A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 106

Chapter 106

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The next morning, just as I expected, the two of them were still laying in the blacksmith workshop, looking visibly pale. I handed them each a glass of water for them to drink. Pushing the matter with them aside, I washed my face, fed the animals and went to do my morning training. 


After I finished with my training, it was time for breakfast but both Bavarian-sama and Donny-san weren’t awake yet. 

I then went on to tend the field.


They finally woke up when it was lunch time. I served them soup made from mylene detoxification herbs and dried meat along with bread. 


They somehow managed to recover and returned to Resta. 

Now then.

I had saved quite a bit of money so I really needed to think on how I should use it. Maybe I should go to Margo’s place to discuss it with him. 


Riding on the wagon together with Ash, I arrived at Margo’s place. Margo’s store was empty, devoid of any customer so it was the perfect moment for me to have a consultation with him. 

Ash showed an interest in the weapons so I kept on holding him in my arms because I was afraid he’d get hurt. 

Using a combination of both gestures and a magic board, I conveyed to Margo that Bavarian-sama had given me 500 gold coins and I was wondering how I should use that money. 

Margo also used both gestures and a magic board to tell me to arm my house. He then brought a bowgun he sold in his store to me. He suggested that I should surround my house and the shed with a stone wall and armed the wall with bowguns. The total cost for the walls and the bowgun should reach up to 400 gold coins. 

Hm. It looks like it is safer than my current condition since I only have a dirt wall protecting me. Also, using the chicken coop as my sleeping place is not only unsanitary, it’s also not comfortable. 

I asked him if it was possible to build a living room and bedroom next to my blacksmith workshop. 

According to Margo, I could have both a bedroom and living room if I added another 200 gold coins. 

I paid 300 gold coins in advance to Margo to start the construction work. The remaining 300 gold coins would be paid after the construction was completed. They should start the construction in two days. The stones and other materials would be transported from Resta to my place and there would be 5 workers for the project. I was told that the workers would be sleeping in the blacksmith workshop. 


After that, I went to Sarasa’s store to restock my food and alcohol before I went back home. 



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