Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 65

Chapter 65 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (65)

Shi Minzhi returned to his room alone, closing the door behind him. He curled his lips, picked up a pen and began to sketch.

“She’s injured, she can’t protect herself anymore. You better think of something— I’m eager to get out. I want Bai Tang dead!” The voice of the zombie tree demon echoed again. “Do you know, I’ve been locked in a flowerpot, toyed with by a bunch of mortals.”

Shi Minzhi coldly replied, “What’s the hurry? It’s not time yet. Even if she’s injured, right now, there’s not many who are her match. We still need to conserve our strength.” 

“Don’t tell me you can’t bring yourself to do it? Have you been moved by her?” The zombie tree demon questioned. 

Shi Minzhi curled his lip in a sneer, “You’re stupid but I’m not.”

If he were easily moved, he wouldn’t have been so ruthless to himself. 

The zombie tree demon only said, “They’re researching her again, that woman, isn’t she just a healing ability user? They’re back again!” 

In the end, Shi Minzhi heard the zombie tree demon’s threat, “Don’t forget what you promised me, otherwise I won’t let you off.” 

Then, there was silence. 

Shi Minzhi picked up his pen and gently drew a cross. 

A flicker of flame danced across his finger tip, and the paper was reduced to ashes.

“Fool, you’re already useless, just stay obediently in the flowerpot.”

Words of integrity, a quality of the honorable— how could a villain possess such qualities?

Afterwards, Bai Tang recuperated for a few months before she finally recovered. She especially sought out Tang Manli’s help to repair her body. After all, she was using the body of someone else’s granddaughter, and she shouldn’t leave any unnecessary scars.

Not long after her recovery, people came again, with big and small troubles.

It continued like this for about two years.


Two years later.

The government’s base had grown even larger, and constantly more and more recovered zombies joined and regained their identity as residents.

As long as the zombies didn’t attack the government’s base, the government’s base wouldn’t conduct large-scale extermination of zombies.

Bai Tang went to carry out some tasks again.

Shi Minzhi saw that she had not held her sword for half a year. He looked at her with darkening eyes, but he still didn’t make any move.


“Mr. Shi, you have come to buy vegetables again!” The woman handed Shi Minzhi a bag.

Shi Minzhi picked the vegetables skillfully and said, “The little Captain will be back soon. She must be tired.”

The woman persuaded, “But it’s inconvenient for you.”

“Just because I have a leg disability, it doesn’t mean I’m a useless person.”

The woman curiously inquired, “Are you two together or not? Bai Tang, she’s actually not suitable for you. She’s too busy and too strong, not gentle enough to take care of you.”

Shi Minzhi smiled, “That’s not your concern. I don’t need the little Captain to take care of me, I can take care of myself.”

The woman continued, “Who doesn’t want someone who understands them well by their side? It’s still inconvenient for you.”

Shi Minzhi didn’t say much more to her and instead bought fresh vegetables before returning home.

In the apocalypse, within the base, fresh vegetables were still able to be supplied normally.

When he returned to his place, Shi Minzhi never thought he would do something like cooking. He handed over the ingredients to his housekeeper, and that was enough.

After all, he was a disabled person, and putting on a show of affection and strength in front of others was enough.

Look— even Tang Manli and Coward no longer despised him…

Bai Tang returned very quickly this time, dragging her tired body, and upon returning, met Shi Minzhi’s deep gaze.

“I bought the vegetables, ate dinner, you should go rest.” Shi Minzhi spoke first.

“Then I’ll obediently follow your command.” Bai Tang stifled a yawn.

Bai Tang ate quickly, she really wanted to rest.

Shi Minzhi helplessly said, “Little Captain, eat slower, no one’s competing with you.”

Saying that, he pushed a glass of water over to her.

Bai Tang drank half a glass of water and said, “You wouldn’t understand— the heart of someone longing for sleep.”



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