Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 43

Chapter 43 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (43)

System 168 missed seeing the scene of Bai Tang’s sword breaking through the clouds as it went to contact other systems. If it had seen it, it wouldn’t have defamed her like that.

After this sword strike, it brought great changes to all humanity.

Especially when they discovered a gas in the air that could be absorbed for cultivation, and the speed of cultivation was even more stable than absorbing crystal cores of zombies to enhance abilities. The more intelligent people realized that there were problems with the method of absorbing crystal cores for cultivation.

Bai Tang’s strike caused a great impact on them, and everyone faced her with awe. Only Shi Minzhi, besides being shocked, had no other feelings.

Around the campfire, Shi Minzhi suddenly said, “Little Captain, your background is mysterious. What’s your name?”

Bai Tang smiled, “Why, do you want to know? But why should I tell you?”

Shi Minzhi moved his fingers, “Little Captain, you’ve killed me four times, how can I not even know your name?”

Bai Tang blinked her eyes, charmingly, “Why can’t she have the same name as me?”

“Hahaha…” Shi Minzhi suddenly laughed.

He continued, “Little Captain, you’re too mysterious. My unrealistic thoughts can’t keep up with you. I regret agreeing to that condition.”

Also, with Bai Tang in front of him, he had no way of doing anything with her around.

Despite the presence of spiritual energy that could be used for cultivation, it would take tens of thousands of years to reach the level of skill and power of Bai Tang. Even for someone as intelligent as Shi Minzhi, it was impossible for him to sustain that level of cultivation for such a prolonged period.

Shi Minzhi’s inferior thoughts were as clear as a black stone in a crystal clear lake in front of Bai Tang.

Bai Tang shrugged and said, “But you already agreed. You, this blackened big boss, are not entirely without merit. You’re smart, but lack cultivation. You have a good face, and are relatively trustworthy, but you’re also too extreme and desperate.”

Shi Minzhi said, “But little Captain, I remember you said that the mission was to reform me, this blackened big boss.”

Before he could finish, Bai Tang interrupted, “Didn’t I already say that? I never agreed to do the reforming task.”

Shi Minzhi, “…”

“Won’t you consider it?”

“No, I won’t.” Bai Tang replied without hesitation.

Sorry, but according to her nature, she would never reform someone who had pulled an innocent person to their death. She was already doing well just to remain calm about it so far.

Shi Minzhi smiled self-deprecatingly and slid his wheelchair away to the other side.

He had level seven special ability.

He understood that all his actions were related to the absorption of the zombies’ crystal cores.

The symptoms of his condition were manic, paranoia, madness, murderous, and disoriented. His heart was already inclined towards murder and the crystal cores were just catalysts.

Bai Tang’s power was too insignificant to remove Shi Minzhi’s condition.

Shi Minzhi chuckled, his cultivation base was abolished. He thought that she had ignored him, after all, he had not told the truth. Without his cultivation base, his mind was now more at peace.

If he hadn’t lost his cultivation base, he would have continued to use the crystal cores to cultivate, ultimately losing himself to madness.

“Little Captain, you directly abolished my cultivation without my consent, you’re acting arbitrarily.”

“I am an arbitrary person, what can you do about it?” Bai Tang didn’t want this blackened big boss to become a killing machine under the influence of the crystal cores. He was still a man of his word.

Shi Minzhi’s eyes were deep, “Little Captain, no matter what, you should at least provide a cultivation method. The whole team only has three water-based abilities, which is not enough.”

He only said he wouldn’t take action again, he didn’t say he wouldn’t provide other help.

If Bai Tang hadn’t appeared, Shi Minzhi would have ended up blackened all the way through.

Continuing to infiltrate the team, constantly gathering zombies to kill humans. Finally infiltrating the base, looking for weaknesses, and continuing his slaughter.

Leading all of humanity to accompany him to the grave!

Unfortunately……the first emperor had not yet finished building his foundation when he met his downfall halfway through his career……



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