Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 113 part 1

Chapter 86: Qingqing Bathing in Hot Springs part 1

“Good.” The surging crowd responded positively, mixed with two childish sounds.

The silly Qingqing saw that the adults all raised their hands to cheer, and then also raised her little hands along with Ning Ning who simply wanted to join in and thought it was very fun.

Fu Sijin rubbed Qingqing’s little head amusedly and joked, “What does it have to do with you that people played well? You don’t even have a share of those chicken legs.”

“Yes, yes” Qingqing nodded her little head blankly, with a serious expression that made people around her laugh.

“Ning Ning wants to eat the biggest chicken leg!”

The shrewd Ning Ning didn’t believe that adults would not give them chicken drumsticks. She yelled very loudly and designated to eat the biggest chicken drumsticks.

“I think you look like a big chicken leg.”

Director Gao hit Ning Ning and got a big white eye from the little guy.

There was still a scene after dinner. Director Gao couldn’t leave and Fu Sijin also had some things to understand with the assistant director and the venue affairs. So he simply stayed with the crew for dinner.

Director Gao’s crew’s food is pretty good.

Unlike other lunch boxes where the crew has no options, this one is a self-service model similar to the school cafeteria. There are more than a dozen kinds of dishes, as well as fresh fruits and soups. You can eat whatever you want, and as much as you want. Just don’t waste it too much.

When Qingqing saw this way of serving for the first time, she became curious and pulled Ning Ning to line up with great interest.

It’s a pity that it didn’t take long for them to be driven away from the queue by Aunt Cai.

The reason is that they didn’t bring their own lunch boxes, and the crew’s dinner plates were counted, so they couldn’t set aside one for them.

The dingy little guys quickly turned around and ran away. Ning Ning went to find her father, while Qingqing went to find the bodyguard Ah-Da.

She grabbed Ah-Da’s suit with her little hand, and said softly with her little voice, “Uncle, Uncle, the aunt who is cooking said that Qingqing has to bring her own lunch box to eat.”

She remembered very well, and knew that the nanny bag that the nanny aunt packed for her contained her special baby rice bowl.

You can eat it if you have a rice bowl.

“Okay.” Ah-Da found Qingqing’s small rice bowl from her bag, and also found her small spoon, and handed them both to her.

“Thank you, Uncle.” Qingqing, who took the rice bowl, smiled sweetly at Ah-Da, then happily rushed to the end of the crowd and obediently lined up.

The little guy was a small one, standing up less than the height of someone’s thigh, her big eyes gleaming at the food and looked hungry.

The staff in front of Qingqing suddenly felt that their conscience had been greatly condemned.

He silently moved out of the way and let Qingqing line up.

Qingqing doesn’t understand the reason why you can’t “plug in” in line, and adults haven’t taught it here yet.

So as soon as she saw a vacant position in front of her, she naturally lined up.

This seems to be a signal.

After having the first passer-by, the next people in front of Qingqing kindly got out of the way one by one, so that the hungry little guy could get the meal first.

Qingqing didn’t understand the mistake of being “inserted” in the line, but she was polite.

Seeing that everyone was letting her go, she knew to say thank you sweetly when she walked over.

So cute that many people’s hearts trembled, and couldn’t wait to fly to the colleague who was in first place immediately, so that this little cutie could eat her long-awaited meal early.

“What do the kid want to eat?”

Aunt Cai saw Qingqing bring her own rice bowl, and this time she leaned over very gently and asked her what she wanted to eat.

“Qingqing wants to eat meat.”

Qingqing shouted so loudly that many people laughed.

Aunt Cai was no exception. She took Qingqing’s small bowl and really filled it with meat and vegetables, and the top layer was covered with a big chicken leg.

“Here, it’s delicious.”

“Thank you auntie.” Qingqing took the small bowl, happily walked to Fu Sijin’s side with her short legs, and held it up to him, “Meat, big chicken legs.”

“You can’t eat all the meat alone.”

Fu Sijin helplessly hugged Qingqing and sat down on her lap, moved her small bowl over, and gave her two chopsticks of vegetables from her dinner plate.

“Don’t like vegetables.”

Qingqing muttered with her small mouth and looked unhappy.

“No, no, I’ll confiscate your big chicken drumsticks if you don’t eat vegetables.”

Fu Sijin was taken aback by these words. He looked up and saw that Director Gao, who didn’t know when he sat opposite, was teaching Ning Ning, who was a picky eater, seriously.

