Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 52

Chapter 52 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (52)

Bai Tang did not want Shi Minzhi’s secret to be known by too many people, as it would only cause more trouble in the future.

“Mengmeng!” Shi Moxuan spat out blood and shouted.

Ji Mengmeng quickly treated Shi Moxuan. Bai Tang could clearly see that some of the healing abilities in Ji Mengmeng’s treatment were mixed with a lot of dark energy.

It was a pity, such a good attribute ability.

Shi Minzhi put away his gun, with a smile in his dark eyes, “Shi Moxuan, just wait.”

The agony of imprisonment, the shame of humiliation, the suffering of being fed scraps— don’t even think about escaping!

He wondered how much of her cultivation was consumed in creating this barrier protecting him? 

Unable to see the sun and moon, unable to see the stars, huh…

Shi Minzhi’s smile deepened, and he thanked her, “I thank the little Captain for saving me.”

“You’re welcome. I have said, if you want to come out, I’m willing to reach out to you.” Bai Tang said.

Shi Minzhi sighed, “I never thought that I and the little Captain would have today, from killing to saving each other. Little Captain, you are more honest than most people.”

“That’s natural,” Bai Tang smiled.

As the venomous serpent-like gaze of Shi Moxuan fell upon the scene, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of pain from his wounds. 

Despite his power as a level 8 ability user, he was no match for that woman. 

The healer, Ji Mengmeng, scowled, “How did we end up running into her? Come on, Shi Moxuan, you’re a level 8 ability user and almost at level 9. Can’t you even beat her?”

Shi Moxuan’s face flickered between shades of blue and white as he snarled, “Others may not know, but can’t you tell that this rift in the sky is her doing? You may hate her, but I loathe her even more. I want to humiliate her even more than you do.”

A young girl, weakened and covered in deep gashes on her abdomen, stumbled towards them. 

She pleaded, “Ji Mengmeng, please heal me. I’m an ice ability user too. We need all the fighters we can get to battle the zombies.”

Ji Mengmeng sneered, “We’re only a couple days away from the base. Don’t waste my spiritual energy.” 

She leaned in closer, her malice clear in her tone, “If you want me to heal you, then you’ll have to take a knife and slice up that pretty face of yours. Deal?”

The girl, named Ding Jing, bit her lip and glared at Ji Mengmeng. She hesitated for a moment before a wave of dizziness hit her. She reached for the fruit knife hidden in her pocket and gripped it tightly, her hand trembling.

The dozen or so members of Shi Moxuan’s team looked on with cold detachment. In this apocalyptic world, the strong were revered.

Bai Tang and the Invincible Squad watched the scene with a disgusted expression. She knew she needed to put a stop to Ji Mengmeng’s cruel games.

Bai Tang interrupted Ding Jing’s actions with her words, “Ji Mengmeng, having this healing ability fall on you is truly an insult to it.”

Shi Minzhi’s eyes flickered, “Little Captain, do you want to help her?”

Bai Tang nodded, having one more friend was always better than having one more enemy. Although, she was not afraid of having one more enemy.

Ji Mengmeng said triumphantly, “Bai Tang, you, it would be best if you don’t get hurt. Otherwise, you’ll have to be my dog. As long as you are satisfied with being a dog, I’ll kindly save you.”

“Woof woof woof!” Coward roared, and a ball of lightning shot towards Ji Mengmeng. 

Tang Manli’s eyebrows were raised, she cursed, “What kind of thing, this old lady will blow your head off in minutes.”

Even Shi Minzhi’s eyebrows furrowed, his eyes becoming dangerous.

Bai Tang wasn’t someone who could be insulted by just anyone.

On Bai Tang’s side, there was a lot of cursing. Ji Mengmeng’s face turned dark. If it weren’t for her high level ability, she would have been hurt by that beast just now.

Bai Tang raised her hand to signal for everyone to quiet down, smiling at Ji Mengmeng, “Level 6 healing ability, it seems you are very proud.”

She then turned to Ding Jing, who was holding a fruit knife and was about to destroy her own face, and said, “Little sister, bearing insults and injuries is not done like this. Believe it or not, even if you destroy your face, she will still continue to insult you.”



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