Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 47

Chapter 47 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (47)

As Tang Manli leapt out of the car, she raised her iron rod and fiercely smashed it down, determined to bash a hole through the monster.

Bai Tang looked on with a strange expression, “Manli, it’s a tree demon. Well, to be more accurate, it’s a tree demon with spiritual energy, but infected with a zombie virus. It’s a zombified tree demon.”

“What? Captain Sister, are you telling me that I just attacked one of your kind?” Tang Manli asked in confusion.

The zombie tree demon was angered by Tang Manli’s attack and lunged at her with its branches. 

From a distance, it looked as if a multitude of black branches were writhing and dancing like a swarm of demons, striking terror into the hearts of those who saw it.

“Manli!” Chen Songjin was about to leap out of the car in panic.

Qu Qingzi held him back, “Don’t be in a rush, if you go, it will only cause trouble for the Captain. The Captain was originally only protecting Manli, if you go and she loses focus, Manli will be easily injured.”

Qu Qingzi’s words made Chen Songjin suppress his anxiety. He couldn’t let the Captain be distracted, or Manli would be in danger.

With a thrust of her sword, Bai Tang impaled the zombie tree demon. It seemed to be terrified by something and all its writhing branches retreated underground, trying to flee.

Bai Tang immediately sent a mind voice transmission to it, “You try running, if you do, I’ll make sure you die instantly.”

The zombie tree demon immediately stopped its attempts to dig and stammered, “God…”

With an indifferent tone, Bai Tang spoke, “Address me as ‘my lord’.”

Zombie tree demon, “…”

“My lord, I haven’t hurt anyone. I…I’m not in control of myself. I didn’t want to absorb those zombies. Please spare me, my lord,” the zombie tree demon pleaded.

Bai Tang’s eyebrows lifted as she continued to speak through their minds, “I can spare you, but you have to cooperate with me on one thing. Because you haven’t stained your hands with blood, I’ll give you a gift ten years from now.”

Perhaps it won’t even take that long.

The zombie tree demon was intrigued, “What does my lord command?”

It was unclear what Bai Tang and the zombie tree demon spoke about, but the zombie tree demon emerged from the ground. Its black, tree-like body was like that of a zombie, emitting a putrid smell that was overwhelming and caused those with a sensitive sense of smell to almost gag.

Shi Minzhi watched as the tree-like figure with branches sprouted out and roots rapidly crawled quickly on the ground. He saw Bai Tang take a step forward, rush forward with her sword, Canglan, and chop off one of the zombie tree demon’s branches. The zombie tree demon avoided the sword and continued to flee.

Shi Minzhi saw Bai Tang strike with her palm, like the first time they met. Canglan was filled with killing intent, aimed straight for the zombie tree demon’s lifeline, just as if it were going for its heart. Canglan successfully hit the zombie tree demon, and everyone watching the scene burst into applause.

Bai Tang took another step forward, coming to the zombie tree demon’s side, her expression a mix of pity and coldness. “You still dare to flee? Crawl into that flower pot and I won’t kill you.”

The zombie tree demon trembled as it crawled into the container that Bai Tang had prepared for it. She raised her hand and cast a barrier around it to prevent it from escaping, but her body swayed slightly and her face paled. 

As the zombie tree demon grasped the container, the zombies dispersed like unclaimed possessions.

Shi Minzhi noticed that Bai Tang’s speed had slowed down significantly. When they first met, she had returned from a clothing store a thousand miles away in just a minute. He estimated her speed now had at least halved. His gaze flicked to the crack in the sky, and the faint light in his eyes intensified.

Bai Tang returned to the car, and the container with the zombie tree demon was thrown into the truck that carried zombies. The elderly couple, who had learned that she wasn’t their biological granddaughter, had joined the survivors to avoid any emotional pain. Only Tang Manli was driving the car.

Shi Minzhi turned to her and said, “Little Captain, I suggest you eat some dates.”

Bai Tang blinked, “Dates are good for replenishing Qi and blood, but they’re too sweet and have sharp seeds. I don’t need to replenish my Qi and blood.”



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