Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 30

Chapter 30

As soon as Dong Jiahui entered the room, she felt a tense and suffocating aura in the air. She bit her lip and walked past Zhao Donglin, then went to the dressing table and wiped her hair in front of the mirror.

The dressing table was against the bed, just on the right side of the desk. Zhao Donglin turned his head to look at her, and Dong Jiahui’s beautiful physique was revealed with her action of wiping her hair.

Her head was facing sideways. From his direction, she could see her soft chin, slender wrists exposed from her cuffs, her snowy skin after taking a bath, and rosy lips as if they were painted with red.

Zhao Donglin unconsciously gulped. He took a deep breath and turned his head, forcing himself to stop looking.

Dong Jiahui combed her hair until it was half dry. When she turned around, she saw Zhao Donglin was still sitting in front of the desk.

It’s embarrassing. There are no leisure activities in this era when the night comes. No TV, no cellphone, no internet, no books at home except for the meeting report that Zhao Donglin brought back.

Although it’s dark outside, it’s only eight o’clock now. Even though she wanted to sleep, she was unable to sleep.

Dong Jiahui lay in bed with her eyes closed and started to count the sheep. At about 9:00, Zhao Donglin stepped on his shoes and walked to the bed. He took off his coat and came up to the bed.

In the quiet night, any slight movement seemed to expand dozens of times in Dong Jiahui’s mind. She opened her eyes and looked at the pattern on the bed curtain. Because it was prepared for the wedding, it was embroidered with several fat mandarin ducks.

When Zhao Donglin’s hand wrapped around Dong Jiahui’s waist, her heart pounded and her whole body stiffened.


Zhao Donglin whispered to her ear softly, and Dong Jiahui turned back and met Zhao Donglin’s eyes.

It seemed that there was light shining in his eyes, and a surge of love and care was hidden beneath those eyes. Dong Jiahui’s breathing began to be disordered. When Zhao Donglin’s kiss fell on her lips, she gradually found her senses.

“Don’t be afraid; I’ll do it slowly.”

Dong Jiahui’s eyes glistened with tears. She tightly bit her lips to keep herself from making a sound. The countryside house was not well soundproofed, and it was too humiliating to be heard by someone.

It may be painful or hard to bear, but Zhao Donglin was patient enough. The first meeting of their souls took place on this slightly cool night.

Afterwards, Zhao Donglin wrapped his arms around Dong Jiahui and rubbed the warmth of his arms through the covers.

“I was a little shocked yesterday too. Would you like to talk about it?”

Dong Jiahui gave an explanation and told the reason she had thought of before.

“He couldn’t do that and he hasn’t touched me.”

Zhao Donglin closed his eyes. He thought of this reason, but he didn’t expect it to be true.

He didn’t mind from the beginning that Jiahui had been divorced, but life had given him a real surprise. This surprise was too big, so big that he had to reconsider his marriage.

Before, he thought, if Jiahui really can’t have a baby, it doesn’t matter, they can raise Heidan and Yingbao together. What he really wanted was a gentle wife and a warm family. The number of children was not the basis of their marital happiness.

But now, Jiahui and Zhao did not have children for this reason. Since it is not true that they cannot have children, then in the future, the probability that they will have children is very high.

With the thought of having a child with Jiahui in the future, Zhao Donglin was excited and at the same time worried about Heidan and Yingbao. Now it seems that Jiahui has a good relationship with Yingbao. He doesn’t have to worry about that. After all, Yingbao was still young and had no impression of Wang Mei, but Heidan was different. He is four years old, and he has a memory of Wang Mei when she left.

Thinking about Heidan’s inexplicable hostility towards Jiahui in the past two days, Zhao Donglin felt it was better to solve the problem as soon as possible, waiting for the conflict to intensify more would be bad.

“Have you had a hard time before?”

It should be hard to be a sinner in the mouths of others and be the subject of rumours from others with unwarranted charges.

He was still in the army when she got divorced, and after he came back, he heard people say that she had also jumped into the river because of the divorce. Zhao Donglin had never believed this rumor because when he first met Jiahui in town, the gentle and calm person she showed did not look like someone who would jump into the river and want to die.

After Zhao Donglin asked her, Dong Jiahui carefully thought about the question of whether she was having a hard time. The answer should be given separately from before she came and after she came.

