Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 37

Chapter 37

After going back from work in the evening and eating dinner, she bathed Yingbao and asked Zhao Donglin to take Heidan to take a bath.

Heidan was a boy. Although he was young, it was not appropriate for Jiahui to bathe him. After all, he was not her biological child. Four years old is not young, and she was still embarrassed, and so was Heidan. So why not give the work to his father? It can be said that she also saved herself from having to do more errands.

Now that it is late November, the climate has started to get colder every day. Most of the farmers do not bathe every day, especially children. Washing once every few days is already considered diligent. Wait until the cold winter months. Many children do not bathe for ten days and a half months or more in the winter.

Dong Jiahui, who transmigrated from the modern age, naturally couldn’t stand this. She takes a bath every day, and aside from that, she also sets some rules for Heidan and Yingbao. They must take a bath once every three days during this season and at least once a week during the winter season.

In order to not bother other people, the bathwater was boiled by Dong Jiahui. Sometimes Zhao Donglin would also help her. Their bathroom was separated from the water room with complete wooden barrels, plastic tents, and fragrant pancakes.

Zheng Yuefen scoffed at Jiahui’s habit of bathing every day, saying that she loved to be pretentious and was catching up with Wang Mei, but Zhang Qiaoer thought nothing of it; there was nothing wrong with loving cleanliness. Bathing only cost some firewood, but the children of the family who walked out cleaner and tidier than the other children were the face of the family.

Did you see the watch on your sister-in-law’s wrist? It’s still new, and I haven’t seen her wear it before, so I don’t know who bought it. “

When Dong Jiahui came back from the warehouse, she took off the watch. It’s inconvenient to wear a watch for work at home. Although it’s not a six-digit and seven-digit watch in later generations, in this era, the watch was already considered a very high-end thing, and it’s also sent by Zhao Donglin. Dong Jiahui cherishes it well.

Zhao Donghe could no longer bear listening to Zheng Yuefen’s chit-chat about these topics all day. Why do you want to compare yourself with other people? Whatever her sister-in-law wears, she will compare it to herself. If her sister-in-law had a watch, she would compare. If mom was good to her sister-in-law, she would compare. Day by day, she wouldn’t stop doing this.

Can you stop thinking about what’s in other people’s bowls all the time? Never mind who bought them, they are all things that my sister-in-law owned. If you envy them, you can buy one yourself. “

Hey, what do you mean? I just said a word. Do you dislike me so much? Even if I would like to buy it, I don’t have the money or ticket. How can I buy it? Don’t you know? We do not have a penny. The annual dividend at the end of the year was given to our mother.

Zheng Yuefen’s voice was getting smaller and smaller. Apparently, she also knows that she should not say those words.

Zhao Donghe glared at her and went out the door unhappily. He started to chop the firewood to relieve his anger.

Dong Jiahui was sitting in front of the window with a kerosene lamp. She was mending the leg of Heidan’s trousers. When she saw Zhao Donghe chopping wood, she said to Zhao Donglin in amusement, “Your brother is chopping wood in the dark.” Wouldn’t he mistake his legs for firewood? “

There was a joke before when eating at night without like and you couldn’t see, someone ate their rice up their nostrils.

Zhao Donglin estimated that his brother and sister-in-law had another quarrel. Originally, he was indifferent, but after he listened to the jokes of his wife, he couldn’t stop the smile at the corners of his mouth.

Zhao Donglin originally wanted to go out, but then thought it was their couple’s affair. He didn’t need to get involved in their affairs. If they want to quarrel, then let them quarrel. It’s useless if he didn’t understand the root of their quarrel.

Dong Jiahui sewed the trouser legs and measured the size. Before, she bought a cotton cloth and saved it for her to use in making pants. At that time, the size was enough. After she was done with the trousers, she took out the clothes cut by Mexiang the day before yesterday and made a sleeve before she stopped sewing.

Outside the window, Zhao Donghe, who has been cutting firewood for a long time, has also returned to the house.

“I’m going to town tomorrow. Will you come with me?”

“What time?”

“The meeting is at nine o’clock, and we leave at eight.”

Dong Jiahui thought for a moment. She still has to go to the warehouse at 7:40.m. After recording the villagers who borrowed farming tools, she can follow him.

“So when will you be back?”

“Usually more than eleven o’clock, but we can come back in time for lunch.”

Dong Jiahui nodded.

Do I have to tell the captain that I’m going to town tomorrow? In case someone wants to look for me for something,

“Yes, You have to tell him, and you can just leave the key with him. “

When Zhao Donglin said these, his hand movement did not stop. He had already jumped into Jiahui’s clothes. Jiahui looked at him with bright eyes. At this time, she was the most attractive, as sweet and juicy as a ripe mountain peach in June.

