Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 64

Chapter 64 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (64)

“A minor accident, nothing major.” Bai Tang said casually, not paying much attention to the wound on her hand.

Shi Minzhi’s brows furrowed tighter, remaining silent, seemingly angry. As he turned around, Bai Tang only saw his back.

She sat down as if nothing had happened, and pulled out a few pieces of paper to wipe the blood from her hand.

Shi Minzhi returned with a medical first aid kit in his hand. With a gloomy face, he approached unhappily, “Is this how you deal with wounds, little Captain? Not planning to see a doctor?”

Shi Minzhi continued in a strange yin and yang tone, a hint of dark light in his eyes, “It’s fine, even if the hand is disabled, it doesn’t matter to me, it’s not my hand.”

Bai Tang, “…”

By the way, it was her hand that was hurt!

Shi Minzhi grabbed Bai Tang’s hand, and she winced in pain but remained silent.

“Little Captain, aren’t you pretty arrogant? What, now you’re not speaking?”

Bai Tang said helplessly, “When have I ever been arrogant?”

Why must he slandered her like this? 

Shi Minzhi disinfected and applied medicine, giving Bai Tang a glance, “Little Captain, when have you not been arrogant? Tell me, how did you get this wound? Did someone actually manage to wound our little Captain who slashed open a rift in the sky with a sword?”

She had already started getting injured.

So, it wasn’t far from reaching the point of losing all her cultivation, right?

Bai Tang sneered, “A shameless man tried to force me to give away someone else’s special ability to someone else. I refused, so he threatened me with my grandparents and you. I couldn’t let him succeed. Does he think I’m just a normal little girl? Does he think I’ll be scared when I see a wall full of gun barrels pointing at me?”

Shi Minzhi’s eyelids twitched. A wall full of gun barrels— it looked like they really went all out.

“If that’s the case, it should be a gunshot wound. Little Captain, your hand…” Shi Minzhi said, full of doubt.

Bai Tang’s eyes flickered, “I just punched the wall and knocked them down. My mortal body naturally suffered severe injuries.”

Shi Minzhi’s mouth twitched, “Why didn’t you take Canglan with you? You wouldn’t have hurt your own hand.”

Didn’t it come to her when she summoned it?

Bai Tang innocently touched her nose, “I just went to the laboratory to take a look, they were actually waiting for me outside. I wasn’t going to fight zombies.”

Seeing Bai Tang like this, Shi Minzhi understood.

During the disinfection process, Bai Tang’s face twisted in pain, but she didn’t make a sound. Shi Minzhi was surprised.

He thought Bai Tang wasn’t afraid of pain, but seeing her twisted face, she must have been in extreme pain, yet she didn’t make a sound. She really could endure it to the extreme.

“I wouldn’t have guessed you were in pain if I hadn’t seen your face.” Shi Minzhi said in a strange tone.

Bai Tang said with difficulty, “Not feeling pain is all fake. I am not without pain receptors.”

Shi Minzhi, “…”

Bai Tang, one who had grown to an adult, couldn’t be understood based on preconceptions or stereotypes, just as one cannot judge a tree based solely on its appearance.

Shi Minzhi grumpily replied, “Since it hurts, then you should take better care of yourself.”

Bai Tang laughed and said, “You should take your own advice. Remember those days when you dragged others and experienced all the pain yourself, why bother?”

Indeed, the illness wasn’t light…

Shi Minzhi fell silent, carefully wrapped the bandages and called the doctor.

After a while, Bai Tang could barely hear his faint voice, “We are different, little Captain. When you are hurt, someone cares and worries— but when I am hurt, it is only to satisfy their twisted desires. Since that’s the case, and no one cares, why should I care? Over time, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Is it really not hurting anymore?” Bai Tang retorted. “Shi Minzhi, you should be kinder to yourself. It’s not as if you do not feel.”

Shi Minzhi was at a loss for words, unsure of what to say or what to think.

Luckily, the doctor arrived quickly, easing the silence in the room.



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