The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King
The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King Chapter 13

[AAAAAAAHHH! Guys, I’m deceased, it’s really Brother Yu.]

[It’s Brother Yu, mom, I burst into tears!!!]

[Then Jiang Siyu and I met in the live broadcast room, this is also considered a kind of romance!!!]

[When we met, we knew each other, so Jiang Siyu and I got married, thank you!]

[Help! Who would have thought that I would meet Jiang Siyu who never participated in variety shows in a dating show]

[Rounding up, Jiang Siyu and I participated in the dating show together, thank you everyone]

[Oh boy, they all looks good]

The amazement of the guests at the scene was no less than that of the audience in the live broadcast room. Qiao Anran felt dizzy as if he had been on a roller coaster ride, “It’s, it’s Mr. Jiang. Ah! I’m his fan, I actually met my idol.”

“Can I ask for an autograph?” Qiao Anran excitedly grabbed Zheng Qianfang’s arm, feeling extremely excited. After a while, the excitement dropped visibly to the naked eye.

“Oh, let’s forget it. Mr. Jiang is so low-key, and he doesn’t attend many activities. This time it must be a private event, so I won’t bother him.”

“Maybe we can take a group photo later?” Zheng Qianfang also showed a little excitement. Who in this circle is not Jiang Siyu’s fan? It would be great if they all could take a group photo.

The guests were immersed in the surprise of meeting Jiang Siyu, and Qi Nan quickly recovered after being stunned.

Why did Jiang Siyu talk to Lu Zeqing?

Is it because he just heard that sentence?

Before Lu Zeqing could answer, Qi Nan smiled slightly and said.

“La rencontre elle-même est une romance.”

[Meeting itself is a kind of romance.]

Qi Nan couldn’t understand why Lu Zeqing’s ability to speak French can change everyone’s opinion of him, but for him, French was the language he was most familiar with. Just now he disdains to compare with Lu Zeqing, but it doesn’t mean that he is inferior to Lu Zeqing in this respect.

Seeing that Lu Zeqing attracted Jiang Siyu’s attention, Qi Nan couldn’t help but want to show it. He liked Jiang Siyu’s movies when he was very young, it can be said that he grew up watching Jiang Siyu’s movies.

Jiang Siyu didn’t speak French anymore, and didn’t respond to Qi Nan’s words, but asked Lu Zeqing persistently, “What does Mr. Lu think?”

Lu Zeqing: “…”

In front of the camera, Lu Zeqing would not make him lose face. He smiled perfunctorily, breaking through the slightly ambiguous question.

“The encounter can be the beginning of romance, but it can also be the passing of a relationship.”

Jiang Siyu’s dark eyes reflected the light, which hid some meanings.

“Maybe it was an unexpected encounter.”

“Mr. Jiang is right.”

Lu Zeqing didn’t want to argue with Jiang Siyu about this, and he didn’t want to continue this topic. However, Mr. Li seemed very interested in Jiang Siyu’s words, he said with a smile.

“Ce monsieur doit être un romantique aussi.”

[This gentleman must also be a romantic.]

Jiang Siyu smiled gently, keeping his eyes on Lu Zeqing.

Several guests finally reacted.

Jiang Siyu seems to know Lu Zeqing, he can accurately tell Lu Zeqing’s last name. The audience in the live broadcast room also reacted. After the excitement, they finally realized something was off.

[Although Brother Yu doesn’t accept variety shows, I’ve watched his interviews, and he’s completely a topic stopper[1]This term refers to a person who says things to make the situation awkward and to cause the other party/parties to not know how to carry on with the conversation.. Why is he talking so much today?]

[Blind student, you discovered a plot hole]

[Since no one said it, I will say it first! Isn’t brother Yu flirting]

[I have been thinking about it for a long time but can’t think of an adjective, and it was interpreted by you in one word]

[Guys, I have a bold idea, if Jiang Siyu participates in the dating show…]

[Then maybe all the dogs are in love, and your brother Yu is still single]

[No way, isn’t Jiang Siyu very good?]

[Some people can only talk]

[Politely: do you have anyone?]

“Mr. Jiang.” Qiao Anran couldn’t understand what they were saying, and actually didn’t even bother to listen. After a long time of deliberation, he finally mustered up the courage.

“Can I have an autograph or a group photo? I’m a fan of your movie and I’ve liked you for a long time. I’ve seen every movie of yours.”

Qiao Anran turned into a little fan boy in an instant, staring at Jiang Siyu with sparkling eyes.

Lu Zeqing felt that this gaze was very familiar. Just now, Qiao Anran was looking at him like that, but not so fanatical.

“Mr. Jiang, I’m also a fan of your movie. Can you give me an autograph or a photo too?”

“Me too.”

Several other guests also spoke one after another, and even the staff on the side showed eager eyes, and the recording scene instantly turned into a fan meeting.

“Okay, can we all take a group photo?”

“Ok, Ok.”

There were quite a few people at the scene, so it would be too time-consuming to take a group photo or sign one by one. Anyway, it is enough to get in the same frame. For a while, the atmosphere at the scene gradually became stronger.

“I want it too, I want it too.”

“Zeqing, why are you standing there? Come here quickly.” Qiao Anran reserved a place for him, and enthusiastically asked Lu Zeqing to come with him.

Lu Zeqing: “…”

The eyes of several people all fell on him, Lu Zeqing paused slightly, with “joy” written all over his face. He stepped forward and chose a corner position.

