Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 110

Chapter 83: Spoiler Title[1]The Youngest Son Proposes Marriage

The party was full of fun, and after playing all day, Qingqing couldn’t help feeling sleepy halfway through little by little in her little head.

Fu Heng noticed that she was sleepy, so he simply picked her up and motioned to the others, “I will take Qingqing back to rest first.”

“Good.” Qingqing can only be taken to sleep by Fu Heng. This has been agreed among several people, so Gu Lan didn’t stop him either.

Bai Qiyu had nothing to say. After all, his current identity was just Gu Qingqing’s old friend, and was not qualified to be so close to her.

Seeing Bai Qiyu’s invisible loss, Gu Lan patted him on the shoulder without saying anything.

A few people continued to play, but after no children were present, everyone drank separately.

Among them, Bai Qiyu drank the most fiercely. He obviously drank so much of his own wine, but the person was not drunk, and others can only admire his drinking.

After three rounds of drinking, everyone was almost drunk, so they dispersed and went back to the house to sleep.

“You…so heavy!”

An Rán helped the drunk Fu Sishen and held her breath to get him into the elevator. The two stumbled and almost fell. Fortunately, An Rán held on hard in the end.

“Why do you drink so much alcohol, are you not afraid of alcohol poisoning?”

Fu Sishen smelled of wine and was dizzy from the alcohol, and An Rán almost left the dog man out of anger.

She hates the smell of wine the most, it stinks to death!

When the elevator reached the designated floor, it was opened with a ding dong, and An Rán hurriedly helped Fu Sishen out dangling, almost colliding with the man in black who was about to enter the elevator outside.

The man stepped aside extremely quickly, and An Rán realized that they almost hit someone, so she quickly nodded and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” The thick hoarse voice, as if it had been burned by fire, is not unpleasant, but it gives people a very gloomy feeling.

An Rán was taken aback for a moment, then turned her head subconsciously, and saw that the man had already stepped into the elevator, allowing the elevator door to slowly close in front of him, isolating the sight from both sides.

“What a strange person.”

She shrugged, looked at Fu Sishen, who was drunk into a pool of mud again, sighed deeply, accepted her fate, helped him up, and continued to drag the big bear into the room.

“Really, why are you so heavy when you usually look at such a thin person!” She gritted her teeth with anger.

After finally getting into the house, An Rán was too tired.

She let go of her hand and let Fu Sishen slip on the sofa, wiping the sweat from her forehead, turning around and going to the bathroom to clean herself up first.

After tossing for so long, she is now covered in the smell of charcoal smoked from the barbecue, mixed with a strong smell of sweat and wine, which is really unpleasant, and patients with mild cases of cleanliness can’t bear it.

After cleaning herself, she went to clean Fu Sishen again, rushing around, and finally An Rán was tossed out of a hot sweat again. When she finally settled down the drunk dog man, she had to go into the bathroom and take another bath.

Simply desperate.

It was too late, and she was very tired. Her room was on the downstairs floor. An Rán didn’t bother to go there anymore. She simply took a T-shirt from Fu Sishen to wear as pajamas, and then occupied his big bed with peace of mind.

As for Fu Sishen?

The poor man curled up aggrieved on the sofa that was not very friendly to his height, covered with a spare quilt from the hotel.

After sleeping until midnight, Fu Sishen, who was uncomfortable sleeping, woke up in a daze, groped his way into the bed, lay down and fell asleep.

In the early morning of the second day, a stern scream suddenly sounded, waking An Rán who was in a good dream.

“What are you doing?!” As soon as An Rán, who was seriously angry, got up, she kicked Fu Sishen directly.

Falling to the ground with his feet facing the sky, Fu Sishen didn’t forget to close the quilt, nodded in horror, and then pointed to himself, “You, you, you…me, me, me…what did you do to me?”

His little appearance of shame and anger may be like an innocent teenager who has been ruined by a female gangster.

An Rán, “……”

Wake up buddy, you got the wrong script.

