Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 111

Chapter 84: Strange Girlfriends

Fu Sishen was so drunk last night that it’s a good thing he still remembered he almost hit someone, how could he still see the other party clearly in that state.

“But if I see that person again, I should still  be able to recognize his voice, because that voice is very special.”

The special existence is always impressive.

Although the other party only had a very brief conversation with An Rán yesterday, he still left a deep impression on Fu Sishen.

“But the problem is that it is impossible for us to find every guest here, just to hear the voices of others clearly.”

Fu Sijin rubbed his eyebrows with a headache, “And now I don’t know if that person has already run away.”

After all, after they discovered that they were being monitored, they destroyed the devices as soon as possible, so the other party must have noticed that they had been exposed.

Bai Qiyu didn’t regret his decision, because they had another way, “You forgot, this is my friend’s shop.”

“You mean…” Gu Lan was a little bit transparent.

“We can ask the boss to help check the monitoring.” Fu Heng also reacted immediately.

Everyone was immediately shocked, and they didn’t stay there to do fearless analysis anymore. The Fu brothers went to pick up Qingqing and An Rán, while Fu Heng followed Bai Qiyu to find Chen Feng and Gu Lan…

Gu Lan stayed to order, since everyone hasn’t eaten yet. No matter how busy they are, they have to fill their stomachs first.

The most important thing is to not let Qingqing be hungry.

Because the restaurant and the hotel are two buildings, there is still a distance between them.

While Fu Heng and the others were talking, An Rán had already taken Qingqing back to the hotel room and went to find her clothes to take a bath.

Before leaving, Fu Heng gave her the room card of his room, so An Rán walked into his and Qingqing’s room smoothly and found Qingqing’s cute pink suitcase.

Qingqing stood aside waiting for An Rán to find clothes for herself, turned her head casually in boredom, and suddenly found that the door was opened carelessly.

“Huh?” The little guy walked over subconsciously, trying to close the door, but saw a little boy standing alone outside the door.

“Brother, what are you doing standing here?”

The sound of a kid’s milky voice suddenly sounded from the side of the child, which obviously startled the little boy.

He jumped in place for a while, turned his head in shock, and saw a very cute little sister, standing in a room with a large open door, looking at him with a smile.

The little boy pursed his lips, stiffened his neck and said, “I’m waiting for my sister.”

“Who is your sister?” Qingqing looked around curiously

Gu, I didn’t find a character similar to the little boy’s sister at all.

“She went to get things and will be back soon.”

It seemed that because Qingqing looked too harmless, the little boy let go of his guard a little bit, and pointed his little finger at the door at the end of the corridor, “My sister is inside.”

As the words fell, the closed door of the room suddenly opened, and a slender figure walked out from the inside.

——It’s Han Weilan.

“Your sister is so beautiful.”

This  is the sentence that Qingqing has been wanting to say since she saw Han Weilan’s face.

Unexpectedly, after listening to her praise, the little boy immediately scrunched his small face and said angrily, “That tiger woman has a very bad temper and is not beautiful at all. ”

Han Weilan, who happened to walk in and heard this sentence, squinted dangerously, and pinched the little boy’s face with her hands, “Stinky kid, do you deserve a beating?”

“Ah… it hurts, it hurts, you hurry up and let me go, or I will tell my mother about you.” In fact, Han Weilan’s hands are measured and it doesn’t hurt at all, but this doesn’t prevent the little boy from wailing like a pig.

The simple little Qingqing thought that the little boy was really in pain, and was so anxious that she couldn’t help but step forward and persuade, “Beautiful sister, don’t bully your brother. My brother didn’t mean to scold you.”

“Hmm?” Hearing someone’s persuasion, Han Weilan subconsciously squinted her eyes, and when she saw Qingqing’s face clearly, she was taken aback for a moment, a little surprised that she was actually here.

Qingqing took a step back subconsciously.

A bit of horror was uncontrollably revealed on the childish little face.

Just now, Han Weilan squinted her eyes unconsciously, and her cold eyes fell on her with a cold chill, instantly evoking the fear lurking in the depths of her soul.

The little guy began to tremble uncontrollably, and her face was frighteningly white.

