A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 107.1

Chapter 107.1


The worker stayed at my place for a while. 

At the end of their work, the construction for an additional bedroom and living room along with the stone walls surrounding my place and the space for the bonfire and the wooden table was completed. The workers also added a bed for me in the bedroom using the leftover woods. 

I took care of the worker’s meal and they really could drink. They drank and drank. The alcohol I had just restocked from Sarasa’s store, disappeared in the blink of an eye. I even had to ask the worker in charge of transporting the stone to buy some food and alcohol. 

But still despite that, they didn’t drink until they became hungover and unable to do their job properly. They could still quietly do their job.

The finished stone wall was about 2 meters high and there was an iron fence in front of my house made from welded iron poles. The gate was wide enough for a carriage to pass through it. 

And then they also installed a wooden staircase in the interior side of the stone wall. A total of 8 bowguns were installed around the 4 sides of the stone wall. The bowgun could be fired while climbing onto the wooden steps and hiding behind the stone wall. 

With this, enemies like goblins or kobolds wouldn’t be able to invade my place easily. Monsters like serpent or that flying lizard wouldn’t target me much either cuz they wouldn’t deemed me as their food. 

When the construction was finished, the workers returned to Resta and I gave the 5 of them smoked food and alcohol as thanks. 

In the evening, Margo came and I paid him the remaining 300 gold coins. Margo smirked broadly and he made the gesture for a drink. I guess he wanted to use the finished construction as an excuse to drink.

It can’t be helped then….

I lit up the fire to reheat yesterday’s bathwater and then I also made smoked egg and smoked cheese in the bonfire. I also smoked the wild rabbit I caught. Of course Margo and I were sipping on some alcohol while we were at it. 

We dipped into the bath with a splash to loosen our stiff muscles, sitting around the bonfire and singing songs while eating smoked fish. I was singing Japanese songs. 

Since tonight’s party was a celebratory one, I didn’t drink any ‘closure soup’ on purpose. I had learned how to drink happily until I became dead drunk with my trusted friend. 

On the other side, Ash snorted his nose at us. Looking tired at our antics. 


T/N: So MC being drunk is also a sign for character development. Good for you MC! 

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