Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s c6

Chapter 6

Zhou Yindi came back from her family’s house in the afternoon, and when she got home, she went to her Mother-in-law, Chen Guixiang’s room to talk. Liu Xiuyun curled her lips when she saw it.

“It’s not the time for slacking off from farming, Why did my sister-in-law delay a whole day and seven work points just to go to her mother’s house?”

Zhao Lijuan cut wild vegetable leaves from the foot of the mountain and prepared to mix them with rice bran and feed them to chickens.

“If she’s delayed, then she’s delayed. Stop muttering if you don’t have anything to say. “

As soon as she came back, she went into the room with their mother-in-law. The fool also knew that my sister-in-law’s absence today had something to do with their mother-in-law. The second sister-in-law was smart and stupid. She didn’t know whether she was really smart or acting stupid.

Zhou Yindi closed the door as soon as she entered the room and eagerly said to Chen Guixiang, “Mom, my brother inquired about this Chen family. You can’t take this marriage .”

“The eldest son from the Chen family beats up his wife. Before it was said to the public that the wife was sick, that’s why she died. But in fact, it was because she was often beaten up by the son of the Chen family. She was really discouraged, did not want to live, so she took medicine to seek death.”

“Ah! How did the third aunt introduce such a person to Jiahui? “

Chen Guixiang’s face was so blue that she was annoyed. The introducer didn’t know to inquire about it before. She was still related to her own relatives. If Jiahui were really married, wouldn’t she be in another fire pit!

Since she revealed to the public that she was looking for an in-law for Jiahui, none of the introductions has been good. They all think her own daughter was worthless after the divorce, right?

“Don’t tell Jiahui about this, don’t make her feel unhappy.”

Chen Guixiang was obviously not in a good mood. Zhou Yindi was also uncomfortable. She watched Jiahui grow from a little girl to a big girl, just like her sister in her mother’s family. She also hopes that Jiahui can find a good family.

“Mom, I know. I won’t say more. Even if Xiuyun and Lijuan ask me, I will only tell them that it’s inappropriate to say, and I won’t say more about it. “

Who knows what it would be like if they were said to anyone? It’s better to go back to the third aunt directly. If anyone says more and involves Jiahui with the eldest son of the Chen family, Jiahui will be the only one who suffers.

Chen Guixiang nodded with satisfaction. She valued her eldest daughter-in-law the most because she was thorough, knew how to think about people, and never made mistakes on the big issues of doing right and wrong.

“I don’t believe that my daughter is still unable to find a good family.”

This incident stung Chen Guixiang. She was cruel to herself. Even if she didn’t marry her daughter in her life, she had to find a really good one for her daughter.

Zhou Yindi sighed at the speech and said, “Jiahui’s marriage is really not going well, but it’s a pity that the Old Four[1]TN: The old four are old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits. is now broken, otherwise we could still take Jiahui to the temple to worship and see if we can find a good marriage for her.”

Zhou Yindi’s unintentional remark made Chen Guixiang’s heart stir.

The country has broken the feudal superstition, but the mountains are high and the emperor is far away. Who can keep an eye on this every day?

She decided to go to the temple tomorrow to burn incense. She wanted to ask which immortal their daughter had offended. Why did the matchmaker not tie a reliable red thread in her daughter’s hand?

In Xiaoling village, newly married Lu Chengyuan and his newly married wife, Li Caifeng, are in a stalemate.

“Was it really necessary to drive away your first wife and say that she couldn’t have children? In the end, the problem lies with you. Oh, you’re a big man. How nice of you to splash dirty water on women!”

Li Caifeng, the new wife of Lu Cheng Yuan, discovered on the night of the wedding that Lu Cheng Yuan was different. He turned out to be a withered one. He couldn’t do it before he found a mouth.

Li Caifeng was different from Dong Jiahui’s kind of good girl. She likes to be noisy. Li Caifeng often looks at young men in the village and knows more about men and women than Dong Jiahui.

Li Caifeng pushed away Lu Chengyuan, who was on top of her. She picked up the clothes scattered aside and put them on, looking at Lu Chengyuan with a sneer in her eyes, as if she was watching a joke.

Lu Chengyuan’s face was red and his forehead was sweating when he was just working. He didn’t care about Li Caifeng’s ridicule. He was flustered and afraid.

He knew his own problem. He thought it would get better if he changed his wife. In front of his bridal chamber, he specially asked his mother to stop listening to the corner. Who knows, he still can’t do it!

Lu Chengyuan had no other women before he married Dong Jiahui. When he was young, he solved it by himself. At that time, he didn’t feel that he had a problem. In the end, was it an inborn problem or was it because he was frightened? He was not able to distinguish it himself.

“I don’t want this marriage anymore. We’ll get the divorce certificate tomorrow.”

Li Caifeng was not stupid. Dong Jiahui was driven back by the Lu family because she couldn’t have children. In the case of Lu Chengyuan, the Lu family may not have had children all their lives. Could it be that in three years she would also be driven back by the Lu family on such an excuse?

Not to mention the three years of time wasted, just like three years of widowhood. She was not happy!