Han Weilan frowned, and something was wrong with her intuition, “Hey, you didn’t…” Right?

“Oooo waaah waaah……”

The sudden burst of crying scared An Rán out of the room immediately. It took time to arrive, as well as the Fu brothers and a guest room cleaning aunt who happened to come out of the elevator to see the scene.

“What’s the matter, what’s the matter? Why is Qingqing crying?”

An Rán hugged Qingqing’s little body worriedly, intentionally or unintentionally separating the distance between her and Han Weilan.

The Fu brothers who arrived together also stood guard in front of the two girls, preventing Han Weilan from approaching them.

“Why is the doll crying? Adults hurry up to coax, don’t disturb other guests’ rest.”

With a strong dialect, the guest room cleaning aunt called Fu Sijin and the others in a rough voice to coax Qingqing well.

“Sorry, the kid was frightened for a while, we will coax her.”

Fu Sijin nodded apologetically to Aunt Qing, and then asked An Rán and his younger brother to hurriedly carry Qingqing into the room.

As soon as the door of the room closed, Qingqing’s crying really eased a lot. When the aunt saw this, she murmured and left, leaving Fu Sijin and Han Weilan alone on the scene.

“Sorry, it may be that the fierce look to my brother just now was so terrible that I scared her.” Without waiting for Fu Sijin to question, Han Weilan apologized first.

Everyone took the initiative to admit their mistakes. With Fu Sijin’s demeanor, it was impossible for him to keep holding on, “It’s okay, Qingqing has always been a little timid. Speaking of which, you are still a good friend of my mother, although I have never seen you…”

“I have seen you.” Han Weilan smoothed the broken hair scattered on her sideburns, and said with a smile, “When you were three years old, I still hugged you.”

Han Weilan and Gu Qingqing are not the same age. She is nearly five years younger than Gu Qingqing. The two can know each other because the Han family was also very rich that year. The two are neighbors, so they have grown up together since they were young.

However, later, the Han family changed and quickly broke down, so the two families gradually drifted away, but Han Weilan still had contact with Gu Qingqing, and the friendship between the two continued to this day.

So when Han Weilan said that she had hugged Fu Shijin when he was young, in fact, it’s really true. After all, when Fu Sijin was a child, he hadn’t had a frosty relationship with his mother, so it was normal for him to be taken to his mother’s girlfriends’ party.

Therefore, facing this ‘elder’, Fu Sijin’s tall body stiffened for a moment, and didn’t know how to respond to the other party.

Previously, they even suspected that she was someone who was preparing to murder Qingqing.

Seeing that Fu Sijin was unnatural, Han Weilan chuckled indifferently, took her brother’s little hand and said, “The car is coming soon, Auntie is going back, you guys have fun.”

It was also at this time that Fu Sijin discovered that Han Weilan was dragging a suitcase in her other hand, as if she was about to leave.

“You…are you leaving?” He was a little surprised.

“Well, we came here two days earlier than you. Now that we have played enough, we should set off for home. After all, the store can’t be closed for too long.” She was talking about the private restaurant she opened.

“Okay, then you go slowly.”

Fu Sijin politely sent Han Weilan away. Before entering the elevator, Han Weilan suddenly turned her head and said, “By the way, I have heard that the surrounding area is not very stable recently. There are always gangsters running out to make trouble. Be careful when you go out.”

“Okay, thank you for reminding.”

Fu Sijin nodded politely, and Han Weilan said nothing in return and just took her brother straight into the elevator.

The elevator door closed slowly, as if feeling something, the two people inside and outside the door raised their eyes at the same time.

The peach blossom eyes that were highly similar to Gu Qingqing faced the charming phoenix eyes, from which Fu Sijin saw a shuddering cold light.

A sudden dark memory stretched out of his mind and rolled over, sweeping Fu Sijin in an instant.

He covered his head in pain, couldn’t help but kneel on one knee on the ground, gasping for breath, like a fish thrown on the land, struggling desperately, but he couldn’t escape the desperate situation.

“Who the hell are you…?”

Staggered up, Fu Sijin frantically pressed the elevator button, but the elevator that had already gone downstairs would not come back at all.

He immediately turned his head, rushed into the stairwell like crazy, and ran downstairs quickly, just to chase the look that made him deeply frightened.