“That… I, can I join?”

Qin Yanchuan appeared out of nowhere, and his tone was full of hope, “Mr. Jiang and I are alumni, but, Mr. Jiang may not know me.”

“Director Qin is joking, you are my senior, how could I not recognize you?”

Qin Yanchuan’s eyes widened, and he looked at Jiang Siyu in disbelief. What did he just heard, Jiang Siyu not only remembered him, but also gave him face in this way, his face immediately flushed.

He smiled and said to the staff, “Anyone who wants to take picture come here, this is a rare opportunity.”

A few more staff members stepped forward. Originally, there were less than ten people in the group photo, but they stood in three rows at once, as if they were taking a graduation group photo.

A few foreigners wanted to join in the fun and joined the group photo. The cameraman who was appointed by everyone acted as a temporary photographer.

The recording in the afternoon was probably the happiest one for everyone, and the topic about meeting Jiang Siyu in the dating show group instantly became a hot search.

#Jiang Siyu “Let’s Fall in Love”#

[Scared me to death, I thought Jiang Siyu was in love]

[I suspect that Jiang Siyu hasn’t fallen in love yet even after my child is born. Well, I’m 17 years old now, and I haven’t dated yet]

[Sister, you are so mean, Brother Yu will shook his head when he saw it]

[Is there someone who doesn’t know Jiang Siyu’s nickname… A professional on dispelling rumors in the entertainment industry]

[Jiang Siyu is most annoyed when others used his name for hype, as long as there’s a rumors with his name, the studio will immediately refute them]

[If the studio is not so diligent, Brother Yu may have been “in love” dozens of times]

[Or if Jiang Siyu takes on an emotional drama, he won’t be so lonely, at least he can pull out a CP]

[Please call him Jiang · Man of Virtue · Siyu]

Some quick-handed viewers recorded the screen in the live broadcast room, and released the video of the encounter between the program group and Jiang Siyu, and Lu Zeqing’s name became the second most popular.

[Lu Zeqing speaks French very well, my French foreign teacher praised him for his standard pronunciation]

[Am I the only one who is curious why brother Yu suddenly appeared and had a conversation with Lu Zeqing]

[I know, right? Lu Zeqing is really good, I was swoon and I will say it first]



On the other side, Jiang Siyu, who had just returned to the hotel, received a call from Ji Shaojun.

“How good, our Movie King Jiang can go to a hot search just by going to an art exhibition.”

Jiang Siyu was not interested in chatting, so he asked Ji Shaojun instead, “Don’t you have a private meeting with your lover today? Why do you still have time to gossip about me?”

“How can this be gossip?”

Ji Shaojun laughed, and a boy’s voice came out from the other end. This is not a private meeting with a little lover, but not satisfied with the private meeting, and want to have some more fun.

“Xiao jiang, don’t say that this buddy didn’t help you. I’ve worked so hard for you. Guess whose WeChat account I got?”

Jiang Siyu’s expression froze.

“Don’t bother him.”

“Tsk, I haven’t said who it was, yet you reacted so strongly. If you say it’s nothing, who would believe it?”

Ji Shaojun was proud of finally grabbing Jiang Siyu’s little tail, “Don’t worry, I won’t bother him. I get it for you, I’m not a traitor.”

“I felt something was off when you invited him to drink last night. Is this still our innocent little virgin?”

“This is the first time I’ve seen you take the initiative to invite others.”

Ji Shaojun is obviously very interested in this topic, “It’s the first time I know that you are not invincible even if you are handsome, and you can always be rejected.”

Jiang Siyu, “…If there’s nothing, I’ll hang up.”

“Don’t, I’ve got the WeChat account for you, how about I teach you a few tricks?”

“You should use those tricks to coax your little lover.” Jiang Siyu looks disgusted, “I will ask for his WeChat myself.”

“Really?” Ji Shaojun was deeply suspicious of this.

“I think he is too lazy to talk to you, will he take the initiative to send you WeChat?”

Jiang Siyu: “…”

After a few seconds of silence, Ji Shaojun only heard a busy tone.

—Beep beep.

Ji Shaojun: “…” F##k, so petty.

After a while, Ji Shaojun called again.

“You actually hung up on me?”

“…All right, all right, I won’t tease you anymore.”

“I’ll help you get the WeChat ID, whether you like it or not. They’re recording a dating show, he may get hooked by some guy then, and you won’t have time to regret it.”

“Won’t happen.”

“So sure?” Ji Shaojun was full of doubts about Jiang Siyu’s firm tone.

Just listen to Jiang Siyu’s statement in a calm tone.

“He doesn’t like them.”

Ji Shaojun: “…”

“Are you sure that he can take a fancy to you? What if a new guest arrives next week, and the two fall in love at first sight, and when they see each other again, they will be together for life.”

Jiang Siyu chuckled, interrupting Ji Shaojun’s worry.

“I hope so too.”

Ji Shaojun: “?”

What does he mean?

After being stunned for a few seconds, Ji Shaojun finally came to his senses.

“F##k, are you serious? But aren’t you…”

Jiang Siyu interrupted him, and responded calmly.


The author has something to say:

Some people say that they don’t want the WeChat ID, but secretly add it behind others backs.

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1 This term refers to a person who says things to make the situation awkward and to cause the other party/parties to not know how to carry on with the conversation.


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