the corner with his back to Lucifer and dried his pants.

The poor clothes were soaked and dried three times in just half a day. If the clothes had a soul, it would definitely ask Pei Xia: Do you have any special hobbies?


As the Holy Son from the church of the God of Light, Lucifer would praise the God before going to bed. Originally, Pei Xia didn’t have this habit, but in front of the Holy One, he had to pretend.

He put his hands together under his chin, slightly nodded and closed his eyes, pretending to be praying.

Honestly, he is not a believer of the God of Light. He joined the Church of God of Light only to get close to Lucifer.

Not good… Why would he feel uncomfortable when thinking about this? He was helpless. Pei Xia, who pretended to be pious, had no choice but to be really pious. He began to recite the Light Bible in his heart. After reciting the small half of the Bible, he finally returned to normal.

After praying, Lucifer lay down in the quilt. Pei Xia respectfully said goodnight to him, then blew out the oil lamp and got into his own quilt in the dark.

It was too dangerous today. He almost lost his mind in front of Lucifer. Thinking about the cannon fodder ‘Pei Xia’ in the original story who was purified by a holy light because he molested Lucifer, Pei Xia couldn’t help being afraid.

No, he must be pure-hearted, and never let the protagonist discover that he is a gay!


The next morning, after eating breakfast with Lucifer, Pei Xia went downstairs to visit Alice. Alice still looks frightened, she would feel more at ease only when she was around the Holy Knights.

Because Lucifer decided to investigate Alice and Hobson here, they did not leave. The heavy rain outside still continued, so even if they wanted to go, they couldn’t go.

Holy Knights have a habit of practicing swords for a while in the morning. But at this moment, it is raining heavily outside and they can’t practice freely. They borrowed the living room on the first floor, put down their swords, and exercised with bare hands and fists.

Lucifer stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and watched the clattering rain outside. In order not to make Lucifer seem lonely, Pei Xia did not join the team of the other knights, but stood beside Lucifer and watched them silently.

Look at those sturdy biceps, look at the sweat flowing down the bronze skin, look at those handsome and manly Knights……

Pei Xia touched his heart and felt his aesthetics firm up some more.

Sure enough, as a pure 0, he should love strong men.

“Pei Xia, what are you looking at?”

“Strong men…!”

Lucifer: “…”

Pei Xia, “…that I should learn from.”

“Is that so?” Lucifer said in a somewhat subtle tone. He raised his hand and patted Pei Xia’s shoulder, squinting his eyes for unknown reasons, and suddenly curled his lips in a smile.

Lucifer leaned into Pei Xia’s ear very kindly and said, “Pei Xia, it’s time to start the investigation.”

No one knew what Count Hobson was doing last night, but he didn’t get up until almost noon, and his complexion was pale. Pei Xia had already accompanied Lucifer to question the servants in the manor when he went downstairs.

The servants were unanimous, all saying that Alice stole the Count’s gold, and expressed opposition to Alice’s claim that the servants often disappeared.

But the more unified they speak, the more serious the problem is. Without Pei Xia’s reminder, Lucifer could guess that the servants had been warned in advance.

However, it is also impossible to judge a case with “the servants are completely consistent with what they said, but they are strange.” At least, some evidence must be found.

Otherwise Hobson can completely deny it.

After Hobson went downstairs, he saw Lucifer standing next to Alice, frowning slightly to ask for details. He saw the old butler gave him a hint, and he couldn’t help grinning.

He strode to Lucifer and bowed exaggeratedly, “My dear Lucifer, you must know enough about my innocence. Please don’t be deceived by this girl full of lies, I Never lie to you. Please trust me.”

Hobson’s arrogance makes him uncomfortable, Lucifer’s expression was dull. He was about to speak when Pei Xia frowned and stepped between the two.

“Count Hobson, please don’t call His Holiness by name casually. You must be an educated person and you should understand what respect is.”

Call Lucifer’s name directly?

Of course it is allowed. But Hobson’s call is too exaggerated and greasy, and Pei Xia feels a little sick after hearing it. Lucifer was well educated, and he would surely endure it as long as the opponent was not too much, but as his guardian knight, Pei Xia couldn’t bear it.

Hobson straightened up and told Pexia gloomily, “I naturally understand the respect for His Excellency Lucifer. But how about you? Daring to confront a noble Count. Is this your upbringing?!”

“We from the Church of the Light God does not distinguish between high and low based of their worldly status.”

Hobson sneered, “In this case, then I will challenge you. The person who loses must apologize to the other party and admit that they are not worthy to call Lucifer’s name! “

It’s really an unreasonable and pathetic cannon fodder who was dazzled by Lucifer’s beauty.

“I accept your challenge, in the name of His Holiness Knight.”

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1 Bottom/uke/shou


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