A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 107.2

Chapter 107.2 : (Margo’s POV) Margo in Dilemma! Getting Lost in the Labyrinth of Love?! (That Saying Is Pretty Old Fashioned Though….)


Recently, there has been a staggering amount of pressure coming from Sarasa. I’m really grateful that she brings me a lunch box everyday but she has now started bringing yurifa flowers and arranging them on the table. 

Yurifa flowers are a symbol for a happy marriage. We have a custom where we have to bring yurifa flowers when we want to propose. And those very flowers are decorating my boorish store everyday. 

Of course it goes without saying the pressure is high but the discomfort I’m feeling is nothing to scoff at either. The customer keeps on asking me if I’m going to get married. I really hope they will give me a break….

Which reminds me, Keigo asked me what he should do with his money. Apparently he received 500 gold coins from Bavarian-sama. Adding the compensation he received the other day, that guy becomes pretty rich now. 

How to use it, huh….

Keigo’s house is located on the outside of the town’s wall so having a mere trap won’t be enough to guarantee his safety. Which is why I suggested to him that he should have a stone wall equipped with bow guns. Keigo agreed to my suggestion easily. 

My friend, is it alright for you to put that much faith so readily like that? I’m getting a little worried about you, you know. 

Well, I’m sure this is the best way to use his money though. 

I immediately contacted my acquaintance from the construction guild to get the construction work ready. 

The construction for the stone wall in Keigo’s house is finally finished. This time as well, those guys from the construction guild have done a great job. 

Now then! I need to quickly slip out from the store and use the finished construction as an excuse to go to Keigo’s house before Sarasa gets here! Recently the shackles from Sarasa are getting pretty tight so it can’t be helped that I need to take a little breather here and there. 

Just thinking about drinking alcohol, I can’t help myself but to act fidgety and restless, stranger than usual. If I get questioned later on, I can just say that I went to Keigo’s house to collect the rest of the payment and then we had a party to celebrate the finished construction. 

Sarasa might get angry at me for going there without telling her but I believe I have the perfect excuse. 

After that, with one bottle of alcohol in hand, I slipped out from the store, trying to make myself as small as possible so Sarasa won’t catch me. 

But… Unbeknownst to me, there was a piercing gaze directed at me from behind.  As I bounced out from the south gate with a bottle of alcohol in one hand, the owner of that piercing gaze was still staring at me with a terrifying expression on her face. 


T/N: I love how Sarasa is not even trying to keep it subtle anymore and how Margo is trying to make his body small when he’s a big guy lol

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