Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 21

Chapter 21

It is said that “nephews follow their uncles, nieces follow their aunts”. Tianniu and Dong Jiahui are indeed quite similar. Even Chen Guixiang said that Tianniu and Jiahui were carved out of the same mould when they were young.

Zhang Qiaoer misunderstood Tianniu as Dong Jiahui’s daughter. Dong Jiahui did not explain why the two walked all the way to the east side of the creek. Dong Jiahui pointed to a house and said to Zhang Qiaoer, “Auntie, this is the fifth aunt’s house.”

Zhang Qiao’er followed the direction of Dong Jiahui’s finger and looked over. The courtyard matched her memory. She smiled and patted her thigh. “That’s exactly how I remembered it. Thank you so much today, little girl.”

“It’s nothing. It’s just a small thing, then I’ll go first.”

“Hey! Well, by the way, little girl, what is your name? I have to find a chance to thank you later.”

Dong Jiahui waved her hand repeatedly, “No, it’s just a handy thing, you really don’t have to worry about it.”

After saying that, Dong Jiahui waved her hand and went to the other side. It was only Tiannui who turned around and gave Zhang Qiaoer a curious look.

Zhang Qiao’er looked at Dong Jiahui’s back. Her heart was happy and sad. She thought she was a good daughter. If only Donglin could marry such a good daughter back, but unfortunately, this good daughter was someone else’s daughter-in-law. She can only look at her.

At this time of the day, the villagers have gone to work in the field. Zhang Qiaoer was in front of the Cao family. She waited for an hour before her older sister, Li Jinzhi, arrived.

“Hey, sister, why are you here?”

Li Jinzhi put down her hand with the pig straw and sickle basket. A hand grabbed Zhang Qiaoer’s arm. People who are old get excited easily. The two sisters have not seen each other for a long time. There was a sudden feeling of heartache and the urge to cry.

“I came here today to ask you about a matter. Here, I brought you something for your grandson to eat.”

In addition to pumpkins, Chinese squash, and cantaloupe melon were among the foods that could be planted in a garden. These foods were easy to take care of and eat. After eating, leave the melon seeds to dry and then, fry them in a pot. They can also be eaten as a snack.

“Aigoo, you just come, but you also bring me something. Does our friendship still need this?”

Zhang Qiaoer smiled and took her hand and said, “What’s this and that? I just brought you here to let you taste it. We have not seen each other for a long time. I still miss you. “

After saying that, Zhang Qiaoer tucked the corner of her eyes. This is her sister, who she has known since she was in diapers. A few decades have passed, and they have become old ladies.

The two of them entered the courtyard together and after exchanging a few pleasantries, Zhang Qiaoer told Li Jinzhi the purpose of her visit.

“The Changgui family’s daughter? That’s Jiahui, right? Is that the one Donglin has taken a fancy to?”

“No, how many times did I look for him before? He refused to give up, but last night he said he had fallen in love with this one. I thought it was the Changfu family’s little girl at first, but who knew it was the divorced one from the Changgui family? “

After saying that, Zhang Qiaoer still couldn’t help but sigh.

“Hey, the Changgui family’s daughter was actually a good daughter. She just had a bad life. It was not necessarily a bad thing if Donglin fancied her.  It was still uncertain if these two would end up together.”

She knew that the child, Donglin, was He has had good ideas and perseverance since childhood. He is willing to bear hardships. Jiahui was gentle. She was so gentle that she was bullied by the Lu family.

“Oh? So it’s a good one?”

Zhang Qiaoer was still very convinced of Li Jinzhi. If she said good, then she must not be bad.

“It’s very good. Apart from being divorced, everything else is good. She looks good and has a good temperament. She can do all the housework and work on the ground. After returning to her mother’s house, she helps people do sewing and mending clothes in the village. She can earn money to support the family. After returning, many people come to their house as matchmakers. Her mother doesn’t want her to suffer again for the rest of her life. She is determined to find a good husband for her, which has dragged her up until this day.”

Li Jinzhi said while choosing the beans. Zhang Qiaoer also sat on the small mat to help her choose together.

“All right, I’ll believe it if you say so. I already responded to Donglin last night. What should I do? Can parents really be tough on their children? I’ve never stopped what he wants to do.”

“It’s all the same. Children are all debt collectors. Every family has a difficult lesson to read. Although Donglin’s previous marriage matter was not very smooth, at least she was capable of supporting his career. He has become the village branch secretary. You relax and enjoy yourself. When he gets married, let them go by themselves. Don’t worry so much.”

Zhang Qiaoer spat, “It’s not as easy as you said. You also have three sons. Why don’t you worry about them?”

Li Jinzhi smiled and shook her head. “Don’t mention it. It’s not up to their mother. They are so old; each has a small family. I can help by reaching out to help them. I can help them, but I don’t go and involve myself in anything I shouldn’t. I don’t have to be angry if I want to open it. I can fill my stomach, have enough food and clothing, and save some emergency money in my hand. I think life is very good.”

Who doesn’t have a lot of trivial things? Three sons, three daughters-in-law and eight grandchildren. Everyone has their own personality and an idea. You shouldn’t be shallow and angry. Instead, you should be broad-minded. If you are broad-minded, you will find that it’s not a big deal. Don’t look at what you don’t like and don’t say what you don’t want to say. Wait until you’re really old and need to be taken care of.

After talking about the bad things at home. Zhang Qiaoer talked about the daughter that she just met in the village.