It should be painful for the original owner. After all, in this era, divorce is a big deal. Otherwise, why would the original owner jump into the river to commit suicide? But if he was asking about herself, she was really okay. The Dong family was good to her. They had accepted her with the greatest goodwill, and they did not just find someone for her to marry. This was enough to make her grateful.

Of course, she will not marry just anyone, but if the Dong family were not so kind, her life would be very difficult. Even if she escapes, she will face the dilemma of not knowing where to go. There’s no letter of introduction, no proof of identity. She will never be able to live openly; she can only live with an unregistered household.

Moreover, whether a young woman could protect herself from infringement in this strange era was also a problem. Therefore, she has always been grateful for the kindness and integrity of the Dong family.

“Fortunately, the previous things are in the past. I do not want to think about them at all.”

Zhao Donglin kissed the top of her hair compassionately and hugged her a little tighter.

“Then don’t think about it. Let’s live our lives together in the future.”


Dong Jiahui wanted to ask Zhao Donglin about his previous wife, but the words in her mouth didn’t come out. One reason was that she didn’t want to break the good atmosphere, and the other was that she did not want to know Zhao Donglin and his ex-wife’s affairs.

Knowing more makes her unhappy. Why bother about that? As long as he is good to herself.

It was late at night. The shadow of the tree swayed in the cold wind. Although it was dark in the room, it was hot. Jiahui went to sleep in the early morning. The next day, she heard the cock crow and she struggled to open her eyes. She was surprised by the pain in her body.

She gave a cry, Zhao Donglin stretched out his generous palm and started to massage her through the clothes.

He had been in the army and was very good at pressing acupuncture points and such.

“Tired, right? You don’t have to get up early today. Get some more sleep. “

Last night, he did not hold back. He asked for it again and again. In the end, it was his wife who suffered, and Zhao Donglin was also distressed.

Fortunately, it was not so swollen.

Dong Jiahui’s face was bright red and ashamed, which unconsciously stirred Zhao Donglin’s heartstrings.

“Then I’ll rub it for you.”


Jiahui answered softly and leaned against Zhao Donglin’s chest. She was as soft and clever as a little rabbit. Zhao Donglin’s heart was so full that he couldn’t contain it. His face overflowed with a gentle smile.

Dong Jiahui still got up in the end. Her long hair trailed over her shoulders, combed with her hand. Zhao Donglin really felt sick. He could look at her quietly all day. Whether she was combing her hair with her hand, dressing up and folding the quilt, or washing and combing her hair, her every move was beautiful.

“Why do you keep looking at me?”

“You look beautiful.”

Dong Jiahui glanced at him and said, with a smile, “Secretary Zhao can really talk. ate too much sugar? “

Zhao Donglin walked over. He kissed her lips and tossed her around for a moment. He looked down at her and asked, “Did you taste it? Did I eat sugar? “

Dong Jiahui stroked her chest. She had only had one pure love affair on campus before. She had never had such real contact with men. Before, she only thought Zhao Donglin was an honest and reliable man. She didn’t expect that he could flirt and that he could make her blush and make her heart beat.

She glared at him with a red face, blaming him for making her heart beat so fast.

In the kitchen, Zhang Qiaoer was already up and boiling water, and Heidan was playing with the wood in front of the stove.


“Yes, mo. Did I get up late?”

“No, I’m boiling hot water. When it boils, I’ll first use the two pots of hot water, and the rest will be left to cook breakfast. “

“Yes, can I cook breakfast today?”

“Okay, I’m not going to compete with you on the cooking part.”

Dong Jiahui smiled. She looked at Heidan, and she hesitantly went over and touched his head.

“Heidan, what do you want to eat this morning? I will make it for you, okay?”

Heidan lowered his head to play with the wood and just didn’t look up at Jiahui.

Dong Jiahui didn’t feel bad, but Zhang Qiaoer was a little helpless.

This child, Heidan, although he was young, but he had a tight mouth. She can’t pry open what he doesn’t want to say. She also asked privately why he ignored his new mother, but he didn’t speak. Zhang Qiaoer can’t help it.

“Mom, I see that there is pumpkin at home. I want to make pumpkin pie for the children to eat. It just costs some oil.”

Dong Jiahui wanted to say something, but she actually meant to ask her mother-in-law.

The amount of oil used to fry the pumpkin pancakes was a lot, but Dong Jiahui also thought that the oil left over after frying could still be used when stir-frying at noon, so it was not a waste.

