Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 49

Chapter 49 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (49)

Bai Tang touched her nose and said, “When did I ask you to forgive? Slandering others is not a good habit. Revenge for revenge and resentment for resentment. I didn’t let you not seek revenge, did I? But it’s wrong for you to involve the innocents, what did they do wrong to have their lives taken by you? You can be resurrected, but their lives are only once. If you want fairness, you must first do it yourself. You are already doing something unfair to others. To seek fairness again is ridiculous.”

Shi Minzhi was startled and lowly chuckled. Bai Tang examined him carefully and saw that his eyes seemed to have a hint of tears.

“Little Captain, you are quite a person…

“Why did we meet so late? If it were earlier, maybe I would still have a chance to be a sunny and honest person.”

Bai Tang sighed too, who let her come when Shi Minzhi was already like this? He would rather suffer and die again and again than to let everyone bury him.

“Shi Minzhi, you have a super powerful BUFF that no one else has in their lifetime. Revenge for revenge, resentment for resentment. Pay back what you owe to others, redemption and revenge are both achievable. “

Shi Minzhi’s heart trembled and he asked cautiously, “Can I…can I still do it?”

Bai Tang nodded firmly, “Of course you can. If you’re willing to come out, I’ll be willing to pull you out.”

System 168 was quite pleased, [Host, you’re doing it right. The blackened big boss can definitely be reformed.]

Bai Tang smiled meaningfully, “Little system, did you forget to bring your brain when you went out? Therefore, it’s so foolish.”

[You…hmph!] System 168 drew circles again.

Shi Minzhi’s expression wavered as he stared ahead.

The group continued on their journey east, stopping to rest at nightfall as they steadily made their way towards the government’s base.

As the night deepened and all fell into slumber, the twisted trees swayed in the wind. 

The only one still awake was Coward, keeping vigilant watch over the campsite as it paced around the perimeter.

A faint creaking noise echoed through the silence, causing Coward to prick up its ears, but finding nothing suspicious.

“Shi Minzhi, I propose we make a deal. What do you say?” a voice whispered in Shi Minzhi’s ear.

Shi Minzhi’s lips curled as he kept his voice low, “If we’re making a deal, why don’t you show yourself?”

The voice replied, “It’s not that I don’t want to, but I cannot. I am the zombie tree demon, locked up by that woman Bai Tang.”

Shi Minzhi remained unruffled. “How do I know I can trust you?”

“Why don’t you come closer to this truck and see for yourself? I’ve heard your conversation with that woman. She may be naive, but I am not. I can tell you her weaknesses,” the voice urged.

Shi Minzhi’s expression remained neutral. “What’s in it for me if I cooperate with you?”

The voice chuckled twice, “I will be freed, and in return, you will obtain the sword in the hands of that woman. She is unaware, but the entire city is under my watchful eyes and ears, and I hear their every conversation clearly. Her abilities have only 20% remaining, and as long as the clouds above do not clear, she will not recover. Help me escape, and in return, I will reveal the secrets of the sword Canglan to you and you will obtain this powerful sword.”

Shi Minzhi’s smile grew deeper, “Deal. Speak, as a partner, sincerity is a must.”

He was in dire need of a solution.

What a timely intervention.

That sword, he had tried it before and couldn’t even lift it. It was a crucial weapon for Bai Tang, and if he could obtain it, Shi Minzhi would be more than willing to do so.

For Canglan that recognizes the master, what will be the outcome if its master were to be replaced?

The zombie tree demon said, “That is natural, with the spiritual energy flowing in, my visions are much more than yours. If it weren’t for this virus…”

“Stop, I did not come here to hear you boast,” Shi Minzhi kindly reminded.

He did not want to hear the zombie tree demon boast, if it were truly that powerful, it wouldn’t have been trapped by Bai Tang in a flower pot, how embarrassing!



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