The next day, Dong Jiahui endured the pain and got up to make breakfast. Corn pancakes can be eaten with sauce or pickles.

“Mom, I want to follow Donglin to town this morning and buy some cloth and cotton. It’s going to get cold soon, so I’ll make some cotton clothes for the two kids. “

“Yes, you go. I thought of it a few days ago, but I forgot about it in the past two days. Thankfully, you remembered. “

“How much do you want to buy? I’ll go back to the house to get you a ticket. “”

No need to worry, Mom; I had previously saved a few cloth tickets. It should be enough.

Zhang Qiaoer laughed at this. She liked Jiahui because she was so generous and not the kind of person who only thinks about herself. Besides, it’s not that you only need a ticket to buy something; you still need to spend some money.

Don’t be polite to me. Now that I am in charge of this family, I should pay for the food at home. You and Donglin just got married. Before, Donglin’s wages were given to me, but recently, I’ve been thinking about how to distribute this money. Donglin used to work in the army, and he paid for food and clothing. Now it’s different. He works in the village and can’t work without money. “

Another thing was that Donglin still had two children when he married Jiahui. She is a mother who keeps her son’s salary. What should they(Donglin’s family) do if they have to spend money? She knew that Jiahui still has the bride price. Although it is not so bad that you do not have money to spend, it will not leave a good taste. But for the sake of the harmony of the family, she still has to give them some consideration.

I’ll say this to you: after Donglin’s monthly salary, I’ll give you ten yuan. Regard it as your own. The rest is still here with me. The family’s expenses for food will be paid for by me. So, you don’t have to be polite to me. By the way, as an older brother, Donglin has suffered a lot. But in this life, he only had Donghe as his little brother. Love is more important than money. I asked about Donglin’s intention, and I also asked for Donglin’s opinion, and he also agreed. “

Zhao Donglin, naturally, won’t have any opinions. He’s been like this for so many years. Zhang Qiaoer said so much just for Dong Jiahui. She was afraid that she had some opinions on Donglin’s salary distribution.

Dong Jiahui is not that stupid. She naturally understands her mother-in-law’s meaning. She smiled and said, “Mom, I understand. We are a family. We should not be concerned about personal gains and losses.”

Zhang Qiaoer patted her hand, slightly excited. It’s good that you understand. A lone tree does not make a forest. The family must work together to live a good life. Don’t worry, mom has a scale in her heart. She won’t be biased towards anyone. “

Dong Jiahui nodded. From what she had seen so far, Zhang Qiaoer was doing a good job. She was not the kind of Mother-in-law who was unreasonable.

The Zhao family is generally good, and Zheng Yuefen is a little out of tune.

This cake is delicious. It tastes better with two cloves of garlic. “

“Then don’t open your mouth and talk; the smell could kill anyone.”

It’ll be good to eat this when we work on the river this winter.

When the winter wheat is in the ground, the countryside will usher in a period of agricultural leisure. The commune will mostly organize everyone to do river work, like repairing a road or something. Doing this kind of work is twice the usual work point, so the young and strong people want to go.

After eating, Jiahui took the key to the warehouse and opened the door. After the team came to collect the farming tools, she went to the captain’s house and told him she was going to the town in the morning, and the captain agreed without saying anything.

“Heidan, do you want to go to town together?”

Jiahui had the intention of improving her relationship with Heidan. Don’t children like to play? Since Zhao Donglin has a meeting, it’s nothing for her to take Heidan around the town.

A four-year-old child should be the age where kids want to play. When Jiahui mentioned this, in Heidan’s heart, he wanted to go, but he was shy, so he cannot say it.

“Then let’s go together.”

Jiahui naturally took Heidan’s little hand. Her hand was warm and soft. Heidan was stunned after holding her hand. This reminded him of his mother in his memory. She also held his hand and sang songs to him.

Wang Mei left when Heidan was more than three years old. It has been more than half a year now, and the child’s memory is not so deep. Heidan just knew they had a mother, and he knew that she had left them. He can’t remember Wang Mei’s appearance clearly. His hands are warm. He looks up and just meets Dong Jiahui’s smiling eyes, which are very similar to the mother in his memory.

Zhao Donglin rode his bicycle, Jiahui sat on the back of the bicycle, and Heidan sat on the bars and wandered off to town.

“I’m going to the commune. Wait for me here when you’re done shopping.”


Dong Jiahui stroked Heidan’s hair and said to him, “Heidan, say goodbye to Daddy.”

Heidan looked at Zhao Donglin and didn’t say anything. Dong Jiahui found that Heidan was too introverted. Looking at his eyes, he obviously knew everything, but he just didn’t want to talk. She asked Meixiang, and she said that Heidan wasn’t like this before. After Wang Mei left them, he didn’t like to talk.

She didn’t know what happened after Wang Mei left, but it should be true that it was a great blow to Heidan when she left.

