Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 58

Chapter 58 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (58)

Shi Moxuan couldn’t believe what he saw before him. What was happening?

How could this lowly person be so powerful?

Shi Minzhi let out a light laugh, “It’s just a level 8 ability, yet you still dare to pretend in front of me.”

He raised his hand, and with a grabbing motion, a black mist of energy surrounded Shi Moxuan’s neck, like a pair of iron hands strangling him. Shi Moxuan struggled, gasping for air.

“You— what kind of ability are you?”

How could there be such an ability? Is it a demon?

Shi Minzhi blew the dust off his fingers, “Why should I tell you?”

This ability was well hidden as even Bai Tang couldn’t detect it within him. It could absorb all abilities and even absorb attacks from abilities lower than his level. How could he let it be abolished by the little Captain and cultivate all over again?

Shi Minzhi’s finger twitched upwards and the black mist lifted Shi Moxuan up, making his breathing become increasingly difficult. His face became red, and his legs kicked frantically, but to no avail.

Just as Shi Moxuan thought he was going to die, the “hands” on his neck suddenly let go. Shi Moxuan felt like a fish that had been thrown back into the river, gasping for air. The feeling of suffocation was really not a pleasant one.

With a sneer on his face, Shi Minzhi spat out, “You truly are a waste. I hope you can survive the next game, little brother.”

Shi Minzhi had Shi Moxuan tied up and bound to a hollow bed, beneath which was a large vat. 

Shi Minzhi shot out four air blades and sliced through Shi Moxuan’s wrists and ankles. The wounds were small but with a steady drip of blood that fell into the vat with a crisp sound.

He closed the door, and the entire room was plunged into darkness.

Shi Moxuan could see nothing, but his ears couldn’t help but pick up the sound of his blood dripping. He couldn’t tell if it was psychological or physical, but he felt an overwhelming sense of panic. In the darkness, he couldn’t make out his own condition, but he knew his body was growing colder by the second. The strong smell of rust filled his nose, and he knew it was the smell of his own blood.

Shi Minzhi was in no rush. He simply waited here, silent and still, enjoying the pleasant and soothing sound, and even quietly applied some medicine to Shi Moxuan’s wounds to prevent them from clotting.

It was said that a person in a confined and dark environment would be scared to death by such treatment. Whether he would be scared to death or not, Shi Minzhi didn’t know. It all depended on how long this little brother could hold out.

To Shi Minzhi’s surprise, Shi Moxuan didn’t make it through two days. So what now?

Shi Minzhi took the extra step of placing Shi Moxuan’s corpse on the wheelchair and stealthily slid the wheelchair out of the base at night. Shi Minzhi intentionally sent him to a place where there were many zombies.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t go see it directly…

From the darkness, Tang Manli cautiously left. Initially, she had just arrived and was about to leave. She had just come out of the laboratory when she saw someone sneaking around but she didn’t expect it to be Shi Minzhi.

Shi Minzhi was pretending! 

Tang Manli immediately made a judgement, anxiously returned to the laboratory and calmed herself down, then began to rest. This had to wait until the Captain Sister returned.

In the special glass prison, Gutsy Guts watched as Tang Manli slept sitting on a mat, leaning against the glass.

He remembered his name. He was called Kan Ning.

But he only remembered his name. As for everything else, he knew nothing.

Zombies were dead creatures. They had no temperature. Although they could move, they were cold-blooded.



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