Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 62

Chapter 62 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (62)

Barely having stepped out for a moment, a group of people with special abilities blocked Bai Tang’s path.

“Miss Bai, please come with us,” they said, their eyes filled with deep fear.

Bai Tang shrugged, deciding to play along. “Lead the way,” she said.

Although Bai Tang cooperated with them, they remained cautious— having heard of her ability to extract others’ crystal cores and her ability to abolish others’ special abilities and make them cultivate all over again.

In a tidy room, two chairs sat with two individuals sitting on them, their heads covered and trapped.

The person who had come to see her was a man dressed in a suit, with a friendly face. “Miss Bai, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said.

Bai Tang didn’t give him any face, and said directly, “You arranged for five special ability users to come after me, hardly a pleasure.”

The man in the suit didn’t get angry, “Miss Bai, please don’t be angry, it was difficult to meet you, so we had to resort to this.”

Bai Tang’s eyes narrowed and she said calmly, “You didn’t need to go through all this trouble to see me. Why would you bring a group of people with guns pointing at me?”

It was unexpected that there was still such power within the government’s base. Perhaps the leaders knew, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

The man in the suit’s pupils contracted and he laughed, “Miss Bai, you have good eyesight. Since that’s the case, I won’t beat around the bush. I’ll need you to transfer the special ability of the person on the chair to one on the right.”

The man in the suit pointed to the person sitting on the left chair.

Bai Tang nodded with understanding, and the man in the suit smiled satisfactorily. 

It seemed like she was well aware of her current situation.

With a sigh of resignation, Bai Tang shook her head once more. “I truly do not understand how you could think to use such methods against me. Is the person sitting on the right chair your son?”

The man in the suit’s expression changed, but he still wore a smile as he said, “Miss Bai, you can try and see. If you do not comply with my demands, I wonder if you will still be able to leave here alive. Or, if you reveal the method for exchanging abilities, I may spare you. I imagine you do not wish to become a sieve. It is said that your current strength is not as great as it once was— only appearing formidable because of that sword. But without it, I wonder what you can do.”

Bai Tang said helplessly again, “I do not know what has given you this wrong impression, that I am without any power to fight. Although I do not have a special ability, my strength is still enough to deal with a few of you.”

With a sudden stomp of her left foot, golden ripples of light spread out, causing the people with abilities in the room to change their faces. Their eyes filled with fear as they all backed away— they didn’t want to be killed here.

The rumors were true, Bai Tang truly had the ability to abolish others’ abilities.

Among them, there were already those with abilities at level 9, but now they were being abolished, and their hearts ache to death.

The man in the suit was also not faring well. His abilities were not particularly strong, but they were not weak either. But who would want to lose their abilities?

Among those present, only the person sitting on the left bench was unaffected.

Angrily, the man in the suit warned, “Miss Bai, don’t toast and refuse to drink, and if you don’t stop, you won’t have any good fruit to eat.”

With a faint smile, Bai Tang spoke, “Apologies, but I do not partake in toasting or punishment drinks, and I do not eat fruits. You can drink and eat them yourself.”

With a cold snort, the man in the suit walked to a position and pressed a button on his hand, tucked in his pocket. In an instant, the large room was left with only Bai Tang. The man in the suit and the two people on the chairs disappeared to the lower level through a mechanism.

Bai Tang noticed the dense gun barrels protruding from the walls, and couldn’t help but let out a sigh. They really spared no expense in trying to deal with her.

The voice of the man in the suit echoed in the room, “Well? Miss Bai, do you still not want to cooperate? With just one wall, I can make you unable to escape.”



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