Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 23

Chapter 23 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (23)

Tang Manli shook her head and said, “I don’t like the rules of their team. If a young woman wants to stay, she either has to have special abilities herself or attach herself to a man with special abilities and become his plaything. I don’t have any special abilities except for being strong enough to lift and wield an iron rod and kill zombies.”

Due to her confidence, Tang Manli did not join them. In the apocalypse, those selfish and greedy people who obtained special abilities were undoubtedly a disaster.

At this point, Bai Tang added, “This stone-faced guy is called Shi Minzhi. Little sister, are you interested in learning how to use a gun? Oh, and Grandma, do you have any special abilities?”

Tang Manli was extremely eager but also couldn’t believe it as she asked, “Can I really?”

“Of course. Let the old man teach you. He’s a man who walked off the battlefield alive in his youth and killed many enemy soldiers,” Grandma boasted.

Grandpa puffed out his chest and looked pleased as he nudged his wife’s hand and said, “Wife, little Tang’er is asking you, do you have any special abilities?”

“What? What are special abilities?” Grandma was very puzzled.

Grandpa explained again with his own words and taught his wife how to perceive special abilities. A touch of green appeared on Grandma’s palm, and he couldn’t understand what kind of special ability it was.

Tang Manli, on the other hand, exclaimed in surprise, “Sister, Grandma’s awakened special ability is wood-system, but it’s a pity that its attack power isn’t very strong.”

Bai Tang, however, thought deeply, “Little sister, don’t just focus on attack power. Wood-system, earth-system, and water-system special abilities are all very important. Clean, fertile soil depends on earth-system purification, and healthy plants for growth or reproduction are nothing without wood-system special abilities. Clean water is extremely important in this apocalyptic world. With clean water and soil, and plants, we can raise poultry and grow food for our own needs and turn our home into what it used to be. This is a lifeline given to people in crisis. If we despise it because of its weak attack power that can’t kill many zombies, wait until we realize, we will have already paid a heavy price.”

The old couple didn’t quite understand, but in short, their granddaughter said that their special abilities were not only useful but extremely useful, which made them very happy.

Shi Minzhi and Tang Manli began to think deeply. In fact, in addition to water-system special abilities, which are the source of life and the most needed resource at present, few people look down on earth-system and wood-system special abilities and few people realize their importance.

Tang Manli’s eyes shone brightly, “Sister has extensive knowledge and broad vision. Listening to my sister’s words is better than reading books for ten years.”

Tang Manli really felt that she didn’t make the wrong choice. Such a charming big sister was really attractive. But in fact, Bai Tang’s age was much younger than Tang Manli’s, but who could refuse a beautiful sister who calls herself little sister?

Shi Minzhi laughed mockingly, another person fooled!

As for Shi Minzhi’s strange yin and yang attitude, no one paid any attention to it.

When they arrived at the place where the weapons were kept, Bai Tang stopped the car and let her grandparents stay in the car, while she and Tang Manli went to get guns and ammunition. After they got out of the car and walked in, Shi Minzhi slid in a wheelchair with a deep look and followed them gloomily.

“Young man, it’s dangerous outside. If we run into those monsters, it won’t be good. Let’s wait for little Tang’er here.” Grandma persuaded Shi Minzhi. Grandpa frowned, worried about his granddaughter.

There was something wrong with this man. He exuded killing intent towards his granddaughter, but she wanted to keep him. Grandpa didn’t understand and must find an opportunity to talk to little Tang’er.



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