Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 112

Chapter 85: Qingqing’s Cruise Crew

“Sister Ning Ning!”

“Sister Qingqing!”

The two little dumplings that have been reunited for a long time are happily hugging each other, and the picture they make is particularly cute.

Especially since the little guys didn’t know they had an appointment today. But they were  both wearing little white skirts of the same color, and they were all carrying dinosaur backpacks with two small paws. When they ran together, the little paws trembled, as if they were doing their best to express their joy.

If it weren’t for the difference in skin color between the two, many passers-by who didn’t know the truth almost thought they were a pair of sisters.

“Sister Qingqing, let me tell you…”

Ning Ning didn’t change her nagging nature, and she took Qingqing along the way to chatter and say that she didn’t play, but this time Director Gao had Fu Sijin to help divert her attention so he didn’t feel that his daughter was noisy anymore.

For convenience, the crew directly contracted an entire hotel.

Director Gao specially reserved the best suite for Fu Sijin so that he could live comfortably with Qingqing.

“I’ll take you to the hotel to put things first, and then I’ll take you to dinner. After eating, I’ll go to the crew to see. It just so happens that there is an emotional turning scene in the afternoon. You can come and observe.”

Out of respect for investors, Director Gao did not discuss personal affairs with Fu Sijin at work.

The two discussed key issues such as the filming progress of the film and the total amount of funds consumed, and the noise was no less noisy than that of Qingqing and Ning Ning.

This is also a different kind of conversing wherein each saying their own words.

In this movie, Fu Sijin did exactly what he promised at the beginning, only giving money, regardless of anything.

He hadn’t even appeared when selecting actors, of course, mainly because Fu Sijin was still undergoing treatment abroad at that time and couldn’t come back.

It may be that it is because of this that Director Gao is more interested in this movie, because he feels that he cannot live up to the trust of investors in him.

Although this film has fantasy elements, it is mainly about family ties. It is difficult for ordinary newcomer actors to interpret the various delicate emotional twists and turns.

Therefore, Director Gao invited old actors with relatively good acting skills. At the same time, Fu Sijin’s entertainment company also selected several actors.

One of them also won the position of an important female second, which was completely obtained by their own strength and Fu Sijin did not give a trace of help.

On the contrary, there is another actress who is also a subsidiary of Fu’s Entertainment who has a not very important supporting role.

She is not competing for the job, but the competitors are all at the same level as her, so Director Gao simply formulated her to play the role based on the principle of investor priority.

“That’s just a vase role, and it doesn’t take much technical content. I thought that since she’s from your company, I might as well choose her. ”

Director Gao and Fu Sijin didn’t talk about this to invite credit, they just talked in a hurry, and they just said a few words.

Fu Sijin didn’t react after hearing this, obviously he didn’t care.

“Qingqing, don’t throw toys around.”

While chatting, Fu Sijin noticed that the two little guys in the back seat were starting to play crazy, and quickly stopped them before they went too far, “What if you hit your sister?”

“Oh.” I was admonished.

Qingqing shrank her neck and obediently took the dinosaur toy back with her little hand outstretched.

This is a new toy that Fu Sishen bought for her recently. It started with an egg. After soaking in water for a few days, the egg will turn into a dinosaur, which is very magical.

Dinosaurs that have successfully transformed can still be taken out and dried as small models to play with. Qingqing specially brought several of them before she came today to share with Ning Ning.

Without the adults noticing, the two little guys somehow played a dinosaur war. One person and two dinosaurs confronted each other. Occasionally, if one of them couldn’t hold back, the dinosaur would fly.

Fortunately, Fu Sijin’s reminder was timely, otherwise if the trouble continues, he’s afraid it will really hit people.

The child’s hands are not light or heavy, but when hit the other might cry for the most part because of the pain.

After lunch, when he came to the crew, Fu Sijin really walked in with a large group of people with a full entourage.

Anyone who looks at it knows that this is a big boss appearance.

But the most conspicuous ones are the two little guys at the front of this big wave of people.

The two little sisters, one black and one white, held hands, one with a small popsicle, and ate sweetly, but no one dared to take them away.

What a joke, a director’s daughter and an investor’s child, who dares to touch them?

It’s too late to coax it.

“Who is that?” An unknown person asked her companion in a low voice.

The companion was a little surprised, but still explained to her, “You don’t know? He is the eldest master of Fu’s Group, the president of Fu’s Entertainment, and an investor in our crew.”

“So amazing, he is so young, how old is he this year?” Someone exclaimed, listening to the voices, they’re all girls.

“The Internet says it’s twenty-six, but it’s not over thirty anyway.”

“Born into a wealthy family, young and promising, and still so handsome, does this still make people live?”

“Oh, it would be great if I could marry him.”