“Her heart is quite good. I asked if she knew Li Jinzhi’s family. Not only did she give me directions, but also brought me over. I asked her what her name was. She did not tell me and left. “

Li Jinzhi also did not care about this and talked for a while, Zhang Qiaoer carried the empty basket and went home.

All the way home, her daughter Zhao Meixiang had started cooking, and her granddaughter Yingbao was standing in the walker eating boiled sweet potatoes.

“Mom, where did you go early in the morning? My sister-in-law said, “You did not go to work today.”

Zhang Qiaoer walked around and felt tired. She sat down and poured a bowl of cold white water into it. She gulped the water in the bowl.

“Went out to do some business.”

She never mentioned going to Dayu Village.

Zhao Donglin came back to eat at noon. Zhang Qiaoer squirmed and said, “How was your matter handled? Did you find yourself a matchmaker?”

The corner of Zhao Donglin’s lips had an untraceable smile. 

Zhao Donglin, corner of the mouth, a few untraceable hooks, “I’m going to find sister-in-law Juhua of the third team. She is also from Dayu village. “

Zhang Qiaoer nodded. She originally thought that, if Donglin could not find someone, why not let Li Jinzhi be the matchmaker? You have to give the matchmaker a thank-you gift. Usually, they would choose a matchmaker who was close to them. It could be counted as keeping the good things within the family.

“Since you found the matchmaker, you will choose a date early to ask for marriage. Now that it’s August, it’s the good time for a wedding before the year ends.”

Zhao Donglin nodded in response. When Zheng Yuefen and Zhao Meixiang heard these words, they incredulously raised their heads. Last night, Mom disagreed with this marriage that she became so angry, but today, her attitude changed so quickly. Why did her attitude change so quickly?

“What are you looking at? Don’t you want to eat?”

Zhang Qiaoer couldn’t keep her face. She pretended to be angry and knocked on her rice bowl. Zheng Yuefen and Zhao Meixiang quickly bowed their heads to feed the children.

“The Zhao family side said that three days from now, they would see the bride. Donglin asked me privately whether it would be OK to gather a lucky number of 66 yuan for the bride price. In addition, they prepared two new clothes for Jiahui. It was up to Jiahui to decide whether to pull cloth or buy ready-made.”

Zhao Juhua rushed to the Dong family as soon as she got the letter. She was so happy; it was the first time she had ever been a serious matchmaker.

“So many? Are you sure?”

Chen Guixiang looked at his daughter with disbelief. 66 yuan was already considered as a very high bride price in the village. The Lu family gave a bride price of only twenty yuan plus three feet of cloth.

“That’s right! The Zhao family is in good condition, and they are naturally willing to pay more when they see Jiahui.”

Zhao Juhua teased Dong Jiahui, who looked uncomfortable and turned her head away.

“I didn’t think Jiahui would meet such a good match.”

Chen Guixiang was happy and deeply moved. She heaved a deep breath. A feeling of relief and exaltation rose up

Well, let’s see how those who laughed at Jiahui behind her back and spread gossip about her would react. Even if her daughter is divorced, someone still wants her, and she was still worth a lot (the bride price or dowry).

On that day, the Dong family only knew that Dong Jiahui had a blind date, and he was still the village branch secretary of Shanghe village. Although he was divorced, he was still a village cadre, you can already burn high incense!

[1]TN: burn a high incense means burning incense to gods and Buddhas, as a metaphor of sincere thanks to others.

    “Mother, this is too powerful!”

    “Mom, how come you only told us today about such a good thing?”

    “That’s right, you still hid it from us.”

Chen Guixiang pursed her lips and laughed, “What is there to say when things are not yet settled? Now that it is settled, you can feel at ease saying it. “

She glanced at her second daughter-in-law. She thought that with just her mouth, she was afraid that she would say it out loud and tell it everywhere.

“It’s good. I told you that our daughter Jiahui must be blessed. She found a good match.”

She nodded her head and said, “It’s true. They say that the first thing is bitterness, and what follows was sweetness. Jiahui has come to the end of her bitterness.”

Everyone in the family nodded their heads in agreement.

“The Zhao family will come to see the bride in three days. This matter is about the rest of Jiahui’s life. Make sure these three sisters-in-law are all in good spirits. Make sure this matter is done. “

This is the final step. No matter what, it must not go wrong.

“Mom, don’t worry, we will definitely prepare well. From the first day of my marriage, I treated Jiahui as my own sister. I am most looking forward to her good life.”

The first time Zhou Yindi said this Liu Xiuyun rolled her eyes. She can speak and behave and set others like that. Now, if she will follow her and say it, isn’t that just picking up the wisdom of others?

“Yes, mom. Jiahui is our own sister. We promise we won’t drop the chain on Jiahui. “

Hearing that Zhao Lijuan also took a stand. Liu Xiuyun also hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, we will definitely prepare well.”

Chen Guixiang nodded. “Also, don’t tell the public about this beforehand. Our own family knows that it is good, and we will mention it again when the wedding is decided.”

When explaining this sentence, Chen Guixiang deliberately focused on her second daughter-in-law, Liu Xiuyun. The meaning is self-evident.

After all, Jiahui is divorced. Chen Guixiang is afraid that someone will come out and make trouble. There are people who don’t want to see others well in this world. Her daughter may have a good marriage this year. She can help her daughter guard it well.

“Don’t worry, mom. We know what’s going on. We won’t go out and talk nonsense.”

Zhou Yindi first responded. Liu Xiuyun understood the meaning of her mother-in-law and her mouth opened, feeling wronged.


1 TN: burn a high incense means burning incense to gods and Buddhas, as a metaphor of sincere thanks to others.


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