Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 50

Chapter 50 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (50)

The zombie tree demon was somewhat displeased and said, “Canglan itself is very powerful. If the person who wields it doesn’t have cultivation, they would not be able to fully unleash the sword’s power. Canglan would just be a normal sword in her hands.”

Shi Minzhi asked, “And then?”

If it can’t be used by him, knowing these things was not important, or it can be revealed and let others fight for it, and he can then sit back and take advantage of it.

There was something Bai Tang might have missed. Shi Minzhi was not a man of his word. Who would foolishly let others know everything about themselves?

“It becomes a normal sword, it means that anyone can use it. Canglan will become a sword without a master. At that time, whoever inputs their cultivation into it first will become the new master of the sword. Then, you just have to take Canglan, infuse a bit of spiritual energy, and break this barrier so I can come out.”

Shi Minzhi thoughtfully said, “How do you know this so clearly? The little Captain doesn’t seem like the people here.”

Laughter, wild and sorrowful, came from the zombie tree demon, but nobody else woke up.

“If she can be from another world, why can’t I? It’s just a white crabapple tree, thinking she’s that powerful? It’s just because no one else cultivates.”

This statement from the zombie tree demon finally completely dispelled some of the doubts in Shi Minzhi’s mind.

Thus, the agreement was reached. Knowing this, Shi Minzhi had once again perfected his plan.

In the darkness, Bai Tang slowly closed her eyes, slept quietly, and looked as if she had never woken up.

System 168: ???
What just happened?
Hadn’t the blackened big boss started to change for the better?

System 168 looked again at Bai Tang’s state and found that she slept like a dead pig, and let out a sigh of relief.

It was good that the host hadn’t woken up.

If she knew about the deal between the blackened big boss and the zombie tree demon, wouldn’t it be unable to abuse the host?

Without being able to abuse the host, how could it make her obedient?

When Bai Tang woke up, she was facing a pair of jet-black eyes, as well as a… handsome face. She was momentarily dazed, but quickly regained her senses.

“Why aren’t you sleeping properly? What do you want?” Bai Tang reached out to push Shi Minzhi away.

“There’s light on your face and your hair is disheveled.” Shi Minzhi said as he reached out to fix Bai Tang’s hair, but she turned her head to dodge.

Bai Tang quickly backed away, “Shi Minzhi, I didn’t expect you to be a pervert! What do you want?”

Shi Minzhi’s handsome face turned dark, “Shouldn’t the little Captain be the one who is the pervert? Speaking of which… Little Captain not only looked at me being naked, but also kicked me and gave me women’s clothes.”

As soon as Shi Minzhi brought up the matter, Bai Tang felt awkward. After all, she had previously turned him into ashes and was waiting for him to resurrect, but who knew he wouldn’t come back with clothes? Could she be blamed for this? Seeing something she shouldn’t have seen and reacting that way was normal, wasn’t it?

Feeling her confidence falter, Bai Tang retorted, “It’s not like I wanted to see it. Your body isn’t anything worth seeing. It’s a white chicken.”

Shi Minzhi laughed furiously. As expected, when Bai Tang wasn’t doing serious things, her temperament was extremely bad.

He might have lacked training, but he wasn’t a white chicken.

Shi Minzhi gestured as if he was going to take off his clothes, “Little Captain, come take a good look whether I am really a white chicken?”

The last three words were gritted through his teeth.

Bai Tang grabbed his hand to stop him, and said repeatedly, “It’s not necessary, it’s not necessary. As a man, innocence is important. You should keep yourself clean and not let people see your body casually.”

Shi Minzhi stopped, and Tang Manli brought over the food. Seeing Shi Minzhi like this, she couldn’t help but be displeased.

“Captain Sister, breakfast, I brought it over.”

“Thank you, Manli.”

-Bai Tang actually called Shi Minzhi “白斩鸡” [ bái zhǎn jī ]
-“白斩鸡” is a derogatory Chinese internet slang term used to describe someone who is weak or lacks physical strength. The term is derived from the phrase “white-slaughtered chicken,” which refers to a chicken that has been killed without any struggle or resistance. In this context, the person being referred to as a “白斩鸡” is seen as weak and unable to defend themselves. This term is commonly used to mock or belittle someone for their lack of physical strength or fitness.


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