The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King
The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King Chapter 31.3

“Maybe it’s sour plum soup.” Lu Zeqing curled his lips.


Zhou Shan was not in a good mood today, but after hearing the conversation between the two people behind him, he still couldn’t help laughing.

“Mr. Jiang and Zeqing, let’s respect the NPCs who come to the haunted house.”

“Ah, help me.”

Suddenly a hand hugged Qi Nan’s feet. He was so scared that his hair stood on end, and he screamed, trying to move forward, but his legs were held and he took a step forward a little too hard.



This is how it is in the haunted house. As long as someone screams, other people will also panic, and each scream will be louder than the last.

Jiang Siyu, who heard the movement behind him, quickly pulled Lu Zeqing into his arms and avoided Qi Nan who bumped into them.

Lu Zeqing was startled. He didn’t realize how close the two were now. His heart was beating fast and he hadn’t recovered from the shock.

Jiang Siyu couldn’t help it and rubbed his soft black hair.

“There, there, don’t be scared.”

Lu Zeqing’s pale face could be seen under the dim light. He forgot to react. He was nestled in Jiang Siyu’s arms, obedient and dumb.

The fluff of the cat’s ears brushed against Jiang Siyu’s chin, making it tickle a little.

“Let’s go out.”

Jiang Siyu was not happy because he hugged Lu Zeqing, “Go out through the entrance.”

“No need…”

Jiang Siyu spoke first before Lu Zeqing could say anything.

“You guys can continue, Qingqing and I will go out first.”


Jiang Siyu: “I’m not very interested in the haunted house. I’ll wait for you outside and buy some snacks and drinks.”

Qiao Anran, who originally wanted to stay a little longer, said, “I want to eat popcorn and grilled sausage.”


Jiang Siyu agreed, took Lu Zeqing’s hand and walked out.

Lu Zeqing didn’t say anything, just being led obediently by him, “Aren’t you going to play?”

He felt that Jiang Siyu was quite interested in it.

“Don’t want to play, find a place to rest.”


The two people here quit, but the live broadcast team still followed the people of the haunted house. The staff of the recording and broadcasting team are still following them. The recording and broadcasting will be edited out later and nothing will be broadcast outside.

Jiang Siyu took Lu Zeqing and said what he was doing seriously.

“Qingqing, if you don’t like something next time, just say no.”

“If I don’t go in, you won’t go in, right?”

Lu Zeqing nodded slightly.

If Jiang Siyu didn’t go in, he would find an excuse to reject them like he did when he watched a horror movie in the villa last time.

He is different from Qiao Anran.

Qiao Anran is curious, fearful and fun-loving.

But it wasn’t the case for Lu Zeqing. He was reluctant to do things he didn’t like.

“You don’t need to accommodate me.” Jiang Siyu was afraid that he hadn’t explained clearly, “I don’t want you to do things you don’t like to accommodate me. Tell me directly from now on, okay?”

Lu Zeqing’s heartbeat was slightly out of control because of these words.

He didn’t know why, but no one had ever said that to him.


Lu Zeqing responded softly.

“We agreed, if you don’t do it… I’ll punish you.”

“Will my salary be deducted?” Lu Zeqing blinked and asked seriously.

“Of course not. Only bosses who have no management ability will threaten employees with salary deductions.”

Lu Zeqing chuckled, “I understand, you are a very capable boss. I will be under your control, and I promise to be obedient.”

Jiang Siyu was so moved by Lu Zeqing that his heart felt hot.

Looking at Lu Zeqing again, he had no idea how seductive his words were. A pair of light-colored eyes looked at him brightly.

Jiang Siyu felt that if Lu Zeqing looked at him like this again, he would not be able to help but lower his head and kiss him.

“Let’s go shopping.”

“Qiao Anran wants grilled sausage.”


“Are you hungry?”

Lu Zeqing shook his head, “Wait for me here, I’ll go over and buy it.”

“Sit down.” Jiang Siyu directly pressed Lu Zeqing on the chair, “Coke or water?”



Lu Zeqing: “…”

“Coke contains too much sugar, drink it less.”

Lu Zeqing responded in a low voice and sat down to wait for him.

“Hey, is that Lu Zeqing?”

“It’s the one that’s been trending recently.”

“It’s really him, he’s so handsome! I really want to go up and get a photo.”

“They’re recording a dating show, but I didn’t expect it to be in an amusement park.”

A few people were discussing in a low voice, but someone suddenly shouted.

“Lu Zeqing.”

The rather sturdy young man was about to rush forward when he was pulled back by his companion.

“You’re crazy, what are you doing?”

One of the girls frowned slightly, “Xu Chen, what are you doing? They are recording a show.”

“I-” Xu Chen’s aura instantly dropped. He was the one who organized today’s activities at the amusement park, and he paid for everyone to come. He spent thousands for tickets in total, and he was heartbroken.

But in order to date the girl he likes, he can only call everyone out together.

“I didn’t want to do anything. I know him, so I want to go and say hello.”

“Pfft.” The two teenagers beside him couldn’t help laughing, “Are you dreaming? Do you know him?”

“I really know him. “Xu Chen was a little anxious, “He is my… Brother.”

“Come on, stop lying. Your brother’s surname is not Chen, but Lu?”

“I’m not lying, his name was not Lu Zeqing before, he changed his name.”

Several people didn’t believe it, even the girl Xu Chen liked didn’t believe him.

“You’re talking big.”

“I’m not, I have a photo of him at home. Get out of the way, I’ll call him and he will come over.”

Xu Chen shouted again.

“Lu Zeqing.”

Lu Zeqing looked back, it looked like a group of high school students hanging out together. He didn’t speak, and Xu Chen became a little anxious.

“Lu Zeqing, if you dare to ignore me, I will tell my mother when I get back.”

“How old are you? You still complain to your parents?” A few girls laughed, “No way, you’re really just talking big.”

“Besides, what’s your attitude? Not to mention Qingqing, even I won’t care about you.”

Xu Chen was deflated and depressed.

These people took his tickets and teased him like this, “Don’t be fooled by Lu Zeqing’s appearance. He was not like this when he was at my house.”

“I will show you the photos tomorrow.”

No one took him seriously at all and discussed it seriously.

“Is it okay to take a sneak photo?”

“The side profile is amazing. He is really handsome.”

“Why don’t I see other celebrities?”

Xu Chen laughed.

“He must have been isolated. Lu Zeqing has been acting like this since he was a child. No one wanted to play with him before. You may not believe it, but he is the child my parents picked up.”

“He was picked up from the trash can.”

” He was abandoned by his biological parents. If our family hadn’t been kind enough to adopt him, he would have starved to death in the trash can.”

“Xu Chen, don’t go too far. The more you make it up, the more outrageous it becomes.”

“I didn’t make it up, why don’t you believe me? Lu Zeqing is completely different from what you think. He has lived in my house since he was a child and just patted his butt and left after making money. He is just a white-eyed wolf.”

“Xu Chen, Lu Zeqing is my idol. If you keep slandering him like this, I won’t talk to you anymore. I will repay you the money for the tickets, and I will also repay you the money for Jiajia and the others.”

The girl walked away angrily, the two friends who were with her hurriedly chased after her.

“Xu Chen, why are you arguing with these girls? If you don’t seize the opportunity to chase someone, why can’t you and Lu Zeqing get along?”

“No, Lu Zeqing is really…”

“Picked up by your family.”

“Okay, okay, whatever you say. Shall we go and coax them?”

“Let’s go.”


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