“You can make them if you want to. I’ve made some soybean oil for your wedding, so I’ll have enough for the rest of the year. “

After Mother-in-law agreed, Dong Jiahui turned back to Heidan and said, “Do you like pumpkin pancakes? The sweet and fragrant pumpkin pancakes have the color orange. It is delicious, so nod your head if you want to eat them, okay? “

The pumpkin belongs to her parents. Dong Jiahui only remembered to make pumpkin pancakes when she saw a dozen pumpkins piled up in the corner of the house.

Heidan did not look up, but Dong Jiahui noticed a pause in his hand. He was obviously interested in the topic.

“Then I’ll make pumpkin pie for Heidan.”

Before she left, she patted Heidan’s head with mixed feelings in her heart.

Although Heidan doesn’t like to pay attention to her, she was a stepmother. He is so small and yet he doesn’t have the love of his real mother. In fact, he is very pitiful.

She is not Wang Mei. She didn’t know why Wang Mei was so obsessed with returning to the city. In her opinion, in this era, although there are many inconveniences, it’s still a lovely place. The most important thing is that Wang Mei already has two children. She really wants to leave the children behind?

When she said she would do it, she would really do it. Dong Jiahui took a pumpkin from the corner. She washed it and cut it in half, leaving the half. She emptied out the other half, peeled and sliced it, and put it in a container.

The pumpkin needed to be steamed, and it just so happened that Zhang Qiaoer was boiling water, so Dong Jiahui put a lid on the container and put it in the water to steam.

It takes about a quarter of an hour in between, so Dong Jiahui took this time to prepare the other flour needed. After the pumpkin was steamed, she took it out. She pressed it into a puree with a spoon. She then added the flour, glutinous rice flour, and brown sugar in turn. She mixed it well and kneaded it into a dough.

After making some round cakes, Jiahui pinched the shape of a pig to Heidan on a whim.

“Heidan, look at this little pig. How about I make this little pig for you to eat?”

Heidan looked at the cartoon image of the pig in Jiahui’s hand, and his eyes showed the emotion of childish curiosity and wanting to study it. He was obviously very interested.

Seeing the change in Heidan’s demeanor, Dong Jiahui continued to guide Heidan with words.

“Look how cute it is. Do you like it?”

Heidan looked at Dong Jiahui and then looked at the piglet in her hand, and when Dong Jiahui thought he would not respond, she saw him nod his head.

The stone in Dong Jiahui’s heart fell. It’s good that there’s a response. As long as he was willing to open a gap in his heart, she could warm him up a little with care and patience.

“You like it, right? I’ll make three. You can give it to your sister, okay? “

Heidan beamed, but he did not say yes or no.

Dong Jiahui tried to understand Heidan’s emotions; he liked this piggy. She said she would make three for him and five for his brother and sister. But he was not happy. Does that mean he did not want to share it with his sister?

Thinking of this, Dong Jiahui continued to patiently understand Heidan’s emotions.

“Are you not willing to share the piglet with your sister? Then I will also make many small animals like piglets, rabbits, kittens, puppies, and more. You can pick your favorites with your sister, okay? “

Thanks to her cousin who learned to make sugar cakes in the past, although he was not much of a professional, she could pinch a few small animal-shaped cakes to cheat the children.

Sure enough, after Dong Jiahui said so, Heidan nodded his head.

Zhang Qiaoer has been sitting in front of the stove. She saw Dong Jiahui’s performance towards Heidan. It can be said that she was more and more satisfied with her new daughter-in-law.

Zhang Qiaoer was smiling as she burned the fire, while Dong Jiahui, who had kneaded the dough and pressed the pastry, began to fry the pumpkin cake.

She poured the right amount of oil into the pot and waited for the temperature to rise. When the right temperature arrived, she put the pastry into the frying pan and fried it on low heat until it became golden brown. Then she flipped it over and continued frying the other side.

When Zhao Meixiang entered the kitchen with Yingbao in her arms, she saw this scene: her mother was burning the fire in front of the stove, her new sister-in-law was frying something in the pan, and next to her stood her eldest nephew, Heidan.

Yesterday, her mother was nagging her about Heidan. How come Heidan and her new sister-in-law are so close now?

Dong Jiahui raised her eyes and smiled at them, pointing to the small animal that had been fried on the plate and saying, “Yingbao, do you want to see the small animal? This small rabbit is specially made for you. Can you eat it when we eat later?”

