Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 24

Chapter 24 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (24)

We were kind-hearted, but we were not fools. What was the use of keeping someone with ulterior motives? We should only save those with good intentions to avoid trouble.

“Little sister, you see, hold it like this, slightly press down on the wrist, aim for the zombie’s head, like this.” Bai Tang demonstrated while speaking, but she didn’t expect her sword Canglan to be too sharp and couldn’t be used as an iron rod at all.

Bai Tang blinked, “Canglan is too sharp, it can’t be used as a rod.”

She cut off half of the zombie’s head with one sword and was somewhat helpless.

Tang Manli’s eyes sparkled like stars, as if seeing her idol, “Okay, okay, okay. Ah… It doesn’t matter, sister, I remember, let me show you.”

Tang Manli eagerly picked up the iron rod, nodded to Bai Tang and swung it around. She remembered the stance that Bai Tang taught her and changed her posture while hitting the zombie with the rod, smashing its head with one hit. Tang Manli was very brave and expressive.

There were still quite a few zombies here and Tang Manli gradually became tired. But when she saw Bai Tang, who was holding a sword and easily sweeping through the zombies, she was surprised and her mouth almost couldn’t close, “Wow… wow, sister is really amazing.”

Bai Tang patted her shoulder, feeling a little embarrassed. In popular terms, she was a full-level expert coming to the beginner village to dominate the novices, there was nothing worth showing off about.

“Did you see that car? Drive it over and load the guns and ammunition.”

Tang Manli obediently nodded and happily carried the iron rod to get the car.

Inside, there were already some guns that were taken by others, but Bai Tang and Tang Manli still loaded a variety of guns and a large amount of bullets. Tang Manli was very excited, full of hope and motivation.

Bai Tang held Canglan in one hand, spun it around, and loaded her gun.

She fired the gun, causing a loud noise that startled Tang Manli.

Bai Tang quickly moved her sword to block a bullet that was heading towards her heart, then turned and fired two shots at Shi Minzhi. The bullets hit him in the center of his eyebrows, leaving a bloody hole on his forehead.

The situation happened too quickly for Tang Manli to react.

Why did this man want to kill big sister?

Tang Manli couldn’t understand, she only felt disgust towards Shi Minzhi. She also picked up a gun. If she knew how to use it, she would have given him two more shots.

People who shoot from behind were very sneaky and treacherous!

System 168 went crazy again.

This was the fourth time! It was the fourth time!!

This damn host had never shown mercy when dealing with the blackened big boss. This time, she shot twice in the head and chest.

Bai Tang, who had just finished firing, raised her eyebrows. Little novice, still wanted to fight her? She knew that Shi Minzhi wouldn’t let this opportunity pass.

Tang Manli comforted, “Sister, let’s go. He deserves to die.”

But Bai Tang wasn’t in a hurry, “Wait, little sister, he won’t die.”

Tang Manli, “?” What did you mean— I didn’t understand. What did you mean he won’t die?

Tang Manli looked at Shi Minzhi, who had just died, and saw that his wounds were healing and he opened his eyes in just a few minutes.

Tang Manli: !!!

He came back to life!!!

“Even if I knew that you deliberately let me act, I still came and still want to try, it’s a pity…” Shi Minzhi rubbed his eyebrows.

The pain of a bullet piercing through the head was still fresh in his memory, but just now he did not die, only the pain was real.

Tang Manli: I’m becoming more and more confused…



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