Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 28

Chapter 28 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (28)

“When I was studying the Chinese classics and history you all learn, I found a phrase that goes something like, ‘the love of parents for their child is deep and far-reaching’. That person I was just talking about, spent his entire life obeying, and the only way he thought of rebelling was by using his messed up life to prove that his parents were wrong, telling them that because of them, he lost his favorite major and couldn’t chase his dreams, couldn’t marry the girl he loved.

“But what his parents arranged for him may not necessarily harm him, nor would it necessarily lead him down that path. Their arrangements were for him to have a better life, and may not have been unsuitable for him. More so, it’s because he subconsciously did not want to deal with it properly. Without fighting or resisting, going along with it, yet still resenting it. Like a stubborn child without an opinion or plan, using his own life to prove a mistake. People who love him may give him the remorse he wants, but people who don’t love him, only ruin him.”

The journey wasn’t long, and soon they arrived. Shi Minzhi fell into deep thought.

No one had ever spoken to him in this way. No one had ever taught him the reasons why, and no one had ever told him that using his entire life to prove a mistake was something that would ruin himself.

Recalling the process of spending time with her, sometimes he was so angry his teeth itched, gnashing his teeth with hatred. He was genuinely constantly wanting to kill her. His life was worth nothing as he could resurrect infinitely, but Bai Tang was truly risking her life to accompany him.

She was a mountain that he could not cross. One side was him as an evil person, and on the other side was his heart’s desire to pull people into hell.

Him and her were the opposite sides— enemies, and rivals facing each other with drawn swords.


The sound of gunshots suddenly came from a distance. Bai Tang and Tang Manli stopped their car at the same time. Bai Tang immediately said, “Don’t get out of the car, let me go check.”

Grandma was worried, “Little Tang’er, there are so many monsters over there, don’t go.”

Grandpa held his wife’s hand and said, “Wife, I’ll go with little Tang’er.”

Even if he had to use his old bones, he wouldn’t let his granddaughter get hurt.

Shi Minzhi watched the scene with a thoughtful expression. How would she choose between selfishness and kindness?

Bai Tang held Canglan and shook it slightly, blinked her eyes and said, “Grandma, Grandpa, you don’t have to go. Don’t forget, I have a divine sword in hand, along with divine pills.”

After that, Bai Tang jumped out of the car. Tang Manli grabbed an iron rod and a gun, and came over, directly saying, “Sister, can I go too?”

As long as Bai Tang gave the order, she would take the rod and help. Shi Minzhi peered out the window with a strange expression.

Bai Tang smiled and said, “You stay here, I’ll be back soon.”

Bai Tang deliberately attributed all her skills to the gods and wanted to take this chance to deliberately show off in front of the two old people so as to worry them less.

With a few jumps, Bai Tang easily came to the place where the gunfire came from. The gunfire was caused by three men and one woman, one of whom looked similar to Shi Minzhi.

“We’re out of bullets, Captain.” The woman was very haggard, her heart already sinking.

“Ability users, hold on a bit longer. We’ve been surrounded by zombies, we can only hope that someone will come to save us,” said a robust man leading them, releasing lightning from his hands and continuously striking the zombies.

There was also a middle-aged man who was condensing ice blades and controlling them to cut down the zombies.

As for the young man who looked somewhat similar to Shi Minzhi, he had a calm expression, releasing flames. The woman was also a fire-system special ability user.

Bai Tang jumped from the top of a building and as she was about to reach the ground, she swung her sword in midair, cutting the zombies in half at their waists. As she landed on the ground, she kicked up layers of dust. She alone could kill thousands of zombies.

Bai Tang’s appearance was a godsend for these four people. Although they were surprised by her combat power, they all breathed a sigh of relief.



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