Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 109

Chapter 82: A Chance Encounter at the Party

“It’s okay, wait until you see the bird next time and say goodbye to it.”

These words are obviously used to coax children. How could a bird that she met by chance be met for the second time.

But it was really easy to use. Qingqing immediately regained her vitality and nodded happily, “Well, Qingqing will say goodbye to the bird in the future.”

It’s hard to say anything, Fu Sijin can only touch Qingqing’s little head and smile silently.

The rafting trip, which lasted for more than two hours, was nothing fun except watching the scenery and taking pictures.

Fu Sijin heard from the boatman that the main reason was that it was just out of the dry period, and the river was not as turbulent as before, so he couldn’t get out of the fun of this activity.

They occasionally encountered small waterfalls with ups and downs, and they had to get off the bamboo raft and wait for the boatman to pull the bamboo raft over.

Because the water level is too low, some of the water that forms the small waterfall is cut off, revealing stones that have been washed round over the years, and some of the water can’t support the bamboo raft to float.

However, occasionally, there are still some areas with a lot of water that can give people a little sense of surprise, so as not to be bored throughout the process.

An interesting incident happened in the middle of the way. Fu Heng and Bai Qiyu, who followed behind, were too heavy when they went down the waterfall on a bamboo raft.……

It’s stuck.

The news was that Gu Lan, who was relatively close to them, took a video and deliberately posted it in the group so that everyone could watch the joke.

Sure enough, Fu Sishen was the one who laughed the loudest in the whole group.

[ The Appearance of the Handsome Scum: Hahahaha… I laughed to death! ]

After this person sent the message, the text was not enough to express his inner happiness. He had to send another voice to laugh at his father.

Fu Sijin clicked on his brother’s voice. In addition to a series of magical laughter, it was also mixed with An Rán’s helpless complaints, “Are you really not afraid that Uncle Fu will kill you?”

This person really has no desire to survive at all, and he is still happily testing frantically on the edge of the cliff.

Fu Sijin, “……”

In fact, he also felt that his brother was on the verge of dying.

“Is Xiao-Shen very happy?”

Qingqing, who didn’t know what happened, heard Fu Sishen’s laughter and leaned her head curiously.

“He’s having a celebration on the deathbed.”

Fu Sijin calmly retracted his mobile phone, then took out a lollipop from his pocket, took it apart and stuffed it into Qingqing’s mouth.

If there is candy to eat, Qingqing will naturally not say anything. Just concentrate on eating candy.

Taking this opportunity, Fu Sijin also took a lot of cute photos of Qingqing, all of which were posted in the group, in order to solicit leniency.

Because he also remembered that the act of kidnapping Qingqing first just now seemed to be very deadly.

I hope my father, for the sake of him growing up so big, doesn’t beat him up in front of others.

Fu Heng really wouldn’t beat him up, but he had already listed a lot of work in his heart, ready to throw it to two stupid sons who dared to pull out the tiger’s beard.

They must be too idle to be so unruly.

When they went back after playing in the afternoon, they really had a barbecue party as Qingqing wished.

A bonfire was set up in the large courtyard in the middle of the farmhouse, and dancers in bright dance skirts sang and danced around the bonfire, while offering various interesting performances to the guests.

Under the promenade, barbecue grills were full of people, and more guests were still standing elsewhere to watch the performance. The atmosphere was very warm, and even more lively when Fu Sishen and An Rán were pulled into the crowd and played together.

The adults didn’t play with them, but looking at their relaxed expressions, they knew that everyone actually enjoyed this special party.

Qingqing sat happily in the corner away from the barbecue grill, with Fu Heng on the left and Gu Lan on the right. Bai Qiyu was greeted by Chen Feng to catch up, so he couldn’t come over to grab a place.

Fu Heng is responsible for grilling food for Qingqing, while Fu Sijin is responsible for the food of all the staff. Whoever sees the scene will be able to get by with the cooking skills of their father and son.

Gu Lan didn’t mind helping, but if he dared to grill, he had to see if others dared to eat it.

“Qingqing, try this.”

After playing enough, An Rán came back alone, picked up a pack of white marshmallows and put them on bamboo sticks, didn’t brush anything, baked them slightly over charcoal, and then handed them to Qingqing.

Qingqing opened her mouth curiously and took a small bite. It was not very hot. On the contrary, the outer surface of the marshmallow was roasted and crispy, and the inside melted into a soft syrup. After a bite, it had a taste of bursting pulp, which was very delicious.

The little guy immediately fell in love with roasted marshmallows, and even her favorite meat was left out, and kept begging An Rán to bake a few more skewers.

The small pack of marshmallows was almost eaten by Qingqing alone. If it weren’t for the pack of marshmallows that were not very large, they would all be strung together in two or three skewers. Fu Heng would never give Qingqing that much.

“Hehehe… it’s delicious.”

The little foodie was greatly satisfied, and there was a bright smile throughout the whole process.

The firelight of the bonfire reflected on her tender side face, adding a bit of warmth to the bright smile, and finally it was frozen in Fu Heng’s mobile phone photo album.

“Gu Lan?”

While playing, a hesitant voice suddenly came from the side of several people.

Everyone turned their heads subconsciously and saw Han Weilan standing not far from them in a casual suit.

She seemed to be traveling too, dressed casually, and there was no makeup on her face. The original enchanting and charming temperament was suppressed, and seemed a bit more peaceful and gentle.

“Han Weilan?”

