Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 56.1

Chapter 56 Part 1

“Are you going to take the college entrance examination?”

It is false to say that after Director Zhong of the county reform committee heard about the news that Zhao Donglin was going to attend the college entrance examination, he was not surprised.

From the news of the resumption of the college entrance examination, the number of people registering for the examination in the past two days was particularly high, and the workload of the relevant staff of the Revolutionary Committee had increased a lot. They had to review whether the applicants met the relevant policy requirements in taking the examination, but out of all the people who registered, none of them shocked him more than Zhao Donglin’s situation.

Everyone knew that Zhao Donglin was a cadre who returned to his hometown from the army, and before he was transferred to the army, he had reached the rank of a company commander, and in the whole commune, the people who could achieve this position could only be counted on one hand.

It is not easy for him to give up his vested interests and return home. During his occupation as the village party secretary, he also did his duty and did a good job on every task. He was highly praised by the cadres of the commune, his colleagues, and the people in the village.

Such a grassroots cadre with rich work experience and certain achievements was willing to give up everything to take the college entrance examination and start over like other young people. In addition, to shock and appreciation, Director Zhong is pleased.

What does this mean? It means that Comrade Zhao Donglin is a good comrade with ideals and ambitions!


Director Zhong shouted the “good” word. His voice became loud and clear. He got up from behind his desk and walked to Zhao Donglin’s side. He patted his shoulder and said with emotion, “You are good, courageous, and worthy of being an excellent cadre in the army. If you want to participate, make good preparations and prepare carefully. If you need anything, just tell me. The Commune will give you convenience as much as possible. There is still a month left. I am waiting for the good news of your success. “

Zhao Donglin laughed and said, “The director must not expect too much from me so that I won’t be under too much pressure.” Whether I can pass the exam, I myself cannot tell. “

Although his wife reassured him that there would be no problem, Zhao Donglin himself was only fifty percent sure.

There have been no textbooks for several years. The reference books that can be found on the market are also very few. The state has issued a document to let the provinces make their own propositions, and they have to fill in volunteers before taking the exam.

It’s not too much to describe the first college entrance examination ten years later with a confused face.

What? What are the knowledge points? What kind of score can let you go to college?

And now everyone has only one month left to study while not delaying work and labour. It is really too difficult. too difficult, no one knows what the specific situation will be like. It’s like a blind man crossing a river.

Director Zhong thought that Zhao Donglin was being modest. In addition to Zhao Donglin’s being a member of the commune party, may it be political policies or regulations, Zhao Donglin certainly knew them by heart. All the documents and materials in the village are summarized by Zhao Donglin and handed over to the commune. He has good handwriting and strong expression abilities. With the language, there should be no problem for him. As for the rest of the other subjects, such as mathematics, Zhao Donglin’s starting point was the same as everyone else’s. In vertical comparison, Zhao Donglin still has great advantages.

“I believe you will not have any problems. Comrade Donglin will not do things that he is not sure of; he will work hard and let everyone see the power of our revolutionary soldiers. “

Director Zhong had already thought about it. If Zhao Donglin really got into college, he would set up Zhao Donglin as a typical example for the whole commune, so that more young people would love to study and be active!

Young people still need to have goals and ideals. They can’t be muddleheaded throughout their lives. Many people wasted their youth because of the problems of the times a few years ago, but now life has returned to the right track. We can’t just indulge in the pain. We should learn to put it down and continue to move forward.

All of a sudden, three people from the Zhao family took part in the college entrance examination. When the villagers knew it, they all burst into a pot. They always had to say two words before and after tea.

“The Zhao family is really strange. People can’t understand them. Their two sons are divorced from their first marriage. Three of them have now signed up for the college entrance examination. Isn’t there a problem in their brains? “

Meixiang’s registration was just. After all, she’s young. But Zhao Donglin is not young anymore. Donglin was almost thirty. He is still the village party secretary. He earns more than 60 yuan a month. How can he not be reluctant to take part in the college entrance examination? He would lose face if he didn’t pass the examination.

As for Dong Jiahui, the head of the second marriage, she used to have a reputation for being unable to get pregnant. The rumors were dispelled after the birth of Fang Fang. A woman who married and gave birth to a baby can be considered to be leading a good life. What are you still pointlessly tossing from side to side? College Entrance Examination? Do you still have to go to the college entrance examination?