After all, human legs are still not as good as machines. When Fu Sijin chased to the gate sweating profusely, all he saw was Han Weilan getting on the car gracefully and leaving with her family.


The roar behind him was thrown on the other side that was gradually going away, and Han Weilan in the car was unaware of it.

She picked up her mobile phone, clicked on the chat software, and sent a text message to her best friend who had been silent for half a year.

[ Lan Lan wants to get rich: I heard that you have come back from a trip recently. How about you, do you want to come out and get together? I have discovered a new restaurant that is very good. ]

“Dudu Dudu……”

In Fu Heng’s room, a coat pocket hanging on a drying rack suddenly shook.

Hearing the sound, An Rán subconsciously reached out and rummaged through it, and soon took out a familiar mobile phone from inside.

“Hey, why is Aunt Qing’s mobile phone in Uncle Fu’s coat pocket?”

“Maybe it’s because my dad didn’t put it home after taking the phone I returned last time.” Fu Sishen guessed casually.

Then he leaned over curiously, “Who is sending a message to my mother?”

Cheng Xiaoxiao, who made a threatening call to Qingqing before, has been arrested, so it can’t be her. Then who would send a message to Qingqing at such a time?

Blocking Fu Sishen’s gradually approaching handsome face, An Rán hesitated a little, “We have already peeked at Aunt Qing’s mobile phone once before, isn’t it not good to peek again?”

“It’s okay, anyway, it’s okay to watch it once, and it’s okay to watch it twice. My mother won’t blame us. If you don’t believe me, ask her.”

Regardless of An Rán’s blocking, Fu Sishen turned his head and shouted, “Qingqing.”

“Ugh.” Qingqing was wearing a triceratops one-piece with wet hair, ran cutely towards them.

“Can you lend me your little hand?” The bad-hearted big bad wolf wagged his tail to coax, but the simple little triceratops believed it.

She generously stretched out her little hand and handed it to the big bad wolf, “Here.”

Point Qingqing’s index finger at the fingerprint recognition lock and press it to unlock the phone.

Fu Sishen immediately clicked on the latest message. It was a person named ‘Lan Lan‘. She wanted to ask Qingqing out for dinner. She should have heard the rumors about Gu Qingqing’s return recently, so she came to make an appointment.

“I can’t see who the other party is like this.”

“Take a look at her profile.” An Ran reminded anxiously, it turned out that she was also attracted unknowingly.

Fu Sishen obediently opened the other party’s personal information and clearly saw the other party’s name, “Han Weilan!”

Both of them exclaimed at the same time, and then both covered each other’s mouths.

“Hush.” The two guilty ones sneaked into the corner, studying the text messages sent by Han Weilan, leaving Qingqing, who was ignorant, looking at their backs in confusion.

“What are Xiao-Shen and Ranran doing?” The little guy said having a lot of question marks in her head.

“What should I do, should we reply?” Fu Sishen gritted his teeth nervously.

“Reply to what, this is Aunt Qing’s phone, not yours.” An Rán slapped Fu Sishen, motioning him to turn off the mobile phone after reading it, so as not to be caught in their ‘crimes’.

“But Han Weilan is a good friend of my mother. My mother ignored her for half a year, which has caused a lot of suspicion. If it weren’t for my father and uncle who repeatedly promised that my mother was fine, she almost went to the police. Now that she heard the news of my mother’s return. She sent a message to greet, but my mother ignored her again. What do you think the other party would think?”

“Think Aunt Qing wants to sever her relationship.” This is not the thinking of normal people.

“No!” Unexpectedly, Fu Sishen also had a day when he was anxious for his girlfriend, “It’s been too long since they saw each other. It’s easy for people to bring up old things again and suspect that something might have happened to my mother again.”

If the police come to the door at that time, they will not be able to hand in a living Gu Qingqing, and he’s afraid that they will be even charged guilty of maliciously harming others.

Some people may suspect that they killed Gu Qingqing and then hid the corpse or something. This plot is no joke.

“It’s better to…” An Rán’s eyes turned, “Let’s pretend to be Aunt Qing and hide it from each other first.”

