Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 42

Chapter 42 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (42)

Shi Minzhi, despite it not being the scene he had hoped to witness, couldn’t help but feel a hint of excitement within. Clearly, Bai Tang was about to strike open a path to the source of vitality beyond the clouds for all of humanity, something that he had never wanted to see.

Meanwhile, in the eastern city of A, the people at the government’s base immediately reported an anomalous sight as soon as they spotted it, drawing the attention of the higher-ups. Using various methods and instruments, the high-ranking officials sat in front of the projection, utterly shocked.

A massive sword, surrounded by golden light, loomed large.

By the sword’s hilt stood a young girl, her right hand raised high, and with a sweeping motion, the sword descended.

“What is she doing?” 
“Is she destroying something?” 
“Stop her, quickly!” 
“It’s too late to stop her.” 
“Is this the end of the world?” 
“Maybe not…”

On that day, almost half of the world’s population saw the astonishing sword and the sun shining through the crack it made in the clouds.

The light of hope returned to the world. 

It seemed as though a different air was flowing into the world from the sword’s strike. Everyone, more or less, could feel it.

This was especially true for those with abilities. To the ordinary people, it only felt like the air had become fresher.

“Quick, does anyone have a clear view of her?” 
“Find her immediately!” 
“This is great!”

The clouds were abnormally strange; birds couldn’t approach, planes couldn’t approach, even communication satellites were unable to make contact.

“Report, we just made contact with the satellite, we only got three seconds of footage.”
“Release it quickly.”

The personnel inserted a USB drive and played the three seconds of footage. 

All present were shocked and replayed the footage multiple times, their expressions growing increasingly heavy.

The satellite footage showed a black mass of alien monsters surrounding the Earth, with only a small gap where the monsters could not reach.

An emergency meeting was called at the government’s base.

Bai Tang returned to the surface and retrieved her sword, Canglan.

Everyone looked at her with awe-filled eyes.

It was too shocking. To see this image in one’s lifetime and die without regret, it would be a lifetime of wonder.

Bai Tang took Coward from Chen Songjin, “The spiritual energy has entered, however, you only have ten years. After ten years, the things outside the Earth will come in. At that time, who lives and who dies, will be decided by fate. I will not intervene again. The survival of humanity is up to you. The Invincible Squad will be disbanded once you reach the government’s base.”

Bai Tang initially hadn’t intended to involve herself in this matter, but fate had led her to witness it. She decided to help this world. Though the outcome was uncertain, the clouds were a barrier put in place by the Heavenly Dao* to block out the alien monsters. The spiritual energy had all been consumed, and it turned the power of the Heavenly Dao into a zombie virus. However, a last crucial step had been omitted, causing the spiritual energy to be blocked outside the clouds.

And Bai Tang’s sword strike was particularly clever, allowing the spiritual energy and sunlight to shine through, creating a massive gap. The sword’s energy protected this gap, and the alien monsters outside couldn’t approach within half a step. However, it only gave them ten years of time, as the clouds could only hold for a maximum of eleven years.

Grandpa came to his senses, trembled as he said, “You’re not my granddaughter, I must be delusional. Little Tang’er was not this powerful or intelligent. Where is my granddaughter?”

Everyone looked at Bai Tang and Grandpa. Grandma was also crying. If Grandpa could sense it, how could she not?

Bai Tang shook her head regretfully, “She passed away before I arrived, she was injured by the zombies and couldn’t make it. I used her body, so I should take responsibility for you two.”

Upon hearing this, the elderly couple cried and hugged each other.

System 168 was extremely disdainful.

The host was really good at pretending! And doing it extremely well.

*Heavenly Dao 天道 [tiān​dào] in this context basically can be two things; 
1. the operating laws of the world, 
2. the consciousness of the world/realm, also usually responsible for the tribulations and the restrictions of the world.
Other meanings; 
– the laws of nature; the laws of heaven, 2. heavenly law, 3. the way of righteousness


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