Zhao Meixiang hugged Yingbao and came over. When she saw those animal-shaped designs, she immediately exclaimed, “Ah, sister-in-law, how did you shape it? This shape was also too similar.

She found that this new sister-in-law was really handy. She can cook, make clothes, even her kneading the dough was better than others who knead.

When eating breakfast, the adults ate a stack of pumpkin pies, and the three children were eating small animal-shaped pumpkin pies.

“Oh, what are you doing today? It takes too much oil to eat such greasy things early in the morning. “

Zheng Yuefen had never seen pumpkin cake. One was that pumpkin cake belongs in the category of fine food, and they won’t bother to make it in rural areas where this kind of food can’t even fill your stomach. Second, food was related to the region, just like Huaiyang cuisine, Shandong cuisine, and Sichuan cuisine. Different regions have different dietary cultures. Obviously, pumpkin pie doesn’t belong to the dietary culture of Shanghe village or even the whole commune.

When Zheng Yuefen spoke, no one paid attention to her. They waited for Zhang Qiaoer to move her chopsticks. Zhao Meixiang couldn’t wait to clip a piece and bite it. It was crisp and fragrant. The sweet and greasy taste was not bad.

“It’s not bad, but I still like the fortune cake that my sister-in-law made last night.”

Dong Jiahui smiled and gave Yingbao a piece of a rabbit-shaped cake while talking to Zhao Meixiang, “I’ll do it next time if you like, the pumpkin cake I made this morning, there is still half a pumpkin unused over there, I want to cut it into shredded melon to make shredded melon pie, this is salty, definitely more appetizing than the sweet one.”

“Really? Sister-in-law, when will you do it? I can’t wait to eat it. “

Zhang Qiaoer ate a mouthful of pumpkin pie and swallowed a mouthful of porridge. When she saw her daughter’s drooling look and she scolded, “You’re a grown-up but you are still so greedy, beware of not being able to get married in the future.”

“I’ll stay home and help my sister-in-law with the children, she can cook so much delicious food, I’d like to stay home and not get married.”

Yingbao ate the bunny, and Heidan also ate the piglet deliciously. Shitou’s eyes looked at the plate of small animals, giving him a look like he wanted to eat but did not dare to move.

“Shitou, which little animal do you want?”

Shitou timidly pointed to the puppy on the plate, and after pointing, he also looked at Zheng Yuefen.

Dong Jiahui smiled and said to Shitou, “Sure, let your mommy clip it for you if Shitou wants to eat it, okay?”

You said this is greasy to eat in the morning, and you said it takes too much oil. Now your son wants to eat. It depends on whether you give it to him.

Anyway, Dong Jiahui won’t do such thankless things. If she takes it to Shitou and has to be blamed by Zheng Yuefen, wouldn’t she be wronged to death?

Zheng Yuefen really couldn’t hang her face, but her son wanted to eat it. She looked at Yingbao and Heidan eagerly. She loved her son and couldn’t see that her son was wronged. She had to stretch out her chopsticks and clip the puppy shaped cake to Shitou.

Dong Jiahui felt comfortable. She was about to feed Yingbao porridge, but Zhao Donglin stopped him.

“You eat first. She is chewing the cake. Wait until you finish eating and then feed her.”

Dong Jiahui looked at them and their eyes were looking at each other. Last night was their first intimate contact, and their feelings had been qualitatively sublimated. Dong Jiahui’s face unconsciously blushed. She was uncomfortable and didn’t open her eyes, but her heart was sweet. She knew that he cared about her and didn’t want her to have a cold meal.

Zhang Qiaoer heard her son’s words and also nodded with a bowl and spoke, “Yes, you eat first, when they are older they should eat by themselves.”

There are three children in the family, Heidan was four years old, he can eat on his own, and Shitou and Yingbao still needed to be fed.

“I’m afraid they will break the bowl.”

For people in the countryside, something with a little value was still valuable. Bowls were still considered valuable. There are families with really poor conditions, their entire family share a broken bowl when eating, they have to take turns.

“When you go to town, you can buy two enamel bowls. Even if they fell on the ground, it wouldn’t break. “

After Dong Jiahui finished talking, Zheng Yuefen wanted to laugh at her. A person who doesn’t manage a household would not be aware of how expensive things are, but Zhang Qiaoer had already answered at the other end.

“Okay, next time we go to town, we will buy two back.”

Zheng Yuefen immediately stopped talking.


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