As for the bride price given by the Lu family, it will not be returned. Seriously, the Lu family is a fraud!

Lu Chengyuan realized that Li Caifeng was about to get divorced. He was a cowardly character and he was a Mama’s boy. But he was also a man with dignity, if this aspect of his own problem were taken out to the public, then how could he still be a man!

“Don’t, please don’t divorce, I was not born with this, as long as you don’t divorce, I will go to the doctor for a check-up. I will go to the city and the province to cure my disease.”

Li Caifeng has put on her clothes and her hair is scattered on her shoulders. She appears much more beautiful in the dim yellow light than she does during the day.

Li Caifeng was slightly fat and was a bit darker. She was not as white as Dong Jiahui. She has Phoenix eyes and raised eyes. When she stares, she looks a little fierce.

Dong Jiahui is not like this. She is very soft in how she speaks and she does things slowly. Lu Chengyuan has never seen her blush with anyone in the past three years. When she was there, no matter what his mother said, she never answered back and just buried herself in work.

Speaking of feelings, Lu Chengyuan naturally has feelings for Dong Jiahui. Such feelings are like warm and white, not warm and have no taste, but everything in this world is comparable. The lukewarm water, Dong Jiahui, was more to Lu Chengyuan’s appetite than the hot and choking pepper, Li Caifeng.

Since settling with Li Caifeng, Lu Cheng Yuan often misses the goodness of Dong Jiahui.

He should not have divorced Dong Jiahui if God had given him the faith to not have a child in this life, even if he had adopted one back, and it’s better to spend a light life with Dong Jiahui than face Li Caifeng.

This was the first day of their marriage, and Lu Chengyuan had expected the future.

“Hum, what you think is very beautiful. Why should I spend my whole life on you? If I divorce you, I will find a man thousands of times better than you every minute. Is a man who can’t do that still considered a man? “

Lu Chengyuan’s face was red and black. Obviously, Li Cai Feng’s words made him very humiliated.

Even if his heart was reluctant, he could not let Li Caifeng out. He couldn’t let Li Caifeng cause trouble. He wanted Lu Chengyuan’s face and their Lu family’s face. As long as he poked it out, the Lu family would be pointed out all their lives.

“I’ll cure the disease. I’ll satisfy you with whatever you want. Just don’t go out.”

This sentence is quite manly, but it’s a pity.

Li Caifeng looked at Lu Chengyuan. His father was a cadre of the brigade. That’s why Li Caifeng was willing to marry Lu Chengyuan as a second marriage wife.

Her mother gave birth to eight. She was not the most outstanding out of her brothers and sisters. Nor the favorite of her parents. She may have been neglected too much. She deliberately hopes that she can live a good life in the future, and have the best life among her other brothers and sisters.

Dong Jiahui understood early and thought a lot, although no one taught her, she came to a realization that she could only have a chance to turn her life around by getting married this time, but she knew that she was not outstanding in appearance and had no advantage in appearance. It was also an accident that the Lu family could choose her as a daughter-in-law.

Most of them are thin. Li Caifeng, who is a little fat, is very prominent.

“This girl looks like, she will do well in giving birth.”

Strong and genuine, as opposed to Dong Jiahui, who is thin and frail, and can be blown down by the wind in two steps.

Marrying Lu Chengyuan was an opportunity for Li Caifeng to turn over after waiting for 20 years. It can be said that if Lu Chengyuan hadn’t been divorced once, the marriage might not be able to turn on her.

She just said she wanted a divorce just to scare Lu Chengyuan. She can leave the Lu family, but she also has to make sure that she will not have dirty water when she leaves. But after returning to her mother’s house, her own affairs are still in the hands of her parents and brothers, and the next time she marries again, she does not know what kind of family she will marry into.

In fact, it is good to stay, Lu Chengyuan’s handle was in her hands, so he would definitely obey her. The Lu family’s conditions were not bad. The house is a tiled house, for the food and clothing, they were better than average. In the future, the Lu family doesn’t have to suffer from hunger and cold. Moreover, Lu Chengyuan is the only child of the Lu family. Say a disrespectful word. When an old couple of the Lu family dies, everything in the Lu family will be her’s!

“Good, since you begged me, then I will give you another chance, You have promised me, no matter what conditions I put forward, right? I want 50 yuan, two new clothes, a plum blossom watch and a pair of leather shoes.”

Li Cai Feng wanted money because the bride price given by the Lu family to the Li family was not given to Li Caifeng. Not only that, but the Li family also did not prepare any dowry for her. She was just taking advantage of the opportunity to seek benefits for herself.

Since Lu Chengyuan said he would agree to whatever he asked, let’s see if he can do it.

Lu Chengyuan looked at Li Caifeng in silence for a long time. In this condition, not to mention Li Caifeng like this, it was really too much to marry a wife in the city.

He has 50 yuan, and there is no problem with the clothes and leather shoes. The difficulty lies in the watch. It can only be bought with an industrial ticket, and the watch is expensive. Even if he has some money left around, it is really not enough to buy so many things.


1 TN: The old four are old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits.


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