Zhao Donglin and his first wife divorced because of the problem of his wife’s wanting to return to the city. This second wife is good, but she was also restless.

“Who says it isn’t? They should stay, steadily and surely. You can’t be overly ambitious. Do they have the delusion that their family will go to college? Let’s not talk about whether the university is good or not. If they all go to college, there will be old people at home and even small ones. So, you don’t even want to live your life? What about drinking the northwest wind? ” [1]being cold and hungry

Once this view has come out, some agree with it and those who put forward other ideas.

“I heard that not only will you not pay tuition fees to go to college, the state also gives money every month. If the family of three enrolled together, there would be no tuition fees or money to pay. Even if they don’t participate in the work of the production team, they will not go hungry. However, the elderly and children would work harder at home. Besides, there is still Donghe at home. “

Once they mentioned Donghe, everyone also looked back.

“Yes, how come Donghe didn’t sign up too? He is a few years younger than Donglin. “

“He’s been separated and divorced, so maybe Donglin didn’t care about him.”

This Donglin was also very pitiful. He used to have a wife. Now they are separated. He’s raising Shitou alone. Hey, why haven’t you heard the news that Donghe was looking for another wife? “

“Someone said matchmaking. Donghe himself was unwilling and said he didn’t want to find one for several years.”

“Tsk, why does he not want to find one? Was he still thinking about Zheng Yuefen? “

I heard that Zheng Yuefen has already found another family. She was married to another commune. He is a thirty-year-old widower. His family conditions were okay. The bride price was 120 yuan.

“Ah? When did this happen? I haven’t heard much about it.

“Zheng Yuefen was reluctant to leave, but Donghe insisted for her to leave. She refused to let go, and her mother’s family refused to let her live in their house. She and her mother’s family do not get along well. Her mother said that she could go back to live there, but she had to find someone else to marry. No, she married soon after she went back to her mother’s house. “

People have shaken their heads and sighed, “If it were me, I wouldn’t leave. Just endure it and wait for the man to change his mind. After all, they still have a Shitou. They always bow their heads for the sake of the children. “

From a woman’s point of view, they still felt that Donghe was somewhat ruthless. He has a wife. How can he leave the person that gave birth to his son?

“Men are more ruthless than women, but Donghe is not bad for Zheng Yuefen. She gave her two hundred yuan when she left.”

“Two hundred. This is not a small amount of money. I remember that the money Donghe got from the separation of the family was 300 or so.”

“No, I think Zheng Yuefen is really too noisy. Donghe couldn’t stand her, so he divorced her, and there’s nothing wrong with that. “

Poor Shitou. He became a motherless child. “

The gossip is unclear and unexplained, but the mouth grows on the faces of others. They will say what they want to say and how they want to say it. For a while, they said Zhao Donghe was cruel, and for a while, they said Zheng Yuefen could cause trouble. Anyway, whatever they say, they feel justified.

Therefore, what they see from their hearts reflects the way they see everyone. A person with a tranquil heart abandons worldly complications and ugly things. Everything is beautiful in his eyes. The so-called “There is a Buddha in your heart, and everything you see is a Buddha.” And those who are not at peace within themselves will speculate on others with malicious intent.

“Why don’t you try it?”

Donghe shook his head and refused, “Forget it, I don’t have the heart to read now. It’s a waste of time. “

He wanted to go to work and take Shitou with him. After the divorce, there was an inexplicable emptiness in his life. Especially when Shitou was crying for his mother, and Zhao Donghe’s heart seemed to have been poked into countless holes and the north wind was blowing.

When they are together, it’s like chickens are flying and dogs are jumping. When we’re not together, they are inextricably linked in countless ways. Zhao Donghe’s heart was too tired, he really did not want to prepare for the college entrance examination.

As for the rights and wrongs, Jiahui was not in the mood to pay attention to them. She wholeheartedly began to prepare for the college entrance examination.

First and foremost, apply for volunteer work. One person can fill in six volunteers. There are 12 universities in Wudong Province, including undergraduate colleges and universities. After some consideration and research, the three people filled in their own volunteer forms and handed them in.