“Then you go first. Don’t be late for the meeting.”

Zhao Donglin also patted Heidan’s hair and rode away. Jiahui took Heidan and stood in place for a while before turning around and taking Heidan’s hand into the supply and marketing agency.

Before going out, Zhang Qiaoer took three tickets and gave Jiahui 20 yuan. Because she was buying something, Jiahui went directly to the cloth counter.

The cloth of this era was mainly plain. Black, blue, yellow and green were the common colors. Blue was divided into light blue, dark blue, Tibetan blue. Yellow was divided into turmeric and light loess yellow. Green was the most popular, military green, and other colors are not absent, but the range of options was very small.

In the past, the cotton spinning cloth was popular in rural areas, and it has become popular in recent years.

In the era of planned supply, people bought clothes with cloth tickets. The cloth tickets supplied by a person a year are only 3 feet.

Three feet of cloth a year was not enough to make a suit of clothes. At that time, the solution was that rich people bought black market cloth tickets, while poor people bought back spinning cloth. The spinning cloth was to break the rags and spin them into yarn again. The emergence of Dacron solves this problem. Because it is durable, the cloth tickets of a family can make a set of clothes for family members in urgent need of clothes, which can be worn by a person for several years, which greatly solves people’s basic food and clothing needs.

It is a chemical fiber product with poor breathability, but in this era, it is a very trendy fabric that is easy to wear and dry, not easy to fade without ironing, and the color looks brighter than cotton.

Dong Jiahui chose dacron fabric for the two old people. Naturally, it was more comfortable for the children to use pure cotton fabric. Zhao Donglin wears military uniforms all year round. For Zhao Donghe and Zheng Yuefen, Jiahui asked herself and came to the conclusion that there was no need to prepare for them.

“Hey, isn’t that Jiahui?”

Dong Jiahui was seriously unable to choose. When she heard someone calling her name behind her, She turned around and saw that it was Hong Tao, whom she knew from Dayu Village.

“You went to the town to buy clothes?”

Hong Tao smiled and came over. She looked at Dong Jiahui and then looked at Heidan, who was following Dong Jiahui. She touched Heidan’s head and said, “Is this your son?”

Hong Tao knew that Dong Jiahui had become a stepmother after she got married. She has a straightforward personality and has nothing to say.

“Yes, my son.”

Dong Jiahui graciously admitted it and smiled down at Heidan.

“What a coincidence. I was worried about finding you, but I didn’t expect to meet you on the street.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I was looking for you to make clothes. I found two other tailors, but I don’t think their work look as good as yours.”

Jiahui paid attention to details when making clothes.

For example, she pinches an inch at the waist, which makes her body look more curved. If it was pants, she would not make the thin trouser legs too wide, but instead, it would be done according to the person’s body. She would even slightly change the style with radish pants and bell-bottomed pants. It’s not too much, but the visual effect is absolutely different. Therefore, many people who wear Jiahui’s clothes are exactly that kind, It’s not good, but it’s different from others.

“Yes, then you tell me the requirements.”

I’m satisfied with what you’ve done. I’ve already bought the cloth. It’s at home. I’ll bring it to you when I have the time. “

“Okay, but do you know where my husband’s house is?”

“I’ll just ask. I’ll come to you tomorrow morning.”


She picked up a business right out of the door, Jia Hui was in a happy mood, her money-making path was affected by the change of life background after marriage.

This morning Mother-in-law said Zhao Donglin future wages will continue to be given to her. She would give her ten yuan a month. Dong Jiahui really feel indifferent, probably from the modern relationship, the concept of women’s self-reliance and self-improvement has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people, there is no way to rely on their husbands wholeheartedly like the women of this era.

The mountain will fall, the man will run, and the most real thing is to rely on themselves.

“Heidan, what do you want to eat? I will buy it for you.

In the supply and marketing agency, not everything needs a ticket; some can be bought with money. Dong Jiahui weighed the sugar and cookies and asked Hong Tao to bring a copy to her nieces and nephews.

“Aigoo, your aunt is really good, when there is delicious food, she still didn’t forget to share them a bite.”

“This is the right thing to do, then please help me send it over.”

“Don’t worry, it’s on the way.”

After buying the cloth, Dong Jiahui went back to weighing the cotton, there were no plastic bags in this era, so she ended up with a sack.

“Okay, let’s sit here and wait for your dad to pick us up.”

Dong Jiahui borrowed a bench from the supply and marketing agency, and the two of them sat inside and waited for Zhao Donglin.

It is said that the salesperson of the supply and marketing cooperative has a bad service attitude. Dong Jiahui was respected because her mother-in-law has a brother as the director of the supply and marketing cooperative. The face of their relatives was naturally better than others

She didn’t know before. But before marriage, Zhou Yindi brought her here to prepare for marriage.


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