Covering her forehead helplessly, An Ran had to admit that after they had been together for so many years, Fu Sishen was still a damn innocent virgin.

Of course, she is also one.

But she thought that in modern society, even if there is no practical experience, everyone is a racer with rich theories and can always get on the high speed.

It turned out that she was wrong, very wrong.

Is this little white rabbit really the tyrant recognized by the outside world as a cool and crazy tyrant?

If someone finds out, they will be disillusioned every minute.

The chaotic thoughts only lasted for a short while, and then they were forcibly suspended by An Rán.

Now is not the time to think about this. What she should think about is how to explain their innocence to the frightened little white rabbit.

“I didn’t do anything to you.” The tone was very helpless, “I was too tired last night and didn’t bother to go back. I just slept with you for one night.”

“You are lying, my clothes have been stripped off, and you are also wearing my clothes.” Fu Sishen looked incredulous.

Twitching the corner of her mouth, An Rán forcibly endured the blue veins on her forehead, but still couldn’t hold back and broke out.

“I lied to you. You were drunk and smelly to death last night. I kindly cleaned it up for you. You still slandered me, and don’t you still have a pair of pants on your body? It’s not stripped at all, okay! Besides, am I not your girlfriend? Even if you really do something to you it’s normal.”

She sat up in an instant with anger, and the quilt slipped off her body, revealing the wide T-shirt belonging to Fu Sishen underneath.

The loose T-shirt completely enveloped the petite An Rán, and the faint lines came out, with a different kind of charm.

Fu Sishen was silenced.

He got up numbly and leaned closer to An Rán with a flattering expression, “Ran Ran, have you promised to get back together with me?”

“I thought we had gotten back together a long time ago.”

An Rán gave Fu Sishen a blank look. If she didn’t plan to get back together with him, she wouldn’t pay much attention to him at all. If not, it’s better to brush up on a few more questions this time, since she has to go back to school next month.

“Hehehe…” Hearing the accurate reply, Fu Sishen suddenly giggled, and seeing An Rán getting up to leave, he quickly grabbed her.

“What are you doing?” An Rán looked back strangely, and saw Fu Sishen with a shy face, “Last night you…”

“I didn’t do anything to you.” An Rán immediately clarified.

Fu Sishen was dissatisfied, “But we have already slept together.”

“Then what?” I just fell asleep, what’s the problem?

“Shouldn’t you be responsible for me?” Fu Sishen’s gaze looking at An Rán now is like looking at a scumbag who dumped someone after sleeping together.

“…” An Rán, she rubbed her forehead with a headache, and couldn’t help this stupid product, “Then what do you want?”

“You marry me, bah! I will marry you.” Fu Sishen’s eyes lit up, and he proposed enthusiastically, “We will get the certificate after we go back from this tour.”

He stretched out his hand and took off the pendant chain around his neck. The pendant was a small round jade with a circle of platinum inlaid around the jade.

An Rán originally thought this was just an ornament, or the jade that the elders used to wear for wishing peace to the juniors, but she didn’t expect this jade to be opened, and it contained a shiny diamond ring.

Getting down on one knee, Fu Sishen stared into An Ran’s eyes sincerely.

“Ran Ran, will you marry me? I know I’m very naive and I don’t act mature enough many times, but I really love you and want to be with you for the rest of my life. I will work hard to grow up for you, work hard to become more mature, give you support, and give you a real home. Can you promise me?”

“…” An Rán was already in tears.

The proposal came very suddenly, but every word Fu Sishen said poked the softest part of her heart.

Since she was a child, what she longed for most was to have a home of her own.

There is nothing to say about the An Family. Aunt Qing loves her and has raised her for many years, but this kind of upbringing is actually more like student aid, and besides her, Aunt Qing also has a home of her own.

So many times, An Rán always feels that she is free in this world, but has no sense of belonging.

Because she doesn’t have a real home.

Now, the man in front of her was kneeling sincerely in front, saying that he wanted to give herself a home that belonged to them, and she was undeniably moved.