Every night after dinner, two kerosene lamps were lit in the hall, and Jiahui took her husband and sister-in-law to review together.

First, she sorted out the knowledge points and then found several review materials for questions. She was young, her high school knowledge was still in her mind, and the foundation of her liberal art was good, but her mathematics was a little lacking. She felt that her (Mexiang) current state could not let her enrol in a good university, but for ordinary schools, she could still fight for it. As for Zhao Donglin, a typical person good in science, he could do mathematical and chemical problems once. Chinese was not too much of a problem either.

Jiahui worked as a tutor in college and had a part-time job in the summer counselling class. She has some training knowledge. She sorted out the review materials for each subject according to her own experience and judgment.

In this era, there is little knowledge in textbooks. In the first two years, Jiahui spent a lot of effort trying to find useful textbooks, which finally came in handy.

“Sister-in-law, your reference materials are well organized. Can I show them to my classmates?”

Meixiang has a few very close classmates who are also going to take the college entrance exams. Now there are no review materials on the market. Some people can’t even find textbooks. Meixiang is kind. While thinking about her own progress, she also wanted the other students to make progress together. The opportunity of a college entrance examination is too rare. She doesn’t want those dear students to waste the opportunity of the college entrance examination because they don’t have review materials.

“Yes, let them make a copy by hand. Pay attention so you do not spread it. Just let the person close to you look at it. I made it all by myself. Whether it is useful or not, we still can’t say. “

Naturally, this is not the main reason. The reason why she reminded Meixiang not to spread it was that she didn’t want to attract attention. As a person who has passed through, the original owner was not very excellent before. Suddenly, it’s bad to be able to sort out the review materials and be known by others.

“Well, good. I’ll take it to them to look at it and bring it back in the evening. “

It can only be said that Mei Xiang does not understand the complexity of human nature. Several review materials sorted out by Jiahui have been printed and sold for money. One for two yuan can be regarded as a high price. However, in order to successfully enter the ideal university, as long as you know the news, you have to borrow money to buy it. In this way, at least 30% of the people in the commune have one.

When Meixiang learned the news a few days later, she was very angry and guilty!

It’s too much. I kindly gave them the information, but someone took it out to sell for money! “

Jiahui told her that the college entrance examination is very cruel. You can only go to college with higher scores than others. Meixiang thinks that if others take Jiahui’s review materials and improve their grades, they will have many more competitors.

Moreover, she took out these materials for her high school classmates. Who must have leaked them, or someone maliciously printed them to obtain benefits? She estimated that five materials, each worth two yuan, would be required. That means that if a hundred people buy it, there will be a thousand yuan. What’s the concept of a thousand yuan? How many years do ordinary peasant families have to work? Even families with working families have to go without food or drink for several years.

“Sister-in-law, I’m sorry. Obviously, you worked hard to sort it out, and now the benefits have been taken, and no one mentioned your name. It’s all my fault. “I shouldn’t be a person who tries to be on good terms with everyone at that time.

Jiahui doesn’t really care. To be honest, the review materials are not the golden key to entering the university. The review materials for future generations are flying all over the world. How much do you want to see? Not everyone’s grades are different? It can be seen that learning materials cannot play a decisive role. Finally, it depends on everyone’s strong or weak learning ability.

“Meixiang, in fact, I don’t care about the review materials. I’m worried about you because you are too kind. You don’t understand the bad nature of people’s hearts. You think too well of others, and take your heart and lungs out to be good to others, but in fact, we should keep our relationship with others in reserve, and we should not turn over all our cards to others. “

Mei Xiang obviously didn’t understand. Was kindness also wrong? And what is a card?

Jiahui smiled and wiped her tears with a handkerchief. She patted her face and said, “Don’t cry. It’s not a big deal. It’s just the first stage review materials I sorted out, not the ones for the college entrance examination. These past two days, I sorted out another one, which is a kind of expansion practice. Take this, but this time you do not have to think about others. We have to learn to keep a low profile. People who are too good and stand out can make people jealous.

Meixiang held the information book and nodded. This time, it’s impossible to give anyone anything.

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1 being cold and hungry


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