“Still dreaming, the man has a girlfriend.”

Where there are people there is gossip. As soon as he showed up, Fu Sijin’s information was shaken off cleanly, but this will only make everyone more envious.

I can’t even be jealous.

After all, the difference between the two is too great. For Fu Sijin, many people can only look up to him, and even more people only hear his name and don’t see him.

This kind of person is too far away from their circle of life, so after the initial curiosity, everyone immediately returned to work and devoted themselves to it.

Seeing this, Fu Sijin flashed a trace of appreciation in his eyes, “Director Gao’s crew is very good. ”

It’s the whole crew that is praised. In fact, it’s the efficient team cultivated by Director Gao. How could Director Gao not hear it?

With a smile on his face, he not only personally took Fu Sijin to patrol the crew, but also arranged a chair for him in front of the main screen to facilitate him to inspect the working status of the actors.

The president personally inspected, and many actors from Fu’s Entertainment all tightened their nerves, for fear that one would not pay attention to the wrong lines or make a fool of themselves if the interpretation was not in place.

Although this is very common in daily filming, it is different today. The immediate boss is staring at it.

There was a faint solemn atmosphere inside the crew.

In comparison, the most relaxed in the audience were Qingqing and Ning Ning. Accompanied by the assistant miss sister, the two little guys were playing crazy, if  thirsty and hungry, they had fruit snacks to eat. They were simply happy and almost ascended heaven.

Today’s scene happened to be when the heroine’s son discovered that he had misunderstood his mother all the time, but he left his young mother in the empty station because of a moment of anger.

It was raining heavily, and the regretful son ran to the station desperately, but when he arrived at the original place, his mother had already disappeared.

He immediately looked for people everywhere like a madman, and finally found the little figure he had dreamed of in the security pavilion.

Regardless of the mess, the son ran over and hugged his mother, crying like a lost child, making the security guard who originally wanted to teach him how to leave the child alone embarrassed to say anything.

This scene is very touching, but it is not so easy to play it well.

All the personnel were in place. With Director Gao’s order, the artificial rain machine immediately dropped a basin of heavy rain. The son of the heroine, who is the second male in the play, ran with the camera, frantically looking for the figure of the heroine.

After the heroine on the other side was left behind, she didn’t hesitate. Instead, she calmly followed the instructions of the school teacher and took the initiative to send herself to the station security guard, waiting for the police to send her home, or the family to find her first.

The most interesting point of this scene is the reversal of personality between the adult heroine and the young heroine.

From adulthood to middle age, lying is tiring, and all the edges and corners have been smoothed by reality. Living is like a walking dead.

The young heroine is smart, witty and carefree. She also knows how to play the piano and draw. She was even a popular figure in elementary school.

The display of different sides of each age also fully reflects how cruel life is to the grinding of a person’s life, but no matter how hard the days are, people have to learn to go on strong in the end, and leave blooming flowers in the suffering.

This is the core theme of this movie. Family is just a tool to support it, and healing is the skeleton that builds it.

As you can imagine, this kind of plot can be regarded as a yin-yang realm, with good and bad sides.

The good side is naturally to gain both fame and fortune, and the bad side is probably to lose everything.

However, with Director Gao’s reputation, this film will never lose money, but Fu Sijin’s ambition is more than that.

He aims to win the award.

It has only been three years since Fu’s Entertainment was established. Although they have strong capital, they are too young and have insufficient foundations. If they want to gain a foothold in this industry, they have to show real achievements to speak.

Otherwise, in the end, maybe they can only become one of the thousands of splashes, plop, and then can’t make any waves.

Attracted by the sudden heavy rain, Qingqing unconsciously stopped playing with Ning Ning, and turned her head intently to watch the actors in the middle of the venue play with each other.

Director Gao has a good way of finding actors. He can always find the most suitable actor to perform it based on the script.

The same is true this time. The little girl who plays the heroine is a child star who has been making her debut for more than two years. She has a wealth of acting experience, her acting skills are also very good, and the most important thing is spirituality.

Even the security guard is an old actor in the circle, and a simple old security guard is interpreted into three points.

Only the heroine’s son is a newcomer, but since he can be selected by Director Gao, even if he is just a newcomer, he must have ability.

Facts have proved that Director Gao’s choice was correct.

Although the son’s acting skills are still a bit jerky, he is similar to the plot characters in both appearance and character.

So it’s not so much to say that he is playing a role like he is playing himself.

Since it is yourself, you can naturally show it perfectly in your best state.

The scene that was thought to be the most difficult ended in one take, and even Director Gao, who was so serious and scary as soon as the scene was filmed, couldn’t help but smile.

“Ka, this scene is okay, everyone works hard and finishes it early. We’ll add chicken legs to everyone’s meal tonight!.”


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