The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King
The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King Chapter 4.2

But Chen Mingfei likes Wei Yang, so he may not choose him. Chen Mingfei has been chasing someone for six years. If it was someone else, they would have given up long ago, but he was so infatuated that he would probably rather have dinner alone than choose someone else.

“Chen Mingfei.” Zhou Shan decided to take the initiative, “Would you like to have dinner with me?”

Before Chen Mingfei agreed or refused, he half-jokingly said,

“Both of us were rejected, why don’t we form a frustrating situation in love? I was rejected once, so don’t reject me again.”

Chen Mingfei looked at Lu Zeqing, he looked indifferent, as if he didn’t care about having dinner alone.

Actually, Chen Mingfei didn’t care, it wasn’t Wei Yang anyway. It makes no difference whether he eats alone or with several people.

In the years he has been chasing Wei Yang, Wei Yang has missed appointments more than once, and he also finished the meal for two by himself. Looking at Zhou Shan’s eyes, he suddenly felt a bit of empathy.

“Director Qin, can there only be two people?” Chen Mingfei asked.

“Of course, what kind of date are three people?” Qin Yanchuan said, “It’s your first date, and the program team will help you decide on a date.”

“There is a revolving restaurant on the top floor of the Petronas Twin Towers. It is a famous restaurant for couples. You can enjoy the night view of the island at 365 degrees without dead ends. Now everyone can go back to the room to rest and prepare for the first date. I hope everyone can dress up and attend.”

“Director Qin, what should Brother Zeqing do? He is alone.” There was a little worry in Qi Nan’s eyes, and his expression did not seem to be fake. “Can’t we really have him with us?”

“Of course.” Qin Yanchuan lowered his brows, obviously causing trouble on purpose.

“We also booked a middle seat.”

Lu Zeqing raised his eyebrows.

There is such a good thing?

These words did not make sense to the ears of other guests and some audience members.

[Director Qin is really ruthless, who the hell is going to go to a lovers restaurant to enjoy food alone]

[Look at the happiness of two people from a distance, and feel the loneliness of one person]

[I feel this is more lonely than eating hot pot alone]

[Couple restaurants are always in pairs, the middle seat is so conspicuous]

[F@#k! People with social anxiety chose to stay at home, so as to not get attention]

[I know that restaurant, you have to make a reservation a week in advance, and even the waiters are in pairs]

[Happy to hear and see, I hope the program team won’t let me down, I just want to see Lu Zeqing’s lonely figure]

“Director Qin.” Lu Zeqing obviously had something to say and was a bit wary of the camera.

Qin Yanchuan guessed that what Lu Zeqing might say was whether he must go or not. After all, no one wanted to go to a couple’s restaurant just to make up the number of people.

But he still pretended not to know anything and asked.

“What’s wrong?”

Lu Zeqing raised his eyes and looked in the direction of the camera.

“Can I ask directly?”

“Just ask.”


Since Director Qin didn’t mind him asking in front of the camera, Lu Zeqing had nothing to hide, and he looked at Director Qin expectantly.

“Will the expenses be paid by the program group?”

“What?” Qin Yanchuan couldn’t react for a while.

“My lonely dinner… Was it paid by the program group?” Lu Zeqing asked more bluntly.

Qin Yanchuan, “…Yes.”

Not the same as he imagined?

Lu Zeqing’s brows were stained with a smile.

“Thank you for the benefits of the program group. I will definitely arrive on time and live up to Director Qin’s kindness.”

Qin Yanchuan: “…?”

The guests whose words of comfort almost poured out of their mouths: ? ? ?

The audience in the live broadcast room who were about to laugh: ? ? ? ? ?


At night.

All six guests have arrived, except Lu Zeqing who has not yet appeared.

The guests were well-dressed from head to toe in formal attire, and even the frustrated Chen Mingfei and Zhou Shan showed different styles from usual.

“Qi Nan, are your earrings the latest release from H family?”

“Mn, my mother gave it to me.” Qi Nan smiled.

The lighting in the revolving restaurant was carefully designed by the designers. Qi Nan’s earrings shone brightly under the lighting, making his whole face beautiful and expensive.

[Ahhhhhhh, Xiao Qi looks so good today, from now on, all the rich young masters I see will be ashamed]

[Yes, yes, I already took a screenshot, it is too good-looking]

“Auntie is so kind to you. The price of these earrings is enough for a flat in the city center.” Qiao Anran looked envious, “My brother forbids me to wear earrings.”

“Your brother is so strict with you?” Chen Mingfei was a little surprised.

Qiao Anran nodded.

“He still doesn’t know that I’m on this show. Fortunately, he usually doesn’t pay attention to the entertainment industry.”

“Then if he knows, you…”

Qiao Anran shivered, “Then I may have to change the screen style.”

Chen Mingfei: “?”

“Do you think a big shot in a wheelchair suits me?” Qiao Anran’s eyes sparkled.


Everyone was amused by Qiao Anran, “No way, no way, you are biological brothers after all.”

“It’s exactly because we are biological brothers that he dares to beat me up without feeling guilty.” Qiao Anran puffed his cheeks, “He always treats me like a child even though I’m already twenty-two years old.”

Zheng Qianfang comforted him a few words. Qi Nan then said casually.

“It’s almost seven o’clock, why hasn’t brother Zeqing come?”

“He won’t come, will he?” Wei Yang cooperated, “It’s too embarrassing to eat alone at a couple’s restaurant.”

Qiao Anran frowned.

“That is to say, Director Qin is too bad.”

Just as he was talking, the elevator door opened with a ding, and Lu Zeqing walked out without haste.

The camera sweeps away.

No longer the usual casual outfit, Lu Zeqing also changed into a suit.

The dark blue tie is neatly tied, the close-fitting cut sets off his beautiful waistline, and a thin silver chain is pinned to the left pocket. The slight design sense is different from mature and serious occasions, it is eye-catching and solemn.

The cameraman’s lens was zoomed in, which was particularly visually impactful, and the barrage was praising Lu Zeqing’s long and straight legs.

[I only found out that I actually have a thing for long, beautiful legs]

[Lu Zeqing should go to the modeling industry, don’t mess around in the entertainment industry, it’s hard for me not to love this waist]

The next moment, the camera pictured Lu Zeqing’s face.

Lu Zeqing also spent some time on hairstyle today.

His appearance is pretty, with messy hair and bangs combed up. His short, naturally slightly curly hair has a fluffy feel. Under the light of the restaurant, his hair color, which is not very dark, is a deep maroon red, which complements him well, making his skin tone fairer.

A pair of light-colored eyes reflected a smile, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses hung on the high bridge of the nose, which was a little more refined and gentle than usual, showing both restraint and making one’s imagination roam.

The gold-rimmed glasses suppressed the sense of youth, and added a bit of mature charm.

[F@&k! So handsome! Aaaahh]

[I’m sorry, he’s so good-looking, I can’t hold it anymore]

[Did Lu Zeqing pay the cameraman? When shooting him, any random shot has the look of a magazine blockbuster]

[I really want to cry. Lu Zeqing, I beg you to be a new person, let’s stop touching porcelain, okay, I really want to admire your… Face!]

[Sense and emotion pull, I also want to scold him, but he is really good-looking!]

The author has something to say:

I’m afraid you can’t remember the name, you can ignore it.

Red party: Qingqing, Qi Nan, Qiao Anran, Chen Mingfei

Blue party: Zheng Qianfang, Zhou Shan, Wei Yang (Guests from the blue party can use homophonic notes)

Pao: …this Qi Nan is so pretentious! Also Anran is so cute, and Qingqing is so handsome~ heiheiheiheihei


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