After waiting for a long time without hearing An Rán’s reply, Fu Sishen was anxious, “You can’t help but agree, you have to be responsible for me if you sleep with me!”

“…” An Rán’s tears stopped for a second.

This guy really can’t make people feel more emotional for a moment.

She stretched out her hand and motioned to Fu Sishen to put a ring on herself.

This is what it means to agree to the proposal.

Fu Sishen immediately understood and put the ring into An Rán’s finger numbly.

An Rán looked at the ring in her hand, ignoring the valuable diamonds on it. The size of the ring was exactly the right size for her fingers, and when she looked closely, she could still see that her and Fu Sishen’s names were engraved on it.

Shen & Rán

Such careful preparation must have taken more than a day or two. Perhaps Fu Sishen had thought about proposing to her a long time ago.

Covering her mouth, An Rán didn’t even know why she had become so emotional, but she just couldn’t control the surging emotions.

“When did you buy this ring?”

“I asked someone to customize it six months ago. I originally wanted to propose to you when you graduated from college.” As a result, it took until now to have a chance to take it out.

Fu Sishen is a little regretful, but as long as he can finally give the ring to his loved one, it will not be too late for this proposal.

An Rán understood Fu Sishen’s unfinished words, she slammed into his arms and apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

I’m sorry, if it weren’t for her not trusting Fu Sishen enough, maybe they wouldn’t have missed it for so long.

I’m sorry, her leaving without permission caused him so much harm.

I’m sorry, she didn’t even see that the immature big boy back then actually loved her so much.

Fu Sishen hugged An Ran back, his slender fingertips smoothed her somewhat messy hair, and his tone was rare and gentle, “There is nothing to apologize for, no matter what you do, I have no complaints to you.”

The two hugged each other quietly for a long time, the atmosphere was just right, but they were broken by Fu Sishen’s sudden words, “What are we? When will you get your certificate? I have been over the legal marriage age for two years.”

En Rán: “……”

I won’t treat you as dumb if you don’t speak, really!

Calmly pushed Fu Sishen away, calmly got out of bed and put on slippers, and calmly walked out to open the door.

Before parting, An Rán turned her head and said, “Let’s wait for Aunt Qing to come back to get married. ”

She hopes that their marriage can be blessed by the elder she respects most.

Fu Sishen obviously understood what An Rán meant, and he stopped pestering, “Well, I’ve been waiting for so long anyway, I can wait a little longer.”

He pretended to be affectionate and generous, and coaxed An Rán to feel distressed for a while, and promised to accompany him to play some couple projects alone later.

After the others left, Fu Sishen immediately jumped into bed in ecstasy, picked up his mobile phone and texted his good brother Lu Renjia, “Brother, good for you, it’s really easy to be drunk and show weakness. An Rán agreed to my proposal!”

“Congratulations.” It took a long time for Lu Renjia to indifferently reply to a message, and another one came after a while, “So when will you give me a vacation? You have successfully proposed, so you have to give your brother time for a romantic trip with his girlfriend, right?”

“When did you take off the single banner? Who is so blind to see you? [Horrified face]”

“…you may not have been beaten by my girlfriend’s man. [Raise a kitchen knife]”

“No, it’s just a joke. Congratulations on taking off the single banner, and be happy on taking it off. When you have time, remember to bring your girlfriend and younger siblings to invite our brothers to dinner.”

“I’m off being single, why do you want my girlfriend to treat you?”

“She’s going to treat us but you pay for it.” Fu Sishen took it for granted.

“…” Lu Renjia couldn’t tell him, so he simply pulled the topic back, “When will you give me a vacation?”

“Director Lu, you can’t live without the company. Do you have the heart to abandon me? [Pitiful]”

“Bear with me, believe me, I can make two cuts for my girlfriend. [Indifference]”

This time it was Fun Sishen’s turn, “…”

Although I knew it was a joke, I was still hurt.

“When I go back from this trip, I will go back to work honestly. You first hurry up and arrange your work schedule. I will take over the rest of the work. I will give you a month off. Go out and have fun. Try to take down your younger brothers and sisters once and solve the big problems of your life.”