“Okay.” After making up his mind, Fu Sishen immediately flipped his hands over and typed on the mobile phone keyboard with a bang.

[ Qingqing is a rich woman: Sorry, I have something to do recently, can’t go. ]

[ Lanlan wants to get rich: What are you up to? I can make an appointment when you are done. ]

[ Qingqing is a rich woman: It’s nothing, just… ]

“What should I say?”

Fu Sishen was so lost that he could only turn to An Rán for help.

An Rán immediately suggested, “Just say…just say that we and your brother are getting married. Aunt Qing is busy flying all over the world and choosing our wedding items.”

[ Qingqing is a rich woman: It’s not for the two handsome and tall sons of my family. I only understand now that the children are too good. It’s also a burden. Look at them now. Both of them are getting married. I have to hurry up and help prepare for the wedding. ]

An Rán, who watched Fu Sishen lay down this large paragraph with her own eyes, “…”

She had never seen such a brazen person.

Han Weilan on the opposite side was obviously also speechless, and sent a long list of […].

After a while, she sent another sentence, [ Okay, come on, just get through this period of time. ]

At the end of the conversation, Fu Sishen and An Rán immediately breathed a sigh of relief as if something big had been done.

The two glanced at each other, looked at each other tacitly and smiled, and then noticed something was wrong.

Kaka kaka……

The stiff neck twisting sound is comparable to a machine that has been in disrepair for a long time. Fu Sishen and An Rán stiffened their faces together, looking at the people around them embarrassedly.

Fu Heng, Gu Lan, Bai Qiyu, plus a little Qingqing and Fu Sijin, who was still a little pale, really came together.

“Dad…” Fu Sishen smiled flatteringly, and carefully presented the mobile phone with both hands, just like presenting a note to the emperor, and handed it to Fu Heng.

Fu Heng picked up the mobile phone, and Fu Sishen immediately bowed his head like a child who had been caught by his parents in the wrong place, waiting for it to fall.

After waiting for a long time without seeing anyone to take care of him, Fu Sishen looked up tentatively and saw that the three adults were getting together and didn’t know what they were talking about.

Qingqing gave him a wink, and Fu Sishen immediately received it perfectly. He sneaked up to Qingqing while the elders were not paying attention, picked her up and rushed out of the door.

When Fu Heng and the others came back to their senses and chased after them, they saw that the youngest son had already eaten with Qingqing.

It was not easy to scold the children during the meal, so Fu Heng simply endured it first. He didn’t expect this forbearance, so he directly endured his anger.

Because the younger son is too good at making trouble, and he will repent to them and ask for mercy, Qingqing is also helping to speak with a milky voice. In the end, Fu Heng can only let go of this bold brat helplessly.

But thanks to him, for the time being he dispelled Han Weilan’s suspicion.

It’s just the eldest son… His gaze swept across Fu Sijiin’s face without a trace. Fu Heng didn’t say anything. He planned to have a good chat with him some time.

After playing for three days, Qingqing and the others had to go back.

When they came out, they ran into a lot of things, which made many people feel quite heavy, only Qingqing was still heartless and silly.

Maybe she is the only one who really enjoyed this short trip.


“Qingqing, shall we go to the hot spring? Ning Ning will also follow.”

There are only two left in the family, Fu Sijin and Qingqing. The others are either at work or on business trips. Even the younger brother, who has always been leisurely, has been too busy recently.

It happened that Mother-in-law Ding took another few days off today, because her eldest gave birth to an eldest grandson, she had to rush over to have a look.

So the burden of carrying Qingqing fell on Fu Sijin again.

He has made an appointment with Director Gao. Today, he is going to the set to see everyone’s shooting progress. It just so happens that there is a hot spring villa near the shooting site. Director Gao asked Fu Sijin to enjoy it together.

But don’t doubt it, this is not a bad appointment, and the big director is also forced to bring children.

Because his wife is pregnant and the fetus is unstable, she is now in the hospital to protect the fetus, but he is making a movie and can’t leave. The old man at home has gone to take care of his wife. Isn’t there no one to take the child?

Ning Ning is not an ordinary child. She can go to the sky and enter the earth when she is energetic. Director Gao suspects that even if the old people in the family are free, they will not be able to lower this naughty monkey together.

