Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 44

Chapter 44 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (44)

“The matter of cultivation method…” Bai Tang hesitated for a moment, and as if performing a magic trick, she produced a thick book from nowhere.

She flipped through it, picked out a copy, and handed it to Shi Minzhi. She then called over Tang Manli and instructed her to distribute it for the team to memorize.

Shi Minzhi held the cultivation method with mixed emotions and couldn’t help but say, “Little Captain, should I say you’re being careless? Or just simple-minded?”

Couldn’t she at least respect him? Wasn’t he the so-called blackened big boss who was going to bring the entire human race to their graves? Wasn’t giving him a cultivation method equivalent to digging her own grave?

Bai Tang smiled and patted Shi Minzhi’s head, “Little brother, even if you trained for a hundred thousand years or a million years, you’ll never be a match for this elder sister. I’m a fair player, I never kill unnecessarily. If it weren’t for your undead BUFF, you would have died by my hand long ago.”

Though she spoke of wanting him dead, she always had a bright smile on her face. He found himself gradually not hating her.

Shi Minzhi let out a long sigh, “If it weren’t for being pushed a few times, I wouldn’t have known. I’m immortal.”

Bai Tang said, “You should know, as long as I’m alive, you can’t kill me and you can’t drag me into the abyss. I can agree to one thing for you, but you must also agree to one thing for me.”

Shi Minzhi’s expression subtly shifted, “Little Captain, I’ll do as you say.”

This request, he knew he shouldn’t be able to refuse.

“If Shi Moxuan survives and reaches the government’s base, I will allow you to dispose of him as you see fit, but you must obey my arrangements.”

The offer was tempting. For a moment, Shi Minzhi was truly tempted, but he held back.

Who knows if Shi Moxuan will survive and make it to the government’s base? He could just as easily end up in the western base organized by civilians. Anything was possible, there was no need to agree too quickly.

“Little Captain, at least let me confirm it first before I give you an answer.”

Bai Tang wasn’t in a hurry. She had time.

System 168 stared at the data on the board, deep in thought.

It had learned from other systems about the peculiarities of this blackened big boss.

Yes, strategizing against this blackened big boss was not only the task of System 168. Everyone else entered at the same time point as Bai Tang.

99 other hosts had already attempted to conquer this blackened big boss, but none had succeeded.

At first, those who got close to the blackened big boss managed to save him, but the blackened big boss would always kill the tasker and drag them to the grave. Reforming seemed to have little effect.

Was it truly useless? System 168 couldn’t believe it, otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many existing reformation systems.

But, Bai Tang’s actions, without any emotional investment or care for him, yet paradoxically had the best results.

System 168 denied incessantly, convinced that its host was doomed to fail. Among all the previous 167 systems, many of their own had been lost. Shi Minzhi was proving to be too much of a headache.

It was probably the ten years that Bai Tang had mentioned, and also the resurgence of spiritual energy, that made everyone cultivate more diligently. At a time of life and death, if one didn’t increase their strength, they would be considered a fool.

Coward, who had awakened a special ability, although it didn’t understand how to cultivate, was also absorbing spiritual energy. 

Bai Tang specially went to look at the cargo truck where the zombies were locked in. Perhaps they had also unconsciously sensed that spiritual energy was a good thing that could restore them to normal, they were all desperately cultivating.

Meanwhile, the people at the government’s base discussed for a long time and ultimately decided to reveal to everyone that the Earth was surrounded by alien monsters. They also made an emotional speech to inspire everyone’s survival instincts.

At a time of life and death, only by growing together and supporting each other can humanity secure their survival.

The tense atmosphere spread throughout the entire base, and the eastern government’s base also shared the footage and conclusion with the western civilian-organized base.



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