Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 51

Chapter 51 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (51)

“Beware, Captain Sister. Some people, their hearts are as venomous as snakes and scorpions.”

Tang Manli almost outright said it was Shi Minzhi.

Bai Tang took the food, and casually asked, “Manli, how is Gutsy Guts? Has he been able to control himself recently?”

Tang Manli grumbled, “That Gutsy Guts is stupid. He’s stopped drooling, but he’s still clinging to that iron rod.”

“Manli, you’ve done well. You and Ziyu should teach them to speak with more patience. There will only be more and more zombies in the future. Go now.”

“Yes, Captain Sister.” Tang Manli happily accepted her orders and left.

Shi Minzhi sneered, “Little Captain, you sure do know how to win people’s hearts. People are always bringing you food.”

Bai Tang dismissively said, “If you were able to change your ways and be sincere to others, you could also reap the rewards of true feelings.”

Shi Minzhi’s eyes flickered with a dark glint, his voice hoarse as he said tenderly, “Little Captain, teach me…”

Bai Tang scowled, her tone sharp and disgusted. “Such a big man, speak properly. You’re giving me goosebumps.” But she relented, “If you’re willing to learn, I’ll teach you.”

System 168 watched this scene with suspicion, once again doubting what it had seen the night before.

Shi Minzhi was momentarily speechless, let out a light snort, and slid his wheelchair away to eat.

From a distance, a voice called out, “I am willing.”

Bai Tang’s expression remained stoic, but her voice was gentle, “Alright, if you are willing, I will not abandon you.”


Occasionally there were small scuffles, but for everyone, it was just a tool to practice their skills. They journeyed on, honed their abilities, and even purified the soil and nurtured the growth of plants.

In this small team, there was almost no sign of despair in the face of the apocalypse. A month later, they were approaching the government’s base.

The truck was filled with dozens of zombies. Gutsy Guts and Yang Ziyu’s parents can now speak simple sentences, though they were quite stiff.

As they reached this critical juncture, Shi Minzhi unexpectedly ran into Shi Moxuan. Shi Moxuan’s ability had already reached level 8, and even the girl beside him, Ji Mengmeng, had an ability level of 6.

Shi Minzhi glared at the figure, fists clenched, veins bulging in his hands as his hatred spewed forth.

He turned to Bai Tang fiercely, “If he enters the base alive, will our previous deal still be valid, little Captain?”

Bai Tang blinked, “What deal?”

It had been too long, and she could no longer remember clearly.

“If he makes it into the base alive, Shi Moxuan is at my disposal and I am at yours.” Shi Minzhi said with a narrowed gaze.

“Sure thing,” Bai Tang replied with a smile.

Excellent, this matter could now be added to the agenda.

As Shi Minzhi got out of the car, Bai Tang instructed Tang Manli to inform the rest of the group that a personal grudge was about to be settled and for others to not intervene.

Grandpa helped Grandma walk over, hesitating for a moment before saying, “Captain, forgive this old man for speaking out of turn, but that young man is not a good person. You should be vigilant, Captain.”

Grandma took out a sword tassel she had made and said, “This is something the two of us old people made, it’s nothing special. Captain, please take it.”

It should be a token of gratitude for saving their lives.

In this apocalyptic world, living a life like this was not easy.

Bai Tang accepted it and expressed her thanks.

And with a subtle, almost imperceptible gesture, Bai Tang slipped the sword tassel into the space within System 168.

She never decorated Canglan with any hanging accessories.

Shi Minzhi held his gun, loaded it, aimed, and fired.

Bang, bang, bang! The gunshots rang out.

But they were not aimed at Shi Moxuan’s heart.

Instead, they were aimed at his abdomen, arm, and leg.

The sudden gunfire startled them, but Shi Moxuan was quick to react, dodging swiftly and only being hit once.

His men quickly retaliated, directly attacking Shi Minzhi with bullets and special abilities. If hit, Shi Minzhi would have to die again, and his secret of being an immortal would be exposed to everyone.

Bai Tang immediately raised her hand and created a barrier to protect Shi Minzhi.

With a cold and detached voice, Bai Tang spoke out loud, her words echoing through the air, “Shi Moxuan and Shi Minzhi’s personal grudge, none of you shall intervene.”



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