Gu Lan was a little surprised to meet her here, “Why are you here?”

“I took my family out for a vacation. I didn’t expect to see you. I thought you looked familiar, so I leaned in to take a look. I didn’t expect it to be you.”

Han Weilan smoothed out the hair that was blown away from her side, and pointed on a table not far away.

Gu Lan and the others followed their fingers and looked over, and saw a gray-haired old woman with a little boy looking.

The eyes of the two sides collided. Out of respect for the elderly, Gu Lan smiled politely at the old woman, and then got a lukewarm look back.

Gu Lan, “……”

Is he so annoying?

Retracting his gaze, depressed, Gu Lan turned his head back and saw Han Weilan staring straight at Qingqing’s ignorant little face.

Unfortunately, Han Weilan is Gu Qingqing’s best friend, and she must know her very well!

With a tight heart, before Gu Lan had time to say anything, she heard Han Weilan say suspiciously, “This kid…”

“She is Qingqing’s cousin, her nickname is ‘Qingqing’’, from the characters relaxed and light.” Fu Heng explained calmly.

He expected that even if Gu Qingqing had revealed her relationship with her family to Han Weilan, it would be absolutely impossible for her to make every relative clear to Han Weilan.

Sure enough, hearing this answer, Han Weilan immediately showed a sudden expression, “No wonder, the little guy and Qingqing look alike, even the pronunciation of the name is the same.”

Han Weilan had met Qingqing several times before, but she had never seen her face. This was the first time she had seen what little Qingqing looked like.

Although she was a little surprised by the similarity between her and her friend, in fact, everyone in Gu’s family looked alike, so there was nothing to make a fuss about.

“Qingqing, I am a good friend of your cousin, my name is sister.”

Han Weilan teased Qingqing smoothly. As everyone knows, a few big men were shocked into a cold sweat when they watched this scene, for fear that Qingqing would say, “I don’t have a cousin.”, otherwise it will once again arouse Han Weilan’s suspicion.

Fortunately, Qingqing was chewing on marshmallows in her mouth, and her attention was not focused on Han Weilan’s words at all. She only heard people calling her, so she obediently calle, “Sister.”

“Hey, so good, so good.” Gently pinching Qingqing’s little face, she couldn’t disturb others and excused herself. Han Weilan got up and said goodbye with interest, “My mother and brother are still waiting for me. If you eat, I won’t bother you.”

“Good.” Gu Lan almost watched Han Weilan leave with joy.

As soon as she left, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and Gu Lan still had the intention to tease Fu Heng, “It seems that this lady still hates you as always.”

Because of her good girlfriend, Han Weilan’s disgust for Fu Heng has always been manifested on her face. This time, she directly ignored Fu Heng throughout the process, treating him completely as air.

Fu Heng didn’t care, anyway, he didn’t know his wife’s best friend well.

“Let’s go back as soon as possible after today and tomorrow.”

Fu Sijin said with some worry, “I’m afraid Qingqing will be recognized.”

There was already an An Rán before, but now if you add another Han Weilan, Qingqing’s secret may one day become no secret.

“No need.” Fu Heng’s thoughts are obviously diametrically opposed to his son.

“Leaving now will make us more suspicious. Han Weilan is a smart woman, and her suspicion will not be dispelled so easily.”

And as the eldest son was worried, Han Weilan was too familiar with Gu Qingqing, and suddenly met a child who was so similar to her friend, even if she had just been concealed by them, but this did not mean that she can really let go of her suspicion.

It can only be said that it is a good thing that ordinary people generally don’t guess about those gods and ghosts things.

So as long as they stabilize the situation, even if Han Weilan suspects again, there is no evidence to speak of.

Han Weilan returned to her seat, and Mother Han took the grilled skewers to her youngest son to eat, while asking coldly, “Someone you know?”

“Well, it’s my friend’s family.” Han Weilan responded casually, and then took a bunch of roasted vegetables to her brother.

“Don’t always eat meat, eat more vegetables.”

Brother Han silently pulled the vegetables into his mouth, ignoring the meat given by his mother.

“Are there any single men among them, if the conditions are right…”

“Mom…” Han Weilan helplessly intercepted her mother’s words, “I have said that I don’t want to think about this now, can you stop talking about it all the time.”

“Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, you are forty years old, do you really want to die alone for the rest of your life!”

Mother Han had a stern face, and her already mean face became even more indifferent.

Little Brother Han shrank his neck in fright, not daring to squeak.

Han Weilan is not afraid of her mother, but she doesn’t want her mother to worry about herself at such an old age.

“Mom…” She lengthened her voice, with a bit of coquettish meaning, “Don’t you urge me, it’s really not good. Don’t I have a younger brother? I will raise him as a son in the future, and he will naturally be filial to me when he grows up.”

“What kind of son is he, he is originally you…”

Thinking of something, Han Mu immediately stopped talking and lowered her head sullenly, “Whatever you want, you are such a big person, and I can’t control you anymore.”

“Thank you mom.” Han Weilan pretended not to hear her mother’s murmur, and brought her a few skewers with a smile.

The mother and daughter were as harmonious as ever, and they didn’t notice that Little brother Han raised his head, his eyes fell on Han Weilan wistfully, and then retracted sadly.

No, Han Weilan noticed.

She poured a drink for her brother and gently touched his little head, “I’m sorry, sister took care of talking to her mother and left you out.”

“It’s okay.” Little Brother Han raised a bright smile and happily accepted his sister’s intimacy.

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