“Good boss, thank you boss, boss, you are so handsome. ”

Lu Renjia’s attitude changed a hundred and eighty degrees, and directly left Fu Sishen speechless.

Tsk, this is the real brother.

Today, Fu Heng and the others are going to take Qingqing to experience the fun of the farmhouse.

In fact, the activity is very simple, just go to a well-circled field to learn all kinds of vegetables, then go to the strawberry orchard to pick strawberries, and then go to the vegetable shed to pick vegetables. If you have plenty of time, you can go fishing in the pond.

The fish caught and the vegetables picked can be used as ingredients for tonight’s dinner. You can ask the boss to help deal with it, or you can cook by yourself.

The fish in the pond are all farmed, so the fish species are very safe and can be eaten with confidence, but it is not recommended to catch animals on land.

Although they are all domestic animal husbandry, they are not easy to catch, and they can easily hurt people if they struggle badly. Second, many guests can’t cook, so it’s better to just order the farm dishes in the shop.

Qingqing is dressed very stylishly today. The little guy is wearing a white long-sleeved top and blue denim overalls, with a pair of blue plastic boots on her feet.

Don’t doubt it, even if they are the kind of rain boots that can be worn when it rains, this is to prevent her from stepping into the mud and dirty herself.

Before going out, Gu Lan tied Qingqing with a small straw hat and two braids, so that she could blend perfectly with the scenery of the field.

His sister has always been at the forefront of fashion, leading the fashion trend of the entire upper circle, and now this is the first time she has dressed up in a local style.

Gu Lan couldn’t help but laugh, and took a lot of photos with his mobile phone unscrupulously. He wants to wait in the future, and showed it to her after his sister changed back, making sure her face would become very wonderful.

Looking helplessly at his brother-in-law, Fu Heng simply led Qingqing out and ignored him.

Since the misunderstanding between the siblings was resolved, the tsundere and cold brother-in-law gradually became detached, and occasionally deliberately teased others, like a naive ghost.

He now finally knows who his youngest son took after.

The nephew is like the uncle.

“Shall we plant vegetables first?” Fu Heng discussed with Qingqing softly.

“Good.” Qingqing’s long tone of voice, milky voice replied eagerly.

The two of them went to bed first yesterday, so they were very energetic early today, and even Bai Qiyu didn’t wake up at this point.

They were able to meet Gu Lan because this person stayed up all night last night and wandered out to eat breakfast like a ghost in the morning. He thought about going back to sleep after eating, but he met Fu Heng who was about to go out with Qingqing, and then had this morning encounter.

The vegetable growing project can be regarded as a parent-child activity.

The farmhouse has specially designated a field to give visitors who come to play the fun of farming.

Because many people don’t know how to farm, the seeds they choose are also better to grow garlic, mung beans, sweet potatoes and the like.

Some places are planted in a mess, while others are neatly organized. The only thing in common between the two sides is that there are no withered plants in any of them.

In fact, even if there was, it would have been cleaned up a long time ago.

“You can choose not to grow the things you grow at that time, then those can stay in the farmhouse and serve as our back kitchen ingredients. You can also choose to pay a little consignment fee and let our staff take care of it for you. When it matures, we will send it to you so that guests can personally taste the vegetables they grow, and you can also buy a small planter, transplant the vegetables in, and take them home to take care of yourself.”

The tour guide smiled and recommended vegetable growing items to the guests. In fact, no matter which one they choose, they are not at a loss. This is also a very common travel routine.

Most people will choose to give up their own vegetables, after all, there is no need to waste this money.

Fu Heng is different. He feels that the vegetables he and Qingqing planted for the first time are very commemorative, so he specially bought a planter and waited for them to leave before asking the staff to help transplant it in and take it home to raise.

Qingqing chose to grow garlic because it was relatively simple.

Dig a pit, put the seed head up, bury it in the soil, pour some more water, and it’s over.

