Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 61

Chapter 61 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (61)

“Captain Sister, you are right,” said Tang Manli, gazing adoringly at Bai Tang, looking like a proper devoted little fangirl.

Bai Tang, “…”

Bai Tang, “How is Gutsy Guts? And how are the other zombies recovering?”

Tang Manli pouted, “They’ve found that healing abilities can improve the condition of zombies, so I use my abilities on them every day. It seems to have helped a bit.”

“It’s only been a month, take me to see,” Bai Tang said without bringing along her sword, Canglan.

She appeared casual, but in reality, Bai Tang’s heart was bleeding. She felt that she really wronged her weapon.

“Sure, sure,” Tang Manli said excitedly.

Bai Tang followed Tang Manli to the laboratory, which had strict security and required registration to enter. Bai Tang had to wait before she was allowed in.

When Shi Minzhi returned, Bai Tang was no longer in the room. Canglan had been cleaned and placed on the coffee table.

Shi Minzhi looked at it for a long time before finally reaching out to touch it.

He still couldn’t pick it up, his palm felt hot, but this time he wasn’t burned.

“Ha! I want to see how much longer you have left,” Shi Minzhi said to himself.


Tang Manli muttered, “Captain Sister, I think Gutsy Guts has been acting strange lately. He always looks at me with green eyes. I suspect he wants to eat me, sister.”

At this, Tang Manli couldn’t help but cursed inwardly.

Damn ungrateful zombie that can’t recognize good people!

She had worked hard to treat him, and he actually wanted to eat her?!

Bai Tang remained silent.

Silly girl.

Gutsy Guts was clearly… Nevermind, Bai Tang had no intention of reminding Tang Manli. She didn’t want to spoil their relationship

Bai Tang disguised her aura as that of a normal person on this trip, trying not to exert too much intimidation on these conscious zombies.

Kan Ning was still unsure whether this person was Bai Tang or not, the contrast was too great. 

He had been able to sense the strong intimidation coming from Bai Tang when they first met, but now he couldn’t sense anything.

“It looks like the treatment is going well,” Glancing at these zombies, Bai Tang made a rough judgement.

Kan Ning bowed towards Bai Tang’s direction, “I have remembered who I am.”

Tang Manli was surprised and asked, “When did you remember?” Why didn’t she know? 

Kan Ning, “…”

He didn’t feel like talking to her, she didn’t seem to listen to a word he said anyway.

Kan Ning looked up and said, “My name is Kan Ning, Ning of the peaceful and distant.”

Tang Manli grumbled under her breath, “Gutsy Guts is still a catchier name.”

Bai Tang said, “Manli’s healing abilities are the key to restoring all zombies back to normal. Now that you’ve remembered and regained your memory, I will report to the higher-ups and ask for you to be released. The future is uncertain, so I entrust Manli’s protection to you.”

This world’s consciousness could not simply stand idly by. Healing abilities were a part of its power and also its last trump card. That was why Bai Tang wouldn’t allow this crystal core to remain in the brain of someone like Ji Mengmeng.

Kan Ning quickly agreed, “I will protect her.”

Tang Manli wasn’t very happy, “Sister, I can protect myself. Besides, with him staring at me every day, it’s a miracle he hasn’t eaten me yet. How can he protect me?”

Tang Manli was highly skeptical of this outcome.

Kan Ning looked away, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Bai Tang, tired of their bickering, said, “Manli, I gave you the crystal core and granted you abilities, so someone may try to take advantage of you. Healing abilities may not be strong, but they’re very special. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Kan Ning is someone you can trust. Understand?”

Tang Manli nodded, if her sister said so, then it must be true.

Bai Tang then made one more round around the laboratory before leaving.



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