Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 29

Chapter 29 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (29)

Only one person, that young man, looked at Canglan in Bai Tang’s hand with greed in his eyes.

The robust man quickly thanked her, “My name is Chen Songjin, thank you… miss for coming to our rescue.” 

Bai Tang smiled, like a spring breeze, and made another sweeping gesture with her sword. Another group of zombies fell, which cleared an area from zombies. Thanks to the fact that this place was big enough, it made it convenient for her to utilize a single strike that could kill most of the zombies.

The four were shocked and awed. 
It was so powerful! 
This sword, it was a big threat!

But what they didn’t know was that Bai Tang’s hands were her biggest weapon. She used this sword, Canglan, only because she loved it too much. 

“Let’s go.” With a light and airy sentence, she solved their predicament with just two strikes. It made all the zombies retreat.

Everyone had a dream-like feeling.

The young man took the initiative, “Hello, miss. My name is Shi Moxuan, may I know your name?”

In the apocalypse, there were relatively few men who respected women. Shi Moxuan had the intention of making Bai Tang feel that he was different from those people, but his tone was not one of respect, rather it had a hint of contempt.

The woman gratefully said, “Thank you for saving us, my name is Qu Qingzi.”

The middle-aged man looked like the quiet type, “My name is Li Gai, thank you for your help, miss.”

Bai Tang walked in front, not stopping at all, “Bai Tang, Tang as in, pears and crabapples bloom, reflecting on the white poplar trees, all in the place of separation between life and death. Shi Moxuan, what is your relationship with Shi Minzhi?”

System 168 drew a circle, stopped its movement and hesitated, but eventually gave up.

Since the host won’t listen to it, then it won’t remind the host.
Just watch the host acting recklessly!
Also threatening it!!
Soldiers can endure, System 168 must endure!

Shi Moxuan was very surprised.

Could it be that Shi Minzhi didn’t die?

Shi Moxuan said very sadly, “Miss Bai, Shi Minzhi is my older brother, but when we were escaping together, he was too stubborn and our team had no choice but to leave him behind. Although I didn’t want to, I couldn’t change the outcome. Miss Bai, have you seen my brother? Later, I went back to look for him, but unfortunately I couldn’t find him. If he’s still alive, that would be the best.”

Shi Moxuan’s words sounded sad, and he looked very sincere. But Bai Tang picked up on a hint of disgust from him.

It was hard to tell if he was being truthful or not, maybe their relationship was not as deep as Shi Moxuan made it out to be.

When was it ‘inevitable’ to leave him behind? It must have been when a group of zombies were chasing them.

So, the reason they left him behind was clear.

They used him to delay the zombies and made it easier for them to escape.

Bai Tang smiled slightly, her meaning unclear as she said, “Shi Minzhi is alive and well, and he’s even awakened a water-system ability.”

Water-system ability means clean water. Upon hearing this, Chen Songjin, Li Gai and Qu Qingzi were all moved. Especially for Qu Qingzi, a woman who loves cleanliness. Since the apocalypse came, she hadn’t been able to take a bath for over a month and her body was sticky, giving off an unpleasant smell.

They were not as clean, tidy and fresh as the group led by Bai Tang.

If only one person was not moved, or even unhappy, then it was only Shi Moxuan.

Shi Moxuan really did not expect that Shi Minzhi would have such good luck, pushed into the zombie pile and still be able to survive. Even awakened an ability, it was really annoying!

When he turned around, he clearly saw Shi Minzhi being bitten by a group of zombies. How could he survive under such circumstances?

No, he must die!

If Shi Minzhi was still alive, then he would be an illegitimate child for his entire life!

When he thought of this, Shi Moxuan showed a surprised smile, “It’s great that my older brother is alright. These days, I have been restless and worried about him, and even had nightmares blaming myself for not protecting him. Miss Bai, please take me to see my older brother quickly.”



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