Next, just wait for the garlic seedlings to develop and grow by themselves.

In contrast, Qingqing loves strawberry picking projects more.

The little guy ate while picking, but before she finished picking the strawberries, she ate till her belly turned round first, which made Fu Heng very helpless.

“Remember to wash the strawberries before you can eat them.”

“Well, Qingqing knows.”

Qingqing, who was gnawing on the big strawberry, blushed redly, just like applying lipstick, but she was actually stained by strawberry juice.

Fortunately, it was not the red dragon fruit that Qingqing was gnawing on, otherwise it might not only be her mouth, but her whole face would have to be stained.

After playing in the strawberry orchard for too long, it was almost dark after picking the vegetables in the end.

Fu Heng did not allow Qingqing to approach the dangerous pond, so he simply took her back.

Gu Lan and the others had already booked a box in the restaurant and sent a location for them to pass.

As soon as she walked in the door, Qingqing immediately donated her little straw hat full of strawberries like a treasure, to be eaten by everyone.

“Look, this is a big strawberry picked by Qingqing!”

“Wow! Qingqing is amazing.”

Only An Rán joined Qingqing with a smile in the audience, and the faces of the others were not too good.

Instead of shaking Qingqing’s face, they were not in the mood to take care of her.

“What’s the matter?”

Fu Heng, who came in a step slower, broke the solemn atmosphere of the room.

“We found a bug on us.”

Fu Sishen nodded with difficulty at the two small black machines placed on the table.

“We? Besides you, who else is there?” Fu Heng raised his eyebrows and asked.

“Me.” Gu Lan raised his hand to signal.

“An Rán, can you take Qingqing back to take a bath first? She got dirty while playing.”Fu Heng turned his head and said to An Rán.

“Okay.” An Rán also knew that they had to temporarily leave Qingqing out of the conversation, so she got up and coaxed Qingqing to leave.

Before being carried away from the scene, Qingqing’s worried eyes kept falling on everyone in the room.

She instinctively felt uneasy.

“Tell me more about the matter.” Fu Heng looked serious.

Once this matter is not handled well, I am afraid it will have very serious consequences.

“This bug was discovered by Gu Lan and Fu Sishen when I saw it in the morning.”

Bai Qiyu was the first to speak, “The bug was glued to their coats. Someone should have posted it while they were not paying attention. I can guarantee that at least before the bonfire party started last night, all of us were clean.”

“So someone must have found an opportunity to get it on us after the party started. With so many people at the party, it is difficult to investigate, but we are sitting closer to the corner. Sishen is not counted. I have never left my seat, so the person who bugged me must be close to me. Could it be Han Weilan?”

Gu Lan suddenly thought of her chance encounter with Han Weilan last night.

“Impossible, no one can post this thing to you under my nose.”

Bai Qiyu’s anti-reconnaissance ability is very strong, and if they want to install this kind of thing under his nose, they can easily be caught on the spot.

“But Uncle Bai, you were drunk in the second half of the night.”

Fu Sijin said, “After we were drunk, Han Weilan came over to say goodbye to us again, saying that she was going to take her mother and brother back to rest.”

After getting drunk, people’s consciousness is confused, and no matter how strong their investigative power is, they may be affected.

“I wasn’t drunk last night, just that little degree of wine can’t get me drunk yet.” Bai Qiyu said very calmly. He was a guest at the wedding banquet of his drunk brother alone, and he claimed to be not drunk after a thousand cups.

“But Han Weilan’s suspicion cannot be ruled out.”

Fu Heng was also very rational, “We don’t have many suspects, and no one can be easily ruled out.”

“My words…“ Fu Sishen carefully recalled the situation last night, “In fact, I still have a little memory. It seems that when An Rán helped me out of the elevator, we almost bumped into a very strange person.”

“Who is it?” Everyone immediately stared at Fu Sishen.

“I can’t see clearly. The man is wearing a black jacket and a mask. I can’t see him clearly at all.”


1 The Youngest Son Proposes Marriage

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