Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 48

Chapter 48 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (48)

“Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror, little Captain?” questioned Shi Minzhi, studying her with a hint of curiosity in his eyes.

“I was born with beauty, I don’t need a mirror to know that,” Bai Tang narcissistically remarked. “If I were to gaze at myself in the mirror all night, it wouldn’t be too good.”

Tang Manli chimed in, “That’s right, Captain Sister, don’t be too handsome!”

Bai Tang shot her a disdainful glance, “Stupid girl, focus on driving, your Captain is still in the car. I am delicate like a flower and cannot handle too much roughhousing.”

Shi Minzhi’s mouth twitched, “…”

Delicate like a flower?

More like a tyrant flower! It was just that this tyrant flower could now easily be crushed by hand.

Tang Manli nodded obediently, “We can’t let the Captain Sister get hurt.”

Bai Tang looked at Shi Minzhi with a slight squint, her red lips parted, “Shi Minzhi, when did you change? It seems like you realized that you couldn’t kill me, and I am too upright for your taste.”

Shi Minzhi’s mouth twitched again and he brushed off some dust from his sleeves, “Little Captain, you may be thinking too much. I hate my parents, but they died too early. I hate Shi Moxuan and those pretending to save me and then kill me.”

Bai Tang patted her chest confidently, “I’m different. I didn’t want to save you, I only wanted to kill you.”

Shi Minzhi, “…”

Shi Minzhi grumbled, “Little Captain, it would be a shame for you to die in someone else’s hands.”

Bai Tang ignored him and focused on grooming Coward.

Leaving the city, they arrived at another vast, open piece of land. They lit a campfire, cooked dinner and set up tents. After finishing their tasks, the group gathered around the fire, chatting and singing, making for a lively atmosphere.

Tang Manli lounged on a tree root, teasing Gutsy Guts with a playful twinkle in her eye, “Hey, Gutsy Guts, why are you still drooling? Look at Mr. and Mrs. Yang, they can control themselves from drooling. How come you’re so dumb?”

Gutsy Guts glared at her, biting on a piece of iron rod, feeling aggrieved.

Every time he trained, this woman would always come to disturb him!

Why couldn’t he control himself? Did she not have any sense?

“Guru guru…”

Unfortunately, that was the only sound he could make.

Chen Songjin noticed Tang Manli and walked over, leaning beside her and asking, “Manli, what were you talking to him about? He can’t respond.”

Tang Manli was unfazed, her gaze fixed on Gutsy Guts, “Just what the Captain said.”

Chen Songjin was confused, “?”

Tang Manli didn’t explain, instead she continued teasing Gutsy Guts.

Yang Ziyu ran over to Bai Tang and gave her a roasted sweet potato before quickly running off without a trace.

Shi Minzhi clicked his tongue lightly, his tone unpleasant, “Little Captain, you’re quite popular with them.”

Bai Tang stuck her knife in, “Isn’t that just the opposite of how you are?”

Shi Minzhi fell silent for a moment, his expression complex, as if he didn’t know what to say.

“Little Captain, you were born lucky. Sitting on a high platform, naturally you don’t understand the situation of someone like me who is stuck in the mud. No one is born a bad person. I, too, started as a baby in life. A blank sheet of paper, in the end it’s either a vibrant array of colors, clean and pure, or dirty and unsightly, that all depends on others’ actions.”

Bai Tang’s gaze shifted, she blinked and said, “Then why don’t you tell me? They say that pitiable people must have something to be hated for. According to what you’re saying, you should have grown up well, and not end up with a bitter attitude.”

Shi Minzhi simply said, “Little Captain, if you were in my situation, you might not be like me, you would only be crazier than me. Born without expectations, legs naturally disabled, living every day in parents’ abuse and curses.”

Bai Tang’s long eyelashes trembled, “I, born with a silver spoon, naturally wouldn’t encounter a situation like yours.”

Shi Minzhi came closer, his dark eyes like a whirlpool that would suck someone in. “Little Captain, since you haven’t experienced it, why do you blame me? Why do you want me to forgive?”



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