Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 27

Chapter 27 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (27)

Tang Manli waved her hand repeatedly, “It’s not a burden, it’s not a burden.”

Doing things for the big sister, how could it be a burden?

The car that carried the guns and ammunition, Bai Tang naturally paid great attention to it and set a layer restrictive array on it to prevent anyone from taking it at will.

Tang Manli went to the car behind in three steps.

Ah! She really didn’t want to be separated from big sister!

Shi Minzhi’s clothes were almost caked with dried blood, which made him feel uncomfortable, but he didn’t say anything about it. 

Bai Tang asked, “Shi Minzhi, do you need to change into some clean clothes? If you do, we can wait a bit.” 

Shi Minzhi lifted his head and looked at her with a confused expression before nodding unconsciously. Bai Tang took him into a clothing store after she killed all the zombies inside first. With her sword Canglan on her back, she then turned her back on Shi Minzhi. 

Shi Minzhi’s hands were agile and he quickly changed into a white sweatshirt, black pants, and a new pair of shoes. 

He also took a few more sets of clothes and pants, folding them neatly as a backup. They were about to leave when Shi Minzhi spotted a rack of Han-style clothing. For some reason, he picked up a green one, but he wrapped it in a black coat, hiding the dress completely without revealing any green color.

Shi Minzhi did not make any sound as he slid the wheelchair back. It wasn’t until the sound of the wheelchair was closer that Bai Tang realized he had already put on his clothes.

As they walked on the road, Shi Minzhi lowered his head and asked quietly, “Bai Tang, don’t you think it’s unfair?”

“What’s unfair?” It wasn’t a good habit to speak unclearly.

Shi Minzhi’s voice was as gloomy as the overcast sky in this apocalyptic world, “I am immortal, but you only have one life. You can’t make a mistake even once, but I can make mistakes countless times.”

“I thought you were talking about something else. Shi Minzhi, you see, your ability to be immortal is accompanied by congenital leg disability and a miserable childhood. Even without the latter, I wouldn’t feel that it’s unfair. The abilities seemed to be enviable, but what dangers will it bring? Not everyone is like me.”

Having no ability to protect oneself, carrying a treasure was too easy to invite disaster. However, having not died once, how do you know that you can be resurrected?

It seemed like the clouds in the sky had dispersed a little bit. 

Bai Tang spoke again, “I met a person who told me about his life. From a young age, he followed the path that his parents had laid out for him. He gave up on his dream major and studied the major that his parents wanted him to. He followed his parent’s arrangements and broke up with his girlfriend, marrying a girl he didn’t love but his parents approved of. 

“This person said that because he didn’t enjoy his major, he had no motivation and his salary wasn’t high. His wife wasn’t someone he loved, so their marriage became filled with quarrels between a stubborn man and a discontent woman. Finally, he told his parents, ‘You were wrong. Look, I proved it to you. This major wasn’t good, this job wasn’t good, and this wife was wrong.’”

Shi Minzhi, who was willing to speak out like this, was starting to listen and had begun to struggle, hesitated, and loosened up in his heart. Bai Tang will continue to persuade him, hoping that it will be of some use and that he will become less stubborn and extreme.

Shi Minzhi remembered his childhood and said, “He’s much better than my parents. My parents only know how to quarrel, abuse, beat, and deny me.”

They called him a scourge, and he really became one. He wondered if his parents regretted it.

Bai Tang shook her head, and said in a gentle voice like the soothing sound of water and jade, “Many people gamble with their lives to prove a mistake and make others regret it. But with such stubborn and paranoid behavior, in the end, you will find that you have resentment in your heart and your life is a mess. Just for a little guilt and regret, you carry it on yourself forever.”



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