Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 59

Chapter 59 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (59)

Kan Ning slowly sat down, leaning against the glass. The warmth of the girl’s body temperature passed through the glass, warming him.

Several zombies around him swayed. Kan Ning bared his teeth, and none dared to approach.


Bai Tang left and returned a month later, carrying a bloodied Canglan. She collapsed and fell asleep immediately.

Upon hearing the news of Bai Tang’s return, many people came to see her, but none saw her.

Tang Manli saw that Shi Minzhi and Bai Tang were living in a two-room apartment, and her heart ached. She insisted on staying and waiting for Bai Tang to wake up, but in the end, she was called away by the people from the laboratory.

After sending everyone away, Shi Minzhi closed the door, and slid his wheelchair over to Bai Tang’s side.

The little Captain was sound asleep, the circles of her eyes a dark blue-black, indicating that she had not had a good sleep in a long time. Her clothes were dirty and her sword Canglan was also stained with the blood of zombies.

This was the first time Shi Minzhi had seen such a disheveled Bai Tang. He had seen her clean and determined, laughing and beautiful, but now she was dirty and disheveled.

The fine white neck looked very fragile, as if it could be broken with a pinch. The chest rose and fell slowly but strongly, indicating that she was sleeping soundly.

“Woof woof woof!”

As Coward skittered over on unsteady paws, it squared off against Shi Minzhi. 

Animals have a more intuitive sense of a person’s intentions, good or bad, and this man had just shown a great deal of malice towards its master. Coward had a duty to protect its own.

Shi Minzhi’s eyes narrowed dangerously and his lips curled in a sneer. “Get lost!” he spat.

But Coward didn’t budge, its barking growing increasingly fierce.

Bai Tang, groggy with sleep, reached out and patted Coward, mumbling, “Good boy, don’t make noise and let me sleep.”

In an instant, Coward’s barking quieted, but it remained vigilant towards Shi Minzhi.


Even the dog was protecting her.

Shi Minzhi’s killing intent had already subsided, his gaze falling on the nearby Canglan that was stained with the flesh and blood of zombies, looking dirty.

He glanced at it for a moment, then looked at the dog, who laid down, ears drooping, eyes closed.

Shi Minzhi smiled and reached out to grab Canglan but soon after, a glint of light flickered on the blade of the sword. Shi Minzhi withdrew his hand, his expression inscrutable.


Bai Tang had slept for an entire day before waking up. As she tidied herself up, she saw Shi Minzhi with a tray of food in one hand and sliding his wheelchair with the other.

“Have something to eat, little Captain,” he said, before adding, “It’s not poisoned.”

Coward nipped at the hem of Bai Tang’s trousers, attempting to drag her in another direction. Bai Tang rubbed Coward’s head, who was still just a few months old and quite clingy.

“Thank you, I was just getting hungry,” Bai Tang said as she took the food.

Bai Tang took the food, feeling a bit sorry for someone with a leg disability. It must be very inconvenient…

“Little Captain, you’ve been gone for a month,” Shi Minzhi said with a hint of resentment in his voice.

Bai Tang sighed and said helplessly, “We had a lot of trouble on the way. There were mutated animals attacking people, just like zombies.”

Shi Minzhi asked, “But you’re so strong, little Captain. Surely you could handle them?”

Bai Tang explained, “Some of the zombies have awakened. They’re becoming more ambitious and increasing their abilities, but they don’t want to return to normal life. They’re constantly consuming the crystal cores of zombies and humans. There was one who aimed to become a zombie king. He’s gathering a large number of zombies with the goal of creating a kingdom for himself. The doctor and other researchers have been trapped by them, so it caused a lot of trouble.”

It was more than just a little trouble.

Bai Tang had to act perfectly in every aspect of her performance, and it was difficult for her.

For this, she even got her most beloved sword, Canglan, dirty and placed it aside, causing her heart to bleed.

Shi Minzhi looked at Bai Tang intently, “I’m just glad you’re back safely, little Captain.”



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