The worst thing is that the kindergarten is on holiday now, and there is no teacher to help take care of the beasts. If you think about it, you have to go on your own.

It is better to take a baby alone than to take a baby in groups.

The witty Director Gao thought of Fu Sijin, the investor, and Xiao-Qingqing, who played well with Ning Ning in his family. He simply called the adults and children together and treated each other as playmates.

Qingqing happens to be bored at home these days. Although she occasionally goes to find nIan Gao to play with, other children are also very attractive to her.

Especially since Sister Ning Ning likes big dinosaurs as much as she does, so they have more topics to talk about.

The little guy agreed, and kept urging Fu Sijin to pack her bags.

They will only go for two days, they only need to bring a change of clothes, and don’t have much luggage.

Fu Sijin simply took Qingqing her dinosaur backpack, put some light things in her bag, and took care of the rest with a travel bag.

The two of them left as soon as they said they were leaving, and they sent a text message in the group to notify everyone before leaving. In the end, they only had one sentence.

”Pay attention to safety”

Fu Heng was very relieved. This time Fu Sijin went to the crew and was regarded as the leader of the inspection. There would definitely be a lot of people around him. With so many people watching, Qingqing will be very safe.

Moreover, the bodyguards of the Fu family are not vegetarian.

Regardless of Fu Sijin, Qingqing’s personal bodyguards have been increased from the original two to six.

Two were Ah-Bu and Ah-Da, which Fu Heng found at the beginning, the other two were named Ah-Hua and Ah-Min, which were sent by Gu Lan, and the remaining two were sent by Bai Qiyu.

Compared with the tall and imposing bodyguards Fu Heng and Gu Lan found, the people Bai Qiyu found had almost no sense of existence.

They followed Qingqing silently.

Many times they can even make people forget their existence, as if there is no shadow of these two at all.

But only Ah-Da, who is an expert, knows that the strength of these two people are unfathomable. I am afraid that all four of them will not be able to beat one of them, let alone two.

Under this kind of strict protection, if Qingqing can have an accident, then Fu Heng and the others can only accept their fate.

It’s a big deal that Qingqing won’t be allowed to go out in the future.

The location of the crew is a bit far away, it takes too much time to drive, and you need to take the high-speed rail to get there.

When Qingqing came to the EMU station for the first time, she was shocked by the huge crowd of people coming and going. The little guy kept pulling Fu Sijin’s trouser legs and didn’t dare to take a step away.

“Qingqing, you don’t have to hold it so tight.”

Fu Sijin was a little helpless, his pants were about to be stripped off.

“No, what if someone sees Qingqing is too cute and takes her away?” Qingqing stretched her chubby face, but she was serious.

The two of them were lining up to enter the electric gate, and a young lady behind them couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laughed when she heard Qingqing’s cute worries.

“What a cute little baby.”

The companion next to her picked up her mobile phone and wanted to take a picture, but was stopped by the little sister who raised her hand, “Don’t take a picture, people didn’t agree with us taking a picture, it’s not very good.”

The companion accepted the little sister’s dissuasion and put away the phone apologetically.

Seeing them stop, Ah-Da, who originally wanted to step forward to stop her, lowered his head again, pretending to be just an ordinary passenger.

Fu Sijin took Qingqing to line up through the gate. Because Qingqing was too small to buy a ticket, she was taken with him as Fu Sijin’s luggage.

It takes more than four hours to drive, and the total journey of the high-speed rail is about one hour.

Qingqing didn’t even feel that she had been in the car for long, so she had to follow the flow of people down.

Director Gao knew that Fu Sijin was coming, so he drove to the exit of the EMU station early and waited.

Ning Ning, who was still sitting in the car and couldn’t be idle, was chattering and noisy, and the noise made Director Gao’s skull ache.

“Dad, how long do we have to wait?”

“Dad, can I have ice cream with Sister Qingqing when I see her in a while?Mom bought me a few ice creams, which are in your refrigerator.”


The moment he saw Fu Sijin and his party, Director Gao seemed to have seen his savior.

He almost couldn’t wait to get out of the car to greet him, “Hahaha… Sijin, you are finally here.”

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