It seems that children in the world are just as picky eaters.

Ning Ning didn’t bring a bowl, but it’s okay, she can use the dinner plate shared by her father.

Director Gao got a big portion, fed his daughter first, and then ate the rest by himself.

Since it’s my own child, I don’t dislike it.

Having said that, Ningning eats like she’s at war, but in contrast, Qingqing is much more well-behaved.

People eat quietly and they eat in style as if at home. Really not like the other who eats like at war.

As the saying goes, there is no harm without comparison.

Director Gao’s eyes were hot and he couldn’t help but say, “What do you say, Sijin, I’ll give you my skin monkey, how about I treat your Qingqing as my daughter?”

“Good!” Fu Sijin hasn’t answered yet but Ning Ning herself seems very positive.

Director Gao immediately pulled down a square face when he heard the words, “What good, that’s not good!”

Ning Ning looked speechless, and choked back, “Didn’t you just say you wanted to change the baby?”

She has been envious of Qingqing for having such a handsome brother for a long time, and can’t wait to be replaced.

“I didn’t, it was your illusion just now.”

It’s okay to dislike your own children, but it’s not your turn to dislike your father, Director Gao doesn’t even want to think about it.

Fu Sijin, “……”

Qingqing, “……”

They didn’t seem to have promised to change Qingqing, right?

But it’s still quite interesting to watch this pair of father and daughter who love each other and kill each other funnily and choke each other.

Fu Sijin chuckled, carefully tore Qingqing’s chicken drumsticks into small pieces, and slowly fed her.

Even if the Qingqing bowl is very small, it can’t bear the chicken drumsticks being too big.

And she hadn’t even finished a chicken leg but she was already yelling that she was full.

“There is still half left, really don’t eat it anymore?”

Fu Sijin lowered his head and asked softly, half a chicken leg is not enough for Qingqing’s daily food intake.

“Want to drink milk.”

Qingqing shook her head, and then said that she had deliberately left a little belly.

“Okay, I’ll make it quick for you.”

Fu Sijin doted on Qingqing unconditionally, and when he heard that he couldn’t even care about his own meal, he got up and went to make her “milk”.

It’s dinner time now, and no matter how busy people are, they have to put down their work and come over for dinner.

Today is even more different. Not only did the investors come to inspect in person, but they also went to have a meal with them. Many people have already lost their chins.

At this time, when Fu Sijin suddenly stood up, everyone immediately turned their heads, either bluntly or vaguely, wanting to see what this incomprehensible investor wanted to do.

Some people thought he was disgusted that the meal was too bad to eat, and some people thought that he finally couldn’t stand it after experiencing the ‘suffering of the world’.

What they never expected was that people stood up in public, walked calmly to a tall bodyguard, and took the…nanny bag in the opponent’s hand.

Open it skillfully, find the milk powder, the bottle, and the hot water in the thermos bottle, and make the milk?

All onlookers, “? ? ?”

Boss, did you get the wrong script?

How did Big Boss become a “milk” dad?

Although it is also ‘ba’, the meaning is different!

But having said that, the big brother is the Big Boss, and even the posture of mixing milk is incredibly handsome.

“Ning Ning also wants to drink milk!”

Ning Ning’s raised little hand was pressed down by her father for a second, and Director Gao smiled embarrassedly at Fu Sijin, “Children love to follow when they see what others have. Ignore her, I’m sorry, sorry.”

Looking at his skillful apology posture, he want to know that it is not the first time to deal with this situation.

“It’s okay.” Fu Sijin smiled kindly and said, “Qingqing still has a spare milk bottle here, and I will make another bottle for Ning Ning.”

Having said that, without waiting for Director Gao to refuse, Fu Sijin quickly mixed another bottle of milk, both of which were the same, and the two little sisters had one bottle each, but no one was biased.

After getting milk, Qingqing and Ning Ning stopped clamoring.

Fu Sijin was able to continue to sit down and have dinner with Director Gao, and the two talked about the itinerary for tomorrow by the way.

Tomorrow, because the prop crew needs to arrange the scene— the scene is very complicated and cannot be completed in a short time— so the crew has a day off.

Director Gao took this opportunity to prepare to take Fu Sijin and the others to a nearby hot spring villa to enjoy it, so he could relax himself in his busy schedule.

This is a long-planned itinerary, so Fu Heng has no opinion.

The two people in the conversation did not notice that a very beautiful girl in the crowd’s eyes gleamed, and